[Suggestion] Your Reason For Avoiding Playing on Esamir and Amerish?

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  1. Faze

    I play on Indar when I want:
    • Equal faction sizes on the continent
    • The biggest battles with the most people
    It's very rare that either of the other 2 continents offer these ...
  2. SolidSnake

    This. Flying in Esamir is a pain, you're hit with flak from seemingly miles away and there's almost no cover anywhere.
  3. Ghosty11

    For the last few days I have been playing exclusively on Esamir, and playing infantry for the most part. The battles have been fantastic on Waterson. I've been mostly fighting the TR, as it seems the NC is more interested in ghost capping empty bases and playing with their sniper rocket launcher.
  4. Hosp

    I don't avoid Amerish or Esamir. But I try to avoid sending a squad against an entire zerg, which is what often happens on those continents since they just keep getting traded.
  5. Ash87

    What is this Indar place people keep talking about?

    Seriously, I've spent more time in VR Training than I have on Indar lately.

    The way to do it, is to get the organized outfits to shun indar. That has happened in mass on Waterson.

    HSTL, Legion 13, ODAM are three outfits I can think of immediately (That is to say, that I have heard State, that they dislike going to Indar), that don't go there TR side. I remember watching a DVS stream once, where They stated Indar was for other people.

    Hell, the only faction that has any business being there in mass right now, is the VS, and that is because they have the good warpgate. Something that hasn't been lost on them, because they have been taking Indar regularly now that they have it.

    If you get the big outfits off Indar, get them fighting on the other continents, that leaves indar to be pubby land, which works pretty well, because that allows people to grind along a bit and get themselves certs.
  6. Wasdie

    I go where the heavy fighting is. That's usually Indar.

    Until we get proper persistence, Indar will be where the majority of fighting will take place for the foreseeable future.
  7. FieldMarshall

    I dont avoid Esamir and Amerish, but there is nobody there. I like to go where the fight is so i can cert up. ie. Indar
  8. crazyoldfart

    1. Indar feels like home for some reason. More personal when someone takes our bases.
    2. Nobody really cares about the other 2 continents.
    3. They just get ghost capped after you leave. Somebody will ghost cap them back later, which is boring.
  9. Firemanne

    In my opinion the only way to save indar is to nuke the crown out of the game...
  10. PraxisMajor

    Esamir and Amerish are both awesome in my opinion.

    Fewer bases on Esamir actually gives it quite a nice flow and the chance for battles to happen and move between bases. I also tend to think that anyone claiming there isn't any cover just doesn't play there enough. While the hills do tend to be rolling in nature, there are actually quite a few of the steeper and larger variety and infantry can hide among those rolling hills quite effectively in a lot of places.

    Flying in the air might feel a bit exposed to start also, but once you learn the terrain I think it is one of the most fun continents to fly on. The lack of trees means you can really hug the ground and if you want to fly high you can get a good distance above the ground over most of the map.

    Amerish is equally good, but for different reasons. The tight terrain and narrow paths of travel mean you have to plan where you are going in advance more often (or take a Galaxy, on a continent where they are super useful). Plenty of cover, some interesting bases (Split Peak Pass or the Bastion anyone?) and some beautiful scenery.
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  11. ScrapyardBob

    The only fix they need to do is make it so that it affects all players equally, no matter what level of graphical settings they use.

    The reason I say that the fog effect on Esamir is fine is because it makes knowledge of the battlefield more difficult. It becomes far easier for a small force to keep EMCON and sneak around a large zerg who doesn't have scouts on the flanks. That small force can then escape notice and get into a good flanking position or take facilities on the flank. Forces which do not deploy scouts (infiltrator darts, scout RADAR vehicles, etc) on the flanks / outskirts are much easier to ambush.

    When visibility drops to 200-400m, you have to play differently then when visibility is at 2000m. That provides much needed variety in PS2 battles. It's also very aesthetic when a few dozen troops suddenly materialize out of the fog at 200m. I'm looking forward to rain / snow storms, because weather effects are a great equalizer.

    Lighting is fine on Esamir. It's a snow continent, it's supposed to be extremely bright during the day as the sun reflects off the snow.

    Amerish's main issue with regards to ground vehicles is that a lot of the valley floors are too uneven to support flanking. They need to do a smoothing pass on Amerish's valley floors. They also need to make the road shoulders a bit less rutted so that it's easier to get on/off the roads. Vehicles should have limited approaches on a mountainous continent, but the valley floors should be more wide open then they are now.

