Age of Justice: Dailies, Rewards, and September

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Katnikov, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. light FX 10000 Post Club

    Um ya cant say u got all the gear in the 1st 6 days and u didnt use replays to do it. Its not possible. Stop with the nonsense. Your post said "who said the items cost too much? I bought them all in 1 week." The items being discussed are the gear, the 3 helmets, and the OP collection pieces on the vendor that u can only get with war bonds. In the 6 days the dlc has been out u could earn roughly 100 war bonds w/out replaying. Everything on that vendor cost 4000 marks before the change and roughly 2200 after. So unless u replayed u cannot buy all of those items and the gear. We know how to do math.
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  2. Kilovvog Well-Known Player

    Well its not was hard 3 marks get from open world dailys/day - 16 marks get from bountys/week - 6 marks get from alerts/day and 18 marks get from raids. So i dont know why everyone thnk im used replay but you know i dont care.
  3. Kilovvog Well-Known Player

    Watcha Watch out :D
  4. Requake Committed Player

    Is it intended I don't receive loot reward boxes?

    I've done the ones in Area51 first, which only gave me a mark of victory and a war bond.
    The ones in War-Torn Village seemed fine. I've recorded it, so potentially could show it. Would there be any benefit to it?
  5. bmce84 Loyal Player

    Ok this looks better than actually trying to sell content for 6 months that isn't actually longer than 4 since new actual content is coming in 3 months. Glad to see you guys are seeing how only releasing 1 episode every 6 months while releasing clmaped content one after the other isn't a good thing, we never had issues with clamped content but only releasing that for 8 months was too much, so thank you. I may play again but not for some days as I don't have my sub and too many things are missing on my character.
  6. Goldstomp Active Player

    I have always been quite cynical or negative towards the Daybreak team due to their lack of consistency in a lot of aspects... please forgive my toxicity. But now it seems you guys are finally stepping in the right direction by listening to the players and for that I am truly grateful. Well done guys and keep up the good work. The content is progressively becoming better and better as time goes on and I am truly optimistic about the future of this game. Just keep an open perspective on things because there are MANY ways I can think of to improve this game, but you just need to forget about what the corporate investors want since "we veterans" are the true investors of this game and we don't want to see a game with so much potential die out due to corporate greed. SUPPORT THE GAMERS TO KEEP THE GAME ALIVE!

    I humbly await an improved broker interface :)

    (btw I only drank 6 beers before writing this)
    (I also like to pee in the shower)
  7. MastaMind Committed Player

    Well I know that I was a happy hamster when I overslept on reset day. It is a good thing I bought and socketed the "Self-Control" head mod which allowed me to decline that urge to stay up and hit the 4am reset (I assume the changes came after the world went down).

    GG devs. Kudos indeed.
  8. Kilovvog Well-Known Player

    P. M.: Im happy to see you guys understand English language Kilovvog sayd : "Buyd the items" - Others read : " Buy all the items " - so just wanna say good work i give you all note "A" XD
  9. Ghoul Well-Known Player

    Glad to be back =)
  10. Catnip New Player

    Kudos for listening to player concerns. :)
  11. maparo New Player

  12. UnleashedBrevard Committed Player

    When are you going to recycle the events or least one old event up while a new event is active so we can go back and scrape up feats we've missed or didn't get the opportunity to complete. also would be nice to bring back the skip character to level 100 one more time many of us missed out on that option.
  13. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player

    It has never gone away.
  14. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    The fact that we're getting something promising in September really increased my hopes for DC. Thank you :)
  15. The Horn'd One Well-Known Player

    When does the 2017 Summer Event drop? I saw Torikumu's video on a Pirate style set & I don't recall there being one in 2016's.
  16. alterEgo New Player

    Just wanted to report; this morning while I was at the war village I qued for my vault and when I exited the vault I re-appeared in my league hall by our bank and not in the war village... just thought Id share, not that I minded getting sent to my league hall bank but I doubt that was suppose to happen. =)
  17. >>>KIra<<< Well-Known Player

    Same thing happened to me but I ended up back at my base
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  18. StealthBlue Committed Player

    I've had something similar happen. Going into an instance form anywhere in the war torn village has sent me to the rally point in the new area 51 a few times.
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  19. The Crysalid Active Player

    Yup, happens all the time to me too. I also get HUGE lag when I go into the corridor with the crates you use for the resupply mission.
  20. Optimus New Player

    WW2 terible!!!!where is god old raids,what happend to good old DCUO?
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