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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Apr 29, 2021.

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  1. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    If they were not the lead, they could still get in. Just couldn't start any AQS groups or solo stuff. I was trying to add an intangible benefit (i.e something without a bottom line cost)...vs the 'Give us 30 Stabilizers a month + 1000 replays + 3 or 4 SOC and a few 75000 Nth' granted those are exaggerations, but not really that much.

    Besides according to many most old content can't be gotten into via queue where's the negative change?
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  2. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Couple suggestions off the old noggin:

    1. Legendary Member Style Vendor (Lockbox Styles Vendor; have to be a member to access this vendor.)
    Imo: If Lockboxes are gonna stay the way they are and never see an update, they should have a workaround. I can't tell ya how many times as a member I wanted cross faction styles, the MM suit, or Stalwart Defender sets; but you always ended up with RNG choices that were unsatisfying.

    I mean... Voodoo of all styles is the one I'm gonna get from an RNG box I have to pay a monthly sub for?(Don't @Me, there's nobody in the game who will actively wear this set in it's entirety, it's hideous.)

    It's a waste, and Lockbox farming takes too long So make a vendor that I can pay marks for, but don't make it a gear set; and don't make it overly expensive either. I think 25 source marks should be the highest amount charged per style on this vendor.

    2. Update Lockboxes or... give members 5 daily unlocked time capsules(or just 2 unlocked ones if It's during a Mega Resurgence Capsule Event.)
    Lockboxes should have less of a chance to drop things like Voodoo, Tech Ninja, and all the other random drop suits ya can earn in game. I feel like Lockboxes should be more of a way to grant ya unique cosmetics or have a chance to get you some end-game cosmetics early on.

    Like imagine if your lockbox in 2021... would have a chance to drop the Death Vest, Fallen God, Starfire Hair, and Conqueror's styles? That would be a good start for me and a welcomed upgrade.

    3. Undo Button.
    Ya Salvaged an OP item by mistake? It happens. Members get an Undo/Restore Button that'll reverse that accidental click or button press.

    4. 1 free respec token per month.
    People change powers, body types, movement types, even weapons. So why not just throw one token of the users choice in for free and save them a little bit of MC?

    5. All Legends Unlocked & playable. (Sue me lol.)
    This is what I don't get. I mean your a Legendary Member, who's not legendary enough to get all legends without buying them via currency or MP. They should be unlocked & playable from the get go, it should be the free to play and premiums buying them for currency or Marketplace cash.
    I can understand if the TV variants of Supergirl and etc don't make the cut, but at least throw in the overwhelming majority of the legends roster and make them unlocked and playable for members.
    That's all I can think of for right now.
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  3. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    -I'd like 1000 dbc and 350 replays but its way too much, thats worth 700 replays a month. 3 accounts with a 12 month membership and you can stack on more than 8k replays for 30 bucks a month, thats a big revenue loss.

    -8 fragments is pretty good, not stabilizers though.

    -Not sure all styles unlocked, but maybe some free unlocks per month would be nice.

    -Access to all powers is a no no, some people bought powers for a hundred bucks, do they just refund them? That said, every free/premium account should be able to have 1 character with a power they dont own, someone seeing they cant use half the powers when they just joined the game is a pretty bad experience.

    -Utility belt and lair stuff should be free for everyone, but in this case I dont see other way besides a refund. Not having your 4 trinkets puts your team in a terrible spot, the supply drop alone can prevent a wipe. This really should change.
  4. Eurek New Player

    1) More bank (especially shared bank) and inventory slots for ALL players with tabs based upon item types (gear, base items, etc., similar to broker search but more consolidated); simply have a higher maximum capacity based upon free/premium/member

    2) Stabilizers are already per account and not per character, make all forms of in-game currency account-based and not character-based; remove all currency caps for members (seasonal as well as DLC specific); also significantly increase cash access for free and premium members to better align with the current in-game economy

    3) All styles either automatically unlock or are free unlocks on all alts for members (including chromas, materials, and accessories)

    4) Artifact leveling is shared across all alts for members

    5) Members can save different powersets onto their armories for the same character (may not be technologically feasable, but it would be very cool, and would be a potential revenue stream to respec powersets - a respec would not be required so long as the powerset was saved to an armory)