    A secondary issue in Amerish is that they need to add more defined "goat" paths up the various ravines and across the ridge lines. Too many places on Amerish where you think you can get across a ridge line only to run into unpassable (for infantry) terrain. The other problem with the ridges is that they are too exposed. The addition of more rock outcroppings could be used to prevent passage of vehicles in key locations, plus give infantry places to hide up there from enemy air/vehicles.

    Base capturing should be re-designed so that if you don't have at least 30% of the total capture points staffed with attackers, you can't move the bar. And when you don't have the minimum requirement, the bar should move slowly back towards the defender's control. In the case of a 6-point facility (with a 6/6, or a pair of 3/3 points), you would be required to keep 2 attackers on control points in order to move the bar.

    Small outposts (1 shack in the middle of nowhere) should be limited to a single 2/2 or 3/3 capture point. There, a single person sitting on the point would be enough to move the bar.

    Medium facilities should be in the 8-11 point total range (pair of 4/4 points, or a trio of 3/3 points, or a mix). You'd only need 2-3 people to move the bar at those locations.

    Larger facilities should be given point totals in the 15-20 range (multiple 6/6, 4/4 and 3/3 points to be contested). For a 15-point facility, you'd have to put at least 5 attackers on the points in order to move the bar.

    This removes the ability of a single person capturing a major facility like a Tech Plant, Amp Station or Bio-Lab. They'd need to bring at least 4 or 5 friends along to the party in order to pull it off instead of sneaking in, flipping all control points, then flying away again. It also increases the differentiation between capturing a major facility vs some minor tower.
  12. SenEvason

    I actually only play on those two continents (except for outfit operations). Indar got boring for me. Though, there are times where Amerish or Esamir have queues.
  13. ScrapyardBob

    They also need to boost the XP for fighting on an under-pop continent. The current bonuses are laughable in that even if you are looking at 98/1/1 odds, you're only getting about +20% XP. They need to consider tripling those bonuses to draw people to the imbalanced faction population continents. A good formula might be to subtract your population percentage from the leading faction's percentage, then multiple by 3% to get the bonus. In a case where you are 90/5/5, you'd be getting +255% bonus. In a more realistic scenario of 60/20/20, you'd be getting a +120% bonus for sticking around. Which would quickly drop down to about 50/25/25 or +75% for fighting 2:1 odds. Then it would even out at 40/30/30, which would be a +30% bonus.

    An additional carrot would be to evaluate the continents each week, calculate which one was least-used, then give it a flat +30% bonus for the following week.
  14. AxisO7

    The only reason I don't play on Amerish and Esamir more often is because it's almost impossible to get a good fight there (I play on Briggs), and I have a duty to my squad/platoon to give them some action.

    Late at night if I'm playing by myself I'll often go to one of them (normally Amerish) and just do some ghost capping, hoping I can get the attention of a couple of enemy soldiers so I can a bit of fun there.

    It's actually that bad that there's been talk of jumping to a different faction when continent locking comes in and helping them lock Indar so as to force the battle onto one of the other continents (at which time we'd then go back to TR). It's a sad indication on the game if people are resorting to that.
  15. Kristan

    I love Esamir, so mostly I play there. But:

    1. My outfit mostly play at Indar.
    2. Amerish feels empty
    3. Amerish ain't suited for ground vehicles, lot of canyons, choke points, mountains
  16. Prodigal

    I am playing on Esamir only since a few weeks. So bored of Indar.

    The main problem I see is that most VS outfits on Miller have a fixation with Indar, while TR and NC outfits regularly go for Esamir. Thus the VS Zerg are at a disadvantage, since they rarely have an outftit giving them the needed stability. Yet I must give credit to RPS for being the main Miller VS outfit on Esamir.
  17. Taiji

    Underpopulated server means I get a lot less value for my money.
  18. Nyscha

    Always outnumbered by TR and NC.
    When ever Vanu leaves Indar on Ceres we just get farmed because we don't have enough players.
    Even on Indar we don't have enough.
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  19. sauna

    The only time I don't play on Esamir is when it's just Enemies and occasional Squads OR when the TR Alliance zergs the **** out of it and the disorganized NC become cannon fodder.

    Otherwise Esamir is easily the most fun continent!
  20. Mefi

    Main reason:
    Esamir: 18/48/32
    Amerish: 15/27/57
    My faction just hasn't enough people to play on these continents. Not always but often.