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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Apr 29, 2021.

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  1. Gundraasi Well-Known Player

    I support this "One Man Army" idea very much for old content as I myself have 30 alts to choose from. Only I am not sure how feasable this might be programming wise...

    Maybe it would be easier to give extra Source Marks or currently DLC's currencies to members in old content as suggested above? You incite every member to play that long *forgotten* content?

    Nevertheless, I also would really love to see my alts following me into battle like you suggested :D that would be so cool
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  2. Miserable Dedicated Player

    There are many great suggestions in this thread and hopefully the new membership plan will more than make up for a much-needed change to the cash cap (which many people seem to be against for some reason).

    Imagine this scenario. Premium player needs to repair their gear. Premium player then
    1. accesses the repair bot
    2. goes to the repair tab
    3. presses repair all
    4. goes to the sell tab
    5. sells an item to fill their cash
    6. goes to the repair tab
    7. presses repair all
    8. goes to the sell tab
    9. sells an item to fill their cash
    10. goes to the repair tab
    11. presses repair all
    12. goes to the sell tab
    13. sells an item to fill their cash
    14. goes to the repair tab
    15. presses repair all
    16. rejoins their team for the fight
    I could have just used a "repeat X times" step, but I really wanted to illustrate the point.

    This is a common problem for Premium players. If your gear is sufficiently damaged, $3000 is not enough to repair it all.

    The fact that the devs would make any player - but especially those Premium players who may have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the game, but who are not currently subscribed - go through this is completely ridiculous.

    I'm not saying to remove the cash cap (although I wouldn't necessarily be against it), but it should definitely be a lot higher. For god's sake, repairing your gear shouldn't be an exclusive member perk. Members would still have all the other benefits of unlimited cash access.
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  3. Proxystar #Perception

    Who cares, you're premium, buy a membership, that's the point.

    I don't mean to sound rude, but that's entirely the point of giving members the benefit of cash.

    Premium aren't owed anything because they chose to spend money, which newsflash members do too, but in greater quantity.

    This thread is about making membership better, not making premium status better, how does taking more perks from membership make membership better? Seriously... feel free to explain to me how that works, why does that make my membership better?
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  4. AquiloFury Committed Player

    I gotta be honest, I was taken a bit a back when the free episodes were confirmed. With that being said, many have had great ideas.

    For me, this is what the “better membership” could have:
    Access to all powers.
    Utility belt
    Shield weapon
    Unlimited cash access
    1000 mc/dc a month
    350 replays a month
    Permanent double xp or drop rate for nth metal
    Daily “enhanced” vault runs (better rewards)
    Member exclusive auras and/or materials
    1 full stabilizer per run of the fragment duo
    Alternate between SoP(s) one month and SoC another.
    Member exclusive events with member exclusive rewards periodically.
    Open world missions give double marks(only source though, double episode currency takes away from the bonus weeks and shortens the life span of the episode)
    Increase cr relevance for members.
    Option to force que instances .
    These are ideas and in NO WAY am I expecting everything to be included. I wanted to clear the air before I get called delusional lol.
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  5. Shazammm Well-Known Player

    How about a member exclusive vendor where you can purchase all the styles and collection pieces you don't already have using source marks or some new form of currency you get for playing (you could call them Member Marks or something like that)?
  6. Magnificent Loyal Player

    I'm going to go on a little bit of a rant here. It's not against you, you just happened to do the best job of encapsulating what I see going on with a majority of the posts in this thread (and when I began writing this, yours was one of the last posts). There's a seeming hesitancy for many to reach for "too much".

    Here's the thing... Content access is one of the two primary reasons for subscribing (the other being unlimited access to your ingame cash). Removing a big reason for subscription means there needs to be a big benefit given back in exchange and after looking at all of these answers it seems a majority of people don't really seem to understand how big of a deal this really is. The Devs know how big a deal this is and want to know our thoughts on it before moving ahead to make sure any changes are as equitable as possible.

    What we're being asked to do is come up with benefits which will balance out the loss of the exclusivity of complete access to every bit of content in the game for your membership fee. That's huge. Put every bit of content from DLC 2 - 39, skip 40 and then figure every future DLC would be the same as 2-39 if they weren't going to do this and then ask yourself what you think balances against that. In other words, you aren't just balancing against what content subscriptions have already covered but what content subscriptions would have covered (ie: in order to keep people subscribing).

    This is why I went with things like "Members no longer need Seals" and "content resets on Mondays & Thursdays" as well as increasing the monthly SC stipend and increasing the permanent Store discount.

    I know there will be those screaming "don't be greedy". This isn't about greed, it's about being objective. Content access is a huge loss for motive to subscribe and you have to replace that with something of equal or greater value.

