[Suggestion] Your Reason For Avoiding Playing on Esamir and Amerish?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bubbalicious, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Sen7ryGun84

    On my server (briggs) I mainly stick to indar because that's where the action is at. I've had some fantastic shoot outs on both esamir and amerish but most of the time they're ghost towns and ghost capping doesn't interest me at all.
  2. Vaphell

    Indar has that very unrealistic feel to it due to extreme number of bases. They are literally every 500m. When zerg rolls, defenders pushed out of one base to the next one have no time to prepare defenses because zerg is already there. 500m is nothing.
    Esamir and Amerish are just right (though Amerish is a bit too hard on ground mech). Their spacing means more time to travel between bases which makes logistics more important. Terrain makes it possible to play alpine troopers and not get owned by mech/air right off the bat. It's not as easy for mechwarriors to control much wider area so infantry is able to seep through the cracks.
    Bases on these 2 continents are unique and much more interesting. Indar is pretty much the same crap copypasted everywhere and imho should be reworked in the future.
  3. ComerEste87

    For me, it's because Esamir and Amerish are usually very one sided fights. Because Indar has places like The Crown, Allatum, Zurvan, Crossroads, and Vanu Archives which are easy to camp for cert farms, people just don't go to the other conts. Most of the time it's organized outfits sweeping across and laying waste to the few people that show up to fight while the Zerg stays on Indar and farms. Because the current end-game is to unlock certs, people will naturally find the quickest and easiest way to get certs.

    Esamir and Amerish are fine conts. but Indar needs a major overhaul in my opinion. It needs to be updated to the new way of cont. design that they started with Esamir, got better with Amerish, and from the sounds of it perfected with Hossin. Indar also has way too many hexes, they really need to combine some of the smaller ones so the battles flow better.
  4. DancinFool

    The severe lack of immersion for Amerish and Esamir keeps me on Indar half the time, where the obviously dry weather system makes more sense. Granted, Esamir is more forgivable because it's basically Antarctica where interesting weather is seldom seen. However I would like it better if it had a bit of a blizzard now and then, rather than everything feeling the same just with more space. Amerish... oh boy, Amerish. Ever been to Florida or any tropical area? Since when is the weather THAT nice all the time? I had more fun playing football in the rain than in the sun, likewise I'd be much more interested if a tsunami or hurricane would randomly decimate all factions. Come on, forgelight can handle it and so can I. Also Indar would be more interesting if sandstorms were a common menace as well.