    6) No broker fees, broker discounts instead

    7) Increased vendor discounts

    8) No base rent

    9) Revitalize league halls, add member only NPC vendors (can purchase collection items, would prevent insane broker prices on rare collection drops and potentially help regulate the in-game economy) as well as member only NPCs that grant member missions (could either be additional content, or could simply grant year-round access to limited seasonal content - would grant styles or base items, but nothing to gain competitive advantage)

    10) Stabilizer and quark benefits for members - either increases in stabilizers and quarks granted, or discounts when using them

    The primary benefits of membership were access to all DLCs and no cash limits. With the current changes, one of the main reasons for membership will be removed. As most members have multiple characters, my list has focused on adding benefits for alts as well as style access, reduced in-game cost for members with complete removal of all currency caps, and most importantly increased storage for all (just more based upon membership level). Thank you for asking for, and considering, our input.
  5. SocratesGS Well-Known Player

    I see a lot of people adding things that are not necessarily related like cash limits character slots for everyone, etc. Membership tiers is a terrible idea, we're talking about benefits not membership structure. This also would not affect anyone who has lifetime in any way and hurt others that can only sub when they can afford to. If you add anything to discourage people from signing up, or add any additional paywalls you will only be hurting yourself.

    I believe that the membership changes really need to drive people to sign up for memberships with drastic lures. Cash limits should stay as they are. It's a huge draw for membership subscriptions, but you have to have more than just that one thing.

    I think the other thing that will draw people to memberships is applying discounts and more grants on a regular basis.
    Since the last change to memberships was the all access subscription model with no change in benefits, we should look into leveraging the changes in the game for membership perks.

    Artifacts, DLC and Character Augments are now very important parts of the game. Promethium loot boxes are not nearly as enticing at loot boxes are now. Styles continue to be popular in this game as well with the new materials, accessories and auras.

    Now that DLC will be free for everyone going forward and given those areas where we see new content continually added to the game I think the memberships should include the following going forward.

    350 Replay Badges granted each month - I think this one is self explanatory. The current amount granted to members on a monthly basis really only cover 1 reset of a raid, alert, and duo (which some DLC don't include). This would allow members to unlock 4 raids each month or we can save them up and use them to unlock feats on alts to make them more viable again. You used to see every member run multiple alts on their accounts because it was fun to have a character that can tank, heal, or troll in addition to whatever your main toon was. This also let you run content with league mates multiple times. This is a MMO after all, why wouldn't you encourage players to play more by making alts viable again? I personally used to run 7 heroes and 1 villain toon every single day. Over time with more and more emphasis on grinding a single character through the game I am now really down to just a single character that I play everyday. That also means I play less DCUO too and that is an overall negative for the game as I may run an alt toon in addition to my main once a week and that's it. I used to just play DCUO exclusively, now I play 3 other games once my main is locked for raids and other weekly activities.

    Early Access to Episodes and Events - Give members up to 14 days early access to the new DLCs. This will also help you find new bugs on live before they affect the entire population. Members miss this aspect of the game soo much, even if things broke before everyone else got to play it. This hopefully gives the dev team time to identify and fix defects that were not found on the test server with it's limited population size and would benefit both members and the devs alike. We wouldn't really care if the release day slips a little if this was something offered to us each and every DLC and event.

    Free Complete Stabilizers for running the Stabilizer event - As stated promethium lockboxes contain very little that members don't already have, especially those who have been playing the game for a long time. Being able to open a daily loot box is now the new version of what Promethium Lock Boxes used to be for us.

    Reduced Penalties for feeding Artifacts and DLC Augments - This one really bugs me. I am at the point where I don't care what the new artifacts are each DLC because I'm tired of losing 50% of the XP feeding an artifact or augment to the new ones. They are not worth the effort and cost anymore compared to what I already have. My DLC augments are leveled up without feeding old DLC augments to them because they are still needed if we run old content. There is no incentive to feed those at all.

    Membership Exclusive Styles from the Marketplace - Give members a style each DLC that is free for them, but available for purchase on the Marketplace for non members. This will increase purchase options on the Marketplace for non members other than just the seals and any other items that might be needed for leveling Artifacts, Augments, OP Items, Soders, and whatever else we will have to level up in the future. (Side Note: This is a super annoying trend in the game. Please stop this altogether for things outside of Artifacts. It barely even makes sense for DLC Augments.)

    50% Reduced Cost for Style Unlocking - Alt toons in game are not as viable to run as they once were in game. Things have slowly started to make running alts more and more difficult with the changes in game. Even the gifts given to members are for just one toon and not all of our alts. I think allowing members to unlock styles with less replay badges will give us another benefit that non members would really want to have as well.