    Objectively speaking, a free Seal each month is in no way equal to or of greater value than content access.

    Think bigger.
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  7. Miserable Dedicated Player

    I know what this thread is about. There are lots of great suggestions, like I said, and I don't feel the need to add any of my own.

    That doesn't change the fact that the cash cap is a problem. And it's relevant here because a new membership plan should be enough to entice people to subscribe without having to use "being able to repair your gear" as one of the MAIN benefits of Legendary.

    "but that's entirely the point of giving members the benefit of cash"

    And my point is that it shouldn't be and it's stupid that this is the case. Again, being able to repair your gear should absolutely not be a primary enticement of membership.

    "Who cares"

    Well the devs obviously care. The fact that their plans are to make Episode content free to everyone is the biggest indication of this. They want to make their game accessible to more people. That's their current direction. And increasing the cash cap fits in with this direction.

    Proxy, I don't understand where your sentiment of "be a member or don't bother enjoying the game" comes from. From the way you responded to me, you would think I had asked for Premium players to have everything members do. I am literally asking for the ability to use one of the most BASIC features in the game without it being the major hassle it currently is. Nothing more.
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  8. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Well, i would say in dcuos case where is a monthly sub i would make it to where if you sub once during the timeframe of the pass you get it. It could be a 3-4 month timeframe just as a dlc is.

    Theres 7 sometimes 8 pieces to a style, well thats 7 levels. You add up all the collection pieces, emblems and accessories that would come from a time capsule and its gotta be close to 30-40 items, rather then being in loot boxes they could create a pass that you are granted upon purchasing legendary. But i guess that would create a problem where players down the line will want the limited time styles.. but like thats a problem with every games battlepass.

    Im personally a big fan of passes, u spend the $10 and your guaranteed to get everything included as long as you put the time in and level it up. As long as they dont put quest in that go beyond simply running content i would think itd be a good addition to legendary.. reading the letter it doesn’t seem like they’re looking to phase out tc and i doubt they’ll make a whole new style just for legendary. So i think i was wasting my time suggesting it.

    Truth is they’ll do what they’re going to do & many of us are over thinking what will be added, though there is certainly a massive whole to be filled with every dlc now being free.
  9. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Proxy's point is this thread is about coming up with ideas to replace content access in the subscription model with something(s) which will have an equal or better opportunity into enticing more subscribers.

    It's not about Premiums.

    It's not about Free accounts.

    Those will probably come later once this gets hashed out. Trying to toss either (much less both) into the mix now just muddies the waters.

    So stop doing it and either wait until the Devs start those threads or start your own separate thread about them.
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  10. Proxystar #Perception

    It isn't the topic, period.

    This is about making membership better because we've just had a significant benefit removed and your answer is to remove one of the other significant benefits... that couldn't be more silly and is entirely counter productive to the entire premise of this thread.

    Make membership better... not worse.
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  11. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    Exactly. People are # crunching the cost of virtual goods and trying to total it to $15 dollars thinking "ok that works".

    No, it's not about the cash value, it's about the perceived value of the product. Why would I sub if there wasn't new content? No one gets excited about a discount or free item. This is a huge problem for new players especially if what gets offered is only a SoC [lol] because they won't have a clue what that is or why it matters, and for many it won't matter. woosh.

    This is why I suggested specific features that are desirable to most fans of the genre, and putting them behind a membership wall. Those are things a typical player will want and expect from this genre of game, and when they find out they have to sub to enjoy them they have immediate value that is understood to all fans. The game needs obviously desirable features exclusive to membership to justify a sub.

    Most of the replies here are thinking very small and really not getting it all. I'm still really surprised by it. I make jokes all the time about how people on the forums are struggling with Stockholm Syndrome and it's so apparent here. We're really use to having it so rough that when asked what would we sub for, the best many of us can do is ask for basic QOL updates (that we should have anyhow), some discounts or some freebies as our membership value? It's so very shocking I've been metaphorically clutching my pearls all day reading these.
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  12. SocratesGS Well-Known Player

    EXACTLY THIS PEOPLE!!! Don't ask for a one time change to the game. That's really not appropriate here. It's about paid memberships, not premium, not F2P.

    Yes, this is a brainstorming session, but would you suggest buying a blender if you're brainstorming about fixing a car? Use your brains and focus on the reason for brainstorming. It's not a, "What do you wish we add to the game?" thread. It's about what do you want in exchange for losing a big part of your membership perks thread.

    If you've never been a member, tell them what would make you willing to sign up for membership!

    If you only ever bought DLC, then tell them what it would take for you to sign up for membership!

    If you were a member, tell them what would be worth replacing DLC access with in membership benefits. It's about balancing out a big loss of value with an EQUAL amount of value to justify your continued purchase of membership.

