Batman inspired mask return?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by CloneTK, May 12, 2014.

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  1. Legend1971 New Player

    I agree with U Mr. Ray. I am on the PS3; played this game first week it came out. Legendary since day 1.

    The Devs made that call to give out the Batman head. If you had bought the collector's edition, you received some cool stuff. I never bought that, but I did not whine about it when I saw my friends using the items in game. I think it was $80 or so (not sure been 3 & I just waited to by the regular version.

    That is like someone saying when the Megaservers happened, that they wanted another person's server logo for their chest, even though they were never on that server. My server was Birthright....was cool to put that server logo on my villain's chest. My first baddie was called Luny. He was a small guy, gadgets and used twin pistols.

    People looked around and liked the server logos the devs gave out. I felt proud to wear it.

    Anyway, play the game as u see it, and stop worrying about what someone else got. Just make sure your toon can get the job done to defeat good or evil :)

    *Drops mic on the floor, raises my mug of beer to Rapid Ray, and walks out the bar*
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  2. NCR RANGER New Player

    No one cares about legends skins. We want/need styles. If they would make all the Batmen have different abilities I'd say they care. At this point a re-skin seems like a cop-out.
  3. Burnt New Player

    A lot of people want a lot of things in life. It doesn't mean they should or ever will get them.
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  4. NCR RANGER New Player

    Objectively We Should Get The New 52 Batman Style Together with Aquaman Flash and Green Lantern to finish out the Justice League roster and start on other new 52 characters.

    so yes we SHOULD.
  5. Burnt New Player

    You should get what they decide to give you and like it
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  6. owlman New Player

    No.Have not earned the right.Do you think you deserve the sever emblems to?
  7. NCR RANGER New Player

    Um who are you again?
  8. NCR RANGER New Player

    I'll like what I want. I've been legendary since launch. I spend enough money on this game to have a vocal opinion.
  9. owlman New Player

    Does charles barkly deserve a championship ring because dr.j won one the year before he joined the team?
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  10. xColdFront Committed Player

    Spytle said NUMEROUS times it's NEVER coming back. It was an EXCLUSIVE item just like pre order Batman.
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  11. NCR RANGER New Player

    You're trying to compare apples and oranges. Charles Barkley didn't pay to play in the NBA. Grow up.
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  12. xColdFront Committed Player

    We have been asking for a new Batman style mask forever and they just haven't gave it to us. That robot batman mask is so ugly and so is the iconic set. I would never use either one of those batman masks.
  13. Burnt New Player

    Ooooo, a double quote :D
    I'm in the same boat, legendary since launch but I have no idea what that has to do with anything. Keep asking until you're blue in the face for all I care, doesn't mean you're gonna get em. I hope you feel better. Have a nice day.
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  14. owlman New Player

    Grow up?Did you pay for the game when the mask was givin out?No.So because you pay now your entitled to it?Charles and the doctor both played the same game.You and I play the same game.We both pay for the game.They paid union dues and taxes to play.So I think my Comparison seems right.
  15. NCR RANGER New Player

    I already have the emblem. I'm not asking for something I already have.
  16. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    What does the unicorn, Trinket, have to do with anything anyone has offered up in response?

    This was an exclusive item. Exclusive means exclusive. I'm sorry, but such is life. Wish there was a way around it, but I feel it would legitimately upset the people that earned that gift through some serious pain and suffering. Hopefully, there will be another style item that can one day fill that void for you, but it will never be this specific one.
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  17. NCR RANGER New Player

    Thanks Spytle. You can lock the topic now.
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  18. spack2k Steadfast Player

    exactly ! the same item can be sold again but in a different colour like they did before with plasma aura for example
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  19. NCR RANGER New Player

    The new 52 lock box style for the Batsuit would be the best way to quell all the jealousy.
  20. Valsmurf Loyal Player

    If people were reasonable yeah, but look at what happened when the blue batman was announced. People STILL complained that they couldn't get the greyed out spot out of their roster.
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