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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Apr 29, 2021.

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  1. RCMPenguin New Player

    I always thought it would be cool if you could purchase or unlock (by completing content) legends characters to join you in battle. Dive into a duo, alert, or raid with your own custom Justice League roster. That would be a fun feature for members.
  2. KiaserX Level 30

    Interesting. I feel with content being made free to all then the subscription membership should be focused more on content related items or perks.
    1. As someone in my league suggested unlocking raids from once a week to having lasted raids or raids unlocked twice a week. I want to take it a step further by saying normal raid unlocks in conjunction with another free raid unlock that can be used any time from Thursday to Wednesday to avoid people who work or some other substantial reason, being unable to get the full benefit of that second unlock. If a person is unable to use the second unlock it does not accumulate so a person can not stack them.
    2. Double the amount of replays a subscriber can get a month.
    3. Make the stipend from 500 to 750-1000
    4. Make the subscription discount from 10% to 20-30% on various items.
    5. Perks for those who have subscribed for a length of time. IE a 4-6 month exclusive loot box that can be obtained by anyone who meets this mark and is account bound so that it cannot be sold on the auction house. Avoiding feat points as well.
    6. Make a first time subscriber loot box with items that make a person feel their purchase was worth it.
    7. Subscribers should also be able to get the continued perk of unlocked future powersets, weapon and movement modes.

    The ideas above may have been mentioned from other players but I feel that as a subscriber the focus should be getting the most from the unlocked content being provided. I have not addressed much about the crafting items or the stabilizers as that can be addressed with the discounts in the market. I like free stuff, but the devs and others still need to make some money in various places to keep the game running.
    Premiums should also get some rewards also since they may not subscribe but do put money in the game from al a carte purchases, with some players being a large amount of replays or even stabilizers for boxes as a few examples.
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  3. Magnificent Loyal Player

    No. If there's ever an increase then that conversation will need to happen then once it's determined that will happen. Not now when not a single Dev has put that on the table.
  4. Miserable Committed Player

    Hahaha :rolleyes:

    That shouldn't be the solution because the problem shouldn't exist. You've made it clear that you don't care, but the devs should care (and hopefully do). There will always be Premium players even if the devs would like to have as many subscribers as possible.

    You and I agree that Premium should be nowhere near as good as Legendary. Legendary members should be streets ahead of Premium players in terms of what freedoms they have and what benefits they receive.

    Where we disagree is that, to you, Legendary is the only tier that matters and it's okay if the Premium tier is neglected. To me, Premium is still a tier and should come with some basic minimal freedoms. I'm sure we agree that Premium players should feel restricted in multiple ways, and that these restrictions should serve to make membership more appealing, I just don't think the inability to comfortably repair gear should be one of these restrictions. I think it should be one of the minimal freedoms. That's all.

    You're right that Premium isn't the topic of this thread and I feel bad for talking so much about it, but I just want to clarify why I thought it was relevant to the actual topic (which I, admittedly, failed to do in my initial post):

    We're here trying to balance out the loss of episode access with new membership benefits. All I'm saying is that we should view a cash cap increase as an inevitability and account for it in this balancing act. Maybe the difference between $3000 to unlimited and $30,000 to unlimited isn't even significant enough to use as a bargaining chip, but I think it's at least worth consideration.

    Yes, these are the questions we should be asking. Legendary should be as enticing as possible and make people want to subscribe. But when asking what would make a Premium player subscribe, I think that the Premium point of reference that we should be starting from is one with a reasonable cash cap. From that state, what would make a Premium player subscribe? Let's make it juicy.
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  5. Pyrometers Active Player

    I Would like to see an instance that allows you to test artifacts at different ranks to see if you world like that play style. Sort of like legend pvp practice instance but with artifacts
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  6. Miserable Committed Player

    Fair enough. I mean, if there ever is an increase down the line, the devs aren't going to start an initiative to tweak membership in response to that change (which is why I was asking for it in my initial post in this thread), but yeah, I get that we can't just assume it preemptively.

    I'll just bow out of this thread now.
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  7. Buddha Khan New Player

    I've been a member since roughly week two (pre-hack!) and with the exception of maybe a year when I was between jobs... continuous. -Even bought the collector's edition version with the Batman statue way back when you had to buy the game to play on PS3.