    35% Discount on the Marketplace and Quark related Vendors - Since we no longer get DLC / Episodes in exchange for our membership (which is by far the biggest reason currently to subscribe to a membership plan) we should get a hefty monetary exchange for taking this away from members. Just like in game balances are made with the cost of gear and the amount of rewards that are given to players. This needs to make up for the loss of our biggest benefit in kind. We were already getting a 10% discount with memberships while also getting access to DLC. Now that everyone gets the DLC, this is an easy way to shift the next biggest direct monetary benefit for members. Non members would see this as a huge benefit just in the cost of buying things like stabilizers, power change tokens, seals, catalysts, etc. It would also help justify the cost of memberships on a real monetary basis and not just one where the imaginary items have made up costs for them in my previous benefits suggestions.

    To summarize; each of the benefit changes I listed above create a very compelling reason for a non-members to really want to subscribe for membership access. The benefits do not give a direct in game advantage to members as the non member still can do everything, just with higher associated investments in either cost or time to obtain the same things. This also represents a lot of things I see and hear players talk about in game that would be very welcome in exchange for taking away access to DLC as a primary benefit and instead of being a direct 1 for 1 exchange, would be a one for a little bit of everything new in game that wasn't really being covered by benefits before. This would make membership more appealing for existing members to continue paying for membership as well with a healthy refresh of benefits and a good variety that should appeal to most of the player base.
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  6. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    Oh man. Been away from the game due to me losing interest but here I am looking at the forum and I see LOTS of news. Okay I'll start. Imma keep this short because if a dev is reading this, you have probably seen the same suggestions from pages before this.

    Escrow. Please get rid of it. Dont make the cash limit one of the reasons to subscribe. Personally please go in a different direction.

    Promethium Lockboxes. Update them on a regular. They are useless as of right now unless you are a new player who just got into the game. And honestly, if you're a member, have them drop twice as much. Again, update them with different things. Include past styles, maybe past TC collection pieces. Make it rare of course but atleast it can happen. It doesnt have to be just TC pieces. They can include Replay Badges (like 5) , source marks (not just one, but again, like 5 or 10, maybe even a jackpot type idea like you do with quarks) episode vendor styles and auras, ect.

    Monthly reward box for members. Think outside the box for this one. Surprise us.

    Monthly Replay Badges and Loyalty Points (Station Cash for PC) and monthly source marks and episode specific currency for that month. You could also do it weekly to give more emphasis on value (just split accordingly)


    Discount on MP and Quarks.

    Update the Marketplace with new styles and such. Again, think outside the box and surprise us.

    Feat/Style unlocking price adjustments would be appreciated if considered.

    I know this really isnt the place for this suggestion but I use to love running alts. I quit mainly because I could only have time or afford to run my main. Which was a bummer for me. Not everything has to be so grindy. You allow us to have multiple character slots for a reason. Think about that when considering feats and grind like content.

    Last suggestion, consider halfing the prices of episode vendor rewards for members.

    Thanks and cant wait to see what this brings. :D
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  7. inferno Loyal Player

    I agree. Sorry and I probably will get hated on as well but giving away all DLCs from this point on, premium members aren't losing out; they're gaining DLC access free of charge. Only subscribers whose one of the perks is access to all DLCs are affected in a negative way. Giving away DLCs is already a benefit for Free and premium members.

    Although premium benefits do need to be adjusted, this is not about increasing the perks of premium members or removing restrictions from Free members; let's have that discussion at another time. I thought the initial question was what benefits can be added to subscribers to replace the DLC perk. On top of that, there has always been a discussion of the value of subscription even before they gave out the DLCs.

    I thought the initial discussion involved: what can be added to the benefits of subscription that would entice players to upgrade their membership and pay a monthly fee. If you take away more of Subscriber benefits and add it to premium membership; then what is the point of Subscription?
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  8. Kid Kaos New Player

    As someone that was Subbed the day after Beta...I think the most annoying thing for me Is not being able to Run Everything for Currency. Having CR Climb out of the Pay Window so to speak even if I like playing that Content. It would help gear up my Alts faster. Or a the abilty to Share Marks across my account.., Or a Monthly Currency Grant for the Booster Vender.
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  9. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    I went a bit off topic but its pretty hard to suggest something when other variables are involved,so...Sorry devs
    Its hard to not talk about it because a better membership depends on what non paying members are getting. If they just remove episodes, for me there is no difference, I sub for the money cap, replays and MP cash, so there doesnt need to be a lot.