    Can we stop this bologna about make this change in game, add this feature in game, remove the cash limits for non paid memberships. Those are completely off topic and most of them are not worth entertaining at all.

    I'm sorry but you just don't get it... they are asking for membership perks not game features.
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  13. Proxystar #Perception

    In my earlier post I was trying to purposefully be conservative, but you're actually right, this is a big deal and membership needs to consist of more than just a token seal.

    I agree, artifacts for members should be easier, double nth metal drops, no penalty feeding artifacts and augments, odds should at the very least be increased at breakthrough, seals if required still, should drop in game for members, the stabilizers should drop from mobs like lockboxes used to, one every 6 hours and the quark vendor permanently discounted by 50%.

    Sound like a good start oh and 1000DBC per month
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  14. Proxystar #Perception

    Thanks for clarifying your idea :)
  15. Miserable Dedicated Player

    Look, I know what this thread is about and I agree that it should not turn into a whole Premium cash cap debate.

    My reason for bringing it up is because it's relevant to the actual topic of the thread. It's relevant in that the new membership plan should account for a potential future cash cap increase.

    @Proxy, I want membership to be better too. I am a member. And taking into consideration a potential future cash cap increase in the design of this new membership plan would mean even more nice perks for members.

    I let my sub drop for a week during SM and, in my opinion, Premium players should not have to go through what they do to repair their gear. A cash cap increase (just enough to comfortably repair gear) would not make your membership worse in any way. If we were talking about removing the cash cap entirely, I would agree with you. Only members should experience the full benefits of unlimited cash access.
  16. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    I didn't bother to reply to you earlier because it wasn't worth it. I jumped in initially to point out that you're erroneously mis-correcting people on their understanding of the scope of what's being asked when, in fact, it's you thinking it's just about simple little small perks. In fact, I quoted it back to you. Why do you think Mepps put that in his OP? For fun? Because as a part of the team, he understands the greater implication of what is happening here and they're asking for feedback on it.

    No. They're not asking us for "perks" really. The question is much bigger in implication than simple perks and this is why Mag is pointing out people are thinking too small. I'm "getting it" a lot better than you friend. They don't need our help to think of some freebies or discounts. smh. I literally gave them features the playerbase values, that they could build and then monetize directly, and then also put behind a membership wall.

    Exclusive content access is a *FEATURE*. It has a value and is the actual product people are drawn to and motivates them to sub because it has an attached obvious value. Like Mag said, the perceived value of this needs to be replaced with similarly desirable features.
  17. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    I agree, and a big thing the devs need to think about is that many of the people this change is affecting don't have a choice in the matter. It's not a question of "let's see if these small changes are good enough to entice people to sub." Many subs have annual subscriptions, so they're going this whole time without the possibility of even unsubbing during this free episode and the coming changes.

    The coming changes better be pretty mindblowingly awesome, at least as huge a deal as episode access was, unless the devs are going to allow people to get refunds for their memberships (which we know isn't going to happen) that they bought with different expectations.
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  18. zelek New Player

    As a lifetime member I had some things I wished we had for lifetime/normal sub.

    - Travel from anywhere to anywhere access with no cooldown
    - No more auction fee
    - 1 Free stabilizer per day to claim regardless of running stabilizer misson
    - Unlimited Bank/Mail/Broker summon with no cooldown
    - % more on Nth Metal when found
    - Better marketplace discounts... possibly

    **On a side note to the game as a whole I will write here as well**

    There is currently no need to run old content except for feats and most people have those... why not:

    - Add nth metal pack drops(kind of like Nth metal packs from detectors)/seal of preservation/seal of completion randomly as a drop from running old content You'd get mostly Nth metal packs with a rare chance of seals.
    - All old content should give source marks period
  19. Sergey New Player

    1- will be great have chance to unlock all SP and styles for badgets in all content
    2- more quarks or bonus for buy in Booster Bundle
    3-Maybe more money for marketplace
    4-Have a chance to choose one of all Material
    5-Game money, one billion for example
    6- Exlusive style gear and weapon for membership
    7-Exlusive movement, maybe a Bat-Car, Robin-motosycle, or flying ship
    8- Free episodes and what we have now in game

    All this in legendary membership for 20-30$ :)
  20. Proxystar #Perception

    Membership already has access to unlimited cash, so what cash cap increase?

    Only premium players argue for cash cap increases which again isn't the topic.

    I get it, premium players don't like having to work around the cap to repair, but with the utmost respect, I don't care... the solution to that problem is to buy membership.

    If that perk isn't enough for premium player to buy membership, then what else is?

    Instead of talking about taking that away from members, let's discuss, what else would make a premium player sub who isn't already? What other perks might entice them in board in addition to obtaining cash access which is already there.
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