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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by spord, Oct 15, 2015.

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  1. Cyberpunk2077 Well-Known Player

    the 7% crit chance+10% damage+15% might seems a bit too much . It would be more balanced you lowered the buff and increased the base damage slightly for the combos. Just a personal opinion
  2. Veritech Loyal Player

    Impressed with what I've tested so far.

    Easy learning curve. Good damage once you get the feel for clipping the combos. Great animations.

    I tested a midrange loadout I slapped together against my gadgets loadout from live and it held up quite well. Throw the 50% SC in the mix and watch those numbers fly.

    Looking forward to digging deeper.
  3. Avian EU Well-Known Player

    Currently testing the tanking mechanics. From my tests you need to use atleast two different combo powers for Quark-Gluton Aura to refresh (is this intentional?). The heals from using powers with the Aura still work perfectly fine when just using one combo power over and over, but you have to shortcut to activate the aura again with Neutrino blast or Atom-power assault.

    Switching between two different combo powers gives you "more" heals but that's because of the clipping.

    I was testing it on the Black Lantern adds in Metropolis battlezone (CR 138) as a 141 Atomic tank and the damage I did to them was actually pretty good, I felt like I could actually do solo content in tank role but the power drain is very high so you end up without power before you get to defeat one group of adds.

    Even before testing I thought the health you get from using powers and the Aura was a bit low. I don't see it being very viable in later SM rounds because the damage in vs. heals you get from your own mechanic is nowhere near the same. The 40% dom heals are fine but I feel like the Aura heals need to be more than 2% of your health because it's really not that much. With 25k health you heal about 500 per tick with the Aura. I'm also thinking that making the Aura a HoT rather than an additional heal when you activate powers would maybe work better.

    But I haven't had the chance to use it in any hard content yet so maybe some of these suggestions might change.
  4. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Im just looking through a PM and Atomic is already above the standard for all three ranges
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  5. Elusian Crowd Control

    After running the new opertion twice as tank some thinks I observed:

    The aura is worthless. The heals are too low and I take nearly full damage (only 60% defense increase though we got told it would be 90%) while combo'ing. Thats like a Fire tank would never block and keeps spamming his self-heals but gets at least twice the health which is currently A LOT better than our Atomic Defense buff. Even Earth gets his Dom added + 50% mitigation and can go through blocking phases and has not to worry about being vulnerable throughout the whole fight. Atomic needs a major buff on that front.

    The aura speeds up the one power that self-heals myself over time but it doesnt really adds anything to my sustain and without healer also more like fluff as I would die anyway. I checked dmg in on said NGN adds in comparison to other powersets but Atomics survivability time was always the shortest + always out of power. Even Fire did better on that front and its known to be power hungry.

    I'm sceptical after those tests. Yes the DPS is pretty good but the tanking aspect is lacking.

    This mix out of Defense, Combos for increased extra heals, an Aura on top, a single self-heal, Shield that I have no spot for in the loadout anyway is like a mix out of all previous tank powersets but it misses a straight line. The question is what could be done as its not that bad as I might make it out to be?!
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  6. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Im assuming the mitigation is bugged along with that defense buff.
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  7. Avian EU Well-Known Player

    Didn't notice the low defense buff myself but I think it's a mistake.

    I agree with you on the healing capabilities of Atomic and just being doing the simple math before playing with it, it was pretty clear to me that the numbers needed to be buffed. There are a lot of risks involved with Atomic's tanking due to counter vulnerability and only being able to heal by using powers and there just isn't any good pay off with the numbers it heals as of now.
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  8. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Elusian has a point

    2% your total health pool is nowhere near enough for incoming healing. Bump that up significantly please.
    10% of your total health pool would be alright as you're out of block a lot although that may still be too little.

    Mitigation is bugged. Should be getting 75% but only getting 60%
    Also defense buff not 90%
    Im assuming this is a bug

    Very power hungry. Makes Rage and Fire look like a trolls best friend. I think that regen should've stayed lol

    Density breaks easily.
    The Supercharge shield is ok in a pinch where the healer may need a reprieve but as it stands right now, you are not surviving an onslaught of adds.

    All in all, underwhelming, but the pulls are so cool and nifty for positioning adds.
    Stompa, Lady Al Ghul, Ingrid, Trigon will chew you up and spit you out without much effort.
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  9. Roomba Dedicated Player

    CR 141
    Might 9611
    Prec 3436
    Against 3 league hall dummies, as requested

    DPS Reports:

    Melee AM (Rotation: Thermochemical Explosion (TNE) combo > Atom Splitter combo > Repeat)
    Best DPS: 26,552 (33.3% crit)

    Midrange AM (Rotation: TNE combo > Atom Splitter combo > Repeat)
    Best DPS: 22,385 (38% crit). Well actually, I did achieve 26590 dps, but it had a 48% crit rate. Semi ridiculous.