    Now, Im subbed on 2 platforms, if they get rid of the cash cap I wont need 2 subs, in this scenario they will need a lot of perks to lure me into keeping my PC sub.

    It also brings the question of how many members they are willing to lose. Some people are suggesting 35% MP discount or 1000 DBC, but that probably exceeds the revenue they would lose if 10 or 15% stop subbing, and it all comes down to what frees and premiums are going to get. Free episodes require some level of member perks, no cash cap is another thing.
  10. MensSana Active Player

    I have read many good ideas, but for me the most important are:

    - Artifact & Augments XP bonus
    - free Seal of completation
    - easier Alts managment (maybe with an Artifact & Augments unlocking system)

    i like many other things posted here, like free respech token, more DB cash, more replays, more quarks, more stabiliezers etc.
    but i think all this good ideas are slighty less important than improving the artifact and XP system.
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  11. The original Nightling New Player

    can i dream of being able to change the colours of the powersets ?
    just to show that you are a membership users
  12. Nephenelyn New Player

    Only one thing, please remove or make the escrow higher (around ~250000) for premium/f2p members!
  13. Ullerholm New Player

    Something that you can add for members, that I think would be great, is bigger inventory and bank slots plus more broker slots. maby and extra 10% of on market.
  14. Dene Prince Loyal Player

    I am +1 for higher MP discount and more Mp Cash & replays per month

    seals etc can be obtained eaasy enough if the above happens imo

    The tier system sounds interesting but so unknown - could it be that you are thinking of getting rid pf premium? Lifetime membership will fall where? etc
  15. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    1.Increased replay badges monthly
    2 .Discount in Marketplace
    3.Nth metal 75k
    4.Episode discount on Gear, augments and increased rare drop for collections.
    5. Seals both types monthly
    6. I'm sleepy can't think of more Goodnight but this a few
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  16. The Owl New Player

    As a member, if DLCs being free to everyone maybe having a discount of the currencies of episodes could be a good idea.
    For example, if it takes 25 currencies to have a chest pieces for FTP players, for members it could have a discount of 10% or 15%, or get more currencies during dailies , duo and raids.

    Maybe we could have reward for log in, a little gift every day and at the end of the week a bigger one ( like cash, currencies, boost, seals, source marks etc... just some ideas)

    Getting more prestige would be very helpfull for little leagues, we are not all hardcore gamers spending 12 hours per day on game

    Some styles, auras, emblems and materials exclusives for members. For example first month we get the aura, then the emblem, next the material and then the style etc etc

    MP discount at 20%, more MP cash ( 1000 per month) and more replay

    Getting more stabilizers or needed less than 15 to make one

    Higher chances of drop during raids

    Maybe the abilty to transfer money and currencies in the bank account. Like if we have a toon with money on him, to be able to transfer it to the shared account bank. And more slots in the shared bank
    Having the styles we unlocked during game avaible at the character creation

    I see a suggestion about exclusives bases location for members and I'm totally up to that !
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  17. bradnwla New Player

    Share cash in shared bank, when I'm leveling a character, cash was a problem, if anyone new is making a new character, it would be easier to just have cash in shared bank, at least to brokers limit as of now, so if you change brokers limit, the shared bank needs to coincide with that limit, alot of times I have had to switch character to buy items from broker, it would be nice for me to have a billion in my shared bank!
  18. Lulucia New Player

    It would seem fair to me. Be able to repeat at least 2 times a day each on duty missions. More market spaces, inventory and bank.
    At least have a bank and a market in Lair without having to buy it. Also that you can get the drop or monthly gift optional some radars to be able to find investigations on the map.;) [IMG]
  19. Radstark Active Player

    Doubling monthly Daybreak Cash / Loyalty Points to 1000 would be, as I already said other times, a no brainer.

    Other things... Currency discounts (including Quark discounts), marketplace discounts. Rework Promethium Lockboxes or remove them entirely for something else that is more useful. Decrease xp loss on using artifacts and augments as fodder for other artifacts and augments.

    These are the things I've read here already suggested by others that I feel would be more important.

    You could use that increased monthly cash to buy more seals.
  20. Lantern_AdamK4 Committed Player

    My top suggestion:
    Give members the ability to replay Elite content for Renown without needing to unlock. Just renown though. If people want gear they can unlock it.
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