    I'm a member because I want to support the game and to access all the content. I also don't want to lose the 22 characters I have (although it's completely unfeasible to keep them all current) or deal with contrived caps and limits. That said, I wish I could unlock a lifetime membership somehow. Feel like I've paid for it. I know they were offered at one point and I missed it. Maybe offer that again soon? Maybe for a week at Christmas or the Anniversary event?

    If you make all the content accessible to non-members, maybe double the rewards for members?

    And I apologize, I haven't read through all 10 pages of suggestions. These may have already been mentioned, but here's my two cents...
    1. More solo content, please.
    2. Access to older multi-player content as a solo player.
    3. Some way to equip completed costume sets.
    4. Easily see what's missing from uncompleted costume & collection sets. -Scrolling through the feat list is horrendous.
    5. Selecting multiple items to purchase or sell in the store at one time.
    6. For the love of all that is holy, can I mute Ambush Bug in my base? I like the dude being there, but jeez... (or add more soundbites).

    There's more if I had time, but that's off the top of my head. I really love the game. Sure, there are problems (lag, boots, chat-bots and the at times toxic chat) but I'll continue to be a member. This game has come a long way since launch. Everyone should be proud. Thanks guys.
  8. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    I don't know if something like this was mentioned yet, but my league was talking about possible changes and one stood out.
    Instead of look lockouts being what they currently are (daily for many things, weekly for others), at the beginning of each week you get basically have seven free resets of daily content before you need to use replay badges. So you could run the dailies seven times one day, or one a day for the week. These resets would per specific piece of content.

    With this setup, you could also change the number of "free" resets a week, either for a specific bonus week or as a member benefit of extra resets for the week (like two runs a week per raid as a member, one for non members).

    Another loot lock related benefit could be having renown be a separate look lockout in instances. So if you run the normal version of content, then run the elite version you wouldn't need to reset to get the renown (but you would still need to reset to get gear, marks, catalysts, and other drops). This could either be an across the board change, or something specific to membership.
  9. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Have a vendor in the vault where you can sell the styles you receive which you don't want. In exchange you get Station Cash.

    3 styles a day x 30 = 90 a month. Would that be considered a dealbreaker?
  10. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    I'm just going to be funny here and say

    1. A special soda that extends the duration of our buffs from our powers
    2. Give every current and new player all the pvp feats LMAO
    3. Every month give us at random an aura, or a material or a box of source marks
    4. Members only Iconic Powers HA!
    5. A special trinket that allows us to look like an iconic character
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  11. Proxystar #Perception

    I'm going to keep this very short, because I literally disagree with most of your post above, but don't want to flood this thread with debating this aspect.

    This discussion is not about making Premium Players more comfortable so that they can feel better about not buying membership (which is what raising the cash cap does) that is the exact opposite of what is intended when making membership better, especially when making premium players comfortable through providing cash access comes into direct conflict with the existing membership perks.

    The developers are the ones that have put that frustration there (in terms of repairing gear) and it's done so on purpose, there's no basic minimal freedoms, it's a construct you've created to garner "sympathy", Premium players get what they pay for and only what they pay for. If they want more then they subscribe and buy membership and that's exactly why it should be made even better not worse by stripping even more out of it.
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  12. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    Would I would like to see as a member, all items and gear account bound trade if possible. So annoying to keep getting a piece of gear you need for another character but can't give it to them. While others suggest more replays, I would like to see cut replay prices in half for members if possible. Raids are 48, so it will be 24 alerts, I think 24, now 12, duos and solos now 6 instead of 12. Unlocking gear on other characters go from your basic 4 down to 2.
  13. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    - 1 Seal of Completion
    - 4 Seals of Preservation
    - 200 Replay Badges
    - Increased Nth Metal yield for Legendary members
    - Add Quarks to the loot table of the Promethium Loot Boxes
    - 1 Stabilizer from the daily instance (15 fragments)

    I think this are reasonable upgrades that would keep players like me still subbed to the game.
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  14. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Most would continue beating that dead horse. You didn't.


