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    Stats matters or does it will find out on July 26th 2017
    Found out Stats didn't matter left the game *July 26th 2017
    Returned 1/15/2022 Finding out players don't care much about Skill Points in 2022 All you need is artifacts , augments and Precision.

    Stop selling skill points it's slap in the face to those who actually took the time to earn them
    Happy gamers give out money with out being asked if you don't think that's true go see
    Call of Duty them skins aren't free but the content sure is and that's the difference.

    Hey healer you got EOG? : Nope: Kick healer we need a EOG healer. Hey troll you got all those artifacts completed: No: Kick Troll. Way to go DC you are killing it in 2022.

    Precision glitch get's patched the DC GODS do listen to it's players
    Now to get them to patch the other foolish things maybe we can save this game after all


    US PC/PS