    Max Range AM (Rotation: Beta Surge combo, Nuclear Burst combo, Repeat)
    Best DPS: 20,984 (35% crit)

    Melee 1234 (Rotation: Nuclear Burst > TNE > Atom Splitter > Geiger Blast)
    Best DPS: 32,412 (30% crit). This was a big outlier, but I was surprised I was able to repeat a run with 31,913 (29.6% crit). Results averaged 22k dps.

    Midrange 1234 (Rotation: Nuclear Burst > TNE > Atom Splitter > Geiger Blast)
    Best DPS: 24,210 (33.3% crit). Again, this was an outlier. Results averaged 19k dps.

    Max Range 1234 (Rotation: Beta Surge > Nuclear Burst > Neutron Bomb > Geiger Beam)
    Best DPS: 23,735 (44.8%). Averagewas about 18k

    Note: Using Geiger BLAST (melee/midrange), I never once had to reapply the buff. When using Geiger BEAM for range, the buff would consistently drop due to it being a longer attack. Are other people seeing this? Is this intentional?

    Hope this is helpful. I realize these may not be optimal results or rotations.
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  10. Rockhound665 Devoted Player

    Anybody have a good DPS loadout? I'm piddling with different powers in a n00b sort of way.
  11. HeavyWeapon Dedicated Player

    Easy fix would be in tank role completing a single combo(ie hit power and combo twice) "refreshes" the 12s. Though if you are using the Group CC shortcut to the aura it seems there is only a short time between losing the aura and gaining it that if you had the shield or self heal might help in those times. I guess the real question for spord is are Tanks supposed to be keeping that aura active 24/7 or are they supposed to be in and out of it and using their other tools in the downtime? IE what was the intended use for the aura in tank stance? Is it supposed to be like Ice Armor where we need to keep refreshing it, Rage mode where it drops and we get it back as soon as possible, or can we make it like Absorption/Jackhammer where doing a combo extends the duration?

    As far as my feedback goes. This might be the power that brings me back to the game. It looks visually awesome, the mechanic is unique(Blend of Ice, Fire, and Rage) and has a teleport and 2 pulls! Haven't done any dps testing because I don't see myself doing it but it does look less boring than the other AMs since it has a few options.
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  12. Roomba Dedicated Player

    Check out my post above yours, you can fiddle and piddle from there. Let me know what improvements you make!
  13. Roomba Dedicated Player

    DPS side, I like that you can choose between combos or a standard "1234" on the fly. I will say that the combos feel like dumbed-down Celestial, it certainly doesn't feel like HL or anything. But at least the melee combos count as lunges! Why oh why wasn't this done to Celest's combos! But the variation alone makes me very happy... assuming combos are a clear winner in sustained dps and 1234 is a clear winner in burst dps (I am assuming this is a thing, though I don't think I have a basis for this actually now that I think of it...). Time will tell.
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  14. Rockhound665 Devoted Player

    What weapon are you using? I'm using brawling at the moment only because I like it as a tank weapon.
  15. Roomba Dedicated Player

    I didn't use weapons in any of those rotations, I don't think they have any room for even a range tap.
  16. Veritech Loyal Player

    Are you clipping the combos? I'm finding combos to be better than 1234 when getting a good clip on them. Your 2 power melee rotation wouldn't work using clipping due to cooldowns.

    I would liken the combos to rage, before celestial.
  17. Rejoicer1 Well-Known Player

    I really appreciate the data below. Has anyone found a set of decent WM rotations with data that we can add to this? It would be nice to know what works best.

  18. Roomba Dedicated Player

    Hmm, I don't see how you need 3 powers? I'm clipping right after the 2nd click (3rd hit) of each of the combos. I'll hop back on test and check it out.
  19. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    I have noticed this. It seems to drop as soon as the power comes off cooldown, whether you're using Geiger Beam or Blast. I'm not sure if it's intended or not and I'm not sure if it's just a visual thing or whether or not power replenishment stops, too.
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  20. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Ok I have been trying to find a good loadout for the Geiger Am...it is supposed to work off of the Dazed PI correct? If so I am not finding any that do any real damage on the dummies. I also find it interesting that it is largly a single target AM...I see this AM going the way of HL second AM...you know the one NOONE uses and most do not even remember exists.

    After reading some of the posts above I see only one decent looking loadout for the Geiger AM and it does not hardly use any of the Dazed PI powers...so for now the consensus is to use the powers you can combo and toss in a geiger blast or whatever at the end? Seems like it is out of wack that for the second AM you use the first AMs powers for all but the last. Just my thoughts.
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