    Thank you.
  15. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Fair points, but in quoting you left out a little bit. It was this part:

    It's been a braintwister for me though because it's tough for me to find what I'd consider to be an equivalent to the value of all episode access as well as suggesting something/things that might add to the value of subscribing without going overboard. So I guess I'll start a little small and work off another suggestion I've seen come up, then see if anything else pops into mind later.

    There are times when folks can look at a problem/challenge and think big to solve it, and in the process whittle down stuff that IS too big to be part of the solution. For me in this instance, I can't quite grasp it in one large chunk. I know the value of episode access is huge, so getting my arms around it has been tough for me. And it doesn't exactly help that the episodes have been open for the better part of a year, so much of that exclusivity has already been nullified to an extent. So my approach is to start with smaller stuff and work from there, as I said. I've already got a couple more ideas swimming around in my head, some building off my idea, others going in different directions. But I don't think I would have started to come up with those later ideas if I hadn't gotten that first one down.

    As to my feelings on a Seal of Completion reward, the value and importance put on that particular item just reminds me of how disruptive it was when players in SWG put the same kind of importance on the Anti-Decay Kits that were part of their Veteran Reward Program. Apply one of those to a piece of armor or a weapon and you didn't have to worry about losing that item to wear and tear or a failed repair attempt. All well and good until you remember that everything in the game was crafted and ADKs could seriously disrupt and/or kill sales for Weaponsmiths and Armorsmiths. Not surprisingly they also threw a monkeywrench into the economy with people hoarding them or asking outrageous prices. So the ADKs were replaced with a different reward.

    And yes, I know it's not an "apples to apples" comparison between the two situations. But there were enough similarities that it raised a flag for me.

    Man, now that I think about it SWG really did have some potentially haunting experiences to it. :eek: :D

    That aside, I'm going to be starting small and working from there. Any further ideas will probably get posted later with recaps bringing all my ideas together at the end of the post. It's just how I think I can handle this particular challenge.
  16. Magnificent Loyal Player

    I got it and I didn't want you to think I was "going after" you, specifically. Your post had enough depth of thought that it worked well as a backdrop.

    You're absolutely right, content access is a pretty big thing to replace. Last night in discussions with my league we talked about how there's really no one thing (or even two things) which can replace the exclusivity factor of 24/7 access to all content. That's why in my last post I urged players to think bigger.

    It's far better if we end up asking for a bit too much and have it backed down than not ask for enough and end up with such weak benefits that subscriptions drop significantly (thus impacting content output).
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  17. Yochanan32 Well-Known Player

    I don't know if this has been addressed. What about those of us who bought lifetime memberships? How will this affect us?
  18. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Nothing specific has been said about it but I imagine we'll just be grandfathered in to whatever changes are made to membership, which is what I would expect to happen. I bought the lifetime membership when it was available at the end of 2018, so basically from the end of this year onwards I'll essentially have "free" membership since the lifetime cost about the equivalent of three years of membership when it was sold at the end of 2018, if I recall correctly. Not sure if you got it then or back when the game launched.
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  19. SynergyV5 New Player

    - 1 Seal of Completion
    - 4 Seals of Preservation
    - 200 Replay Badges
    - 1000 Loyalty Points/Marketplace Cash
    - 75,000 Nth Metal XP (totals up to 900,000 per year)
    - 500 Quarks (totals up to 6000 per year)

    Like others have stated before me, there were 2 reasons for buying legendary. Access to all DLC and full access to cash. With all DLC being made free to all players, I feel this is a very reasonable ask in terms of membership benefits. Thanks.
  20. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    What the what? When did I say anything about Escrow? I'm actually fine with no changes to premium as a level of membership, just saying that for people who HAVE purchased the DLCs, some kind of compensation could be given...a one time credit towards something else...and yeah, maybe it's an escrow token or inventory slots or a single armory or whatever, but the actual premium monthly benefits and cash cap are fine as is. Never said anything about that changing, at least not in this discussion.

    BTW. There are several members who have purchased DLCs as well. I'm not saying they get nothing. I'm saying anyone who purchased a DLC, or maybe some level of them (like if you've purchased ultimate, or 10+ DLCs) would get some sort of compensation... so It's not really a premium vs member discussion, although most people who've always been members don't buy DLCs, so there would be less of those.
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