[Suggestion] Your Reason For Avoiding Playing on Esamir and Amerish?

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  1. Tasogie

    I am "supirior" am I? wow thank you, no really I am deeply humbled by such devoted follower as yourself. I didn't know I was seen as such, but now you have opened my eyes to it, I must thank you...


    I replied to his posts, because I had an opinion an I didn't say his posts were invalid or any such, I simply stated that I didn't have any of those issues, an "perhaps" the issue might be at his end in that he has his monitors incorrectly set, or in game details messed up, hell everyone has those issues at some point. So next time you want to try an have a little dig at me, do yourself a favor, an dont.
  2. Sabreur

    It's a chicken-and-the-egg kind of problem. More players are on Indar, therefore I go to Indar for the big battles, therefore more players are on Indar, etc.
  3. Gary

    Yes, If you begin capping and then the enemy take all the surrounding territory you can still cap the base at a very slow pace. However if you attempt to fly to the back of the map and cap a base that has 0 influence on it you cannot trigger the objective points... To trigger them you must have influence.
  4. Xind

    Amerish map design forces players to follow the exact same path every battle.
    Moving around as infantry is not really possible and vehicles require a set path.
    I've fallen into a lot of inescapable terrains as an infantryman and find only LA to be a viable choice or I'll be redeploying a lot.
    *shrug* It's like bad Indar as far as I'm concerned.

    Esamir...I dunno, Esamir is pretty nifty but it is hard to find a battle here.

    All maps need more objects in the terrain that people can use for cover or to mask approaches.
  5. Rogueghost

    On Connery there is hardly on fights on Esamir/Amerish, every now and again we get some nice battles on one of the two, and when we do you can bet I play there instead of indar. Connery is also merging with helios very soon, so that should hopefully fix, the very few fights on the other continents problem we have here on Connery.
  6. Tasogie

    This is the video I meant to show him early on when I said that his issues with glare etc were bad. Now I run the game at maxed out everything at 50-90 fps, but I didn't see any issue at all that he was talking about.
    (Warning, 80s music if you don't like it, turn down sound or dont watch :) )
  7. SceaRd

    I love Esamir and play there a lot. Amerish has bad battle flow and aerial dominance because of the mountains and hills.
  8. SceaRd

    I love Esamir and play there a lot. Amerish has bad battle flow and aerial dominance because of the mountains and hills.
  9. Joram

    Dont like Esamir, and not enough VS population on Amerish, for some reason i dont know we always have 1 platoon camping our empty Amerish warpgate lol
  10. Fredfred

    Amerish and Esamir are a lost cause on Helios, I see a line out the door at the warpgate to get back on Indar despite there is enough population on peak hours to have a decent fight on either Amerish or Esamir.
  11. Zerran

    Indar has the best nooks and crannies for me to hide in. Makes for much easier CQC Infil play. It's very easy to break LoS by ducking behind one of the many rocks, or running into one of the mini-valleys along the hills.

    Esamir makes the Infil cloak almost totally invisible against the snow, but as soon as it runs out, there are very few options for cover. Good for sniping, not so much CQC.

    Amerish is just all around terrible for the cloak. Trees and the occasionally rocks make up most of the cover. The rocks are alright, but not nearly as well distributed as they are on Indar, and sniping from behind one of the Amerish trees means having to expose most of your body.

    That's just my take on it anyway.
  12. Doublefrost

    Ghost capping = taking control points and immediately leaving.

    Granted, things would get a lot more interesting with more players going into special ops roles of attack/defense on the flanks.
  13. NoctD

    Esamir is pretty populated on Mattherson these days, and I've done quite a bit of fighting there.

    There's just not enough people on Amerish, that place is but a ghost cert farm for the most part. Even though I've seen some action happen there at times, the continent lacks the flow of battle. Esamir is tons better in the flow and territory captures you do.
  14. Eyeklops

    1. Waste material; refuse or litter: "an alleyway high with rubbish".
    2. Material that is considered unimportant or valueless: "she had to sift through the rubbish in every drawer".
  15. Tasogie

    It is pretty easy to balance the air power thing on Amerish, Ground pounders "Should" be protected by AAA, if it isn't then tough, because they screwed up.
  16. Fivetide

    I play on esamir most of the time as its the most fun continent.
    Amerish is ok but there are just too few playing there to make proper battles.
    I hate Indar.
  17. teks

    Because vs has the best warpgate location!

    Indar has cliffs and mountian passes that can make interesting tactics.

    Esimir is my second fav because its nice and open. However thats also why its only my second fav

    Amerish is impossible. Such a pain for vehicles. So hard to flank.
  18. Mr. Troffleops

    Amerish is truly awful. It has no redeeming qualities and is by far and away the worst map I have ever had the mispleasure of playing on in a large scale FPS. (ok, so I've only played 2, but still.)

    The biggest problem with Amerish are the freaking roads. They wind around the places you need to get too, and you can't leave the road because some genius developer dropped in some rediculously steep mountains that are unsurmountable.

    Case in point, the Ascent. That place is truly the worst thing ever. Any competent squad can hold off multiple platoons because the only place you can place a Sunderer safe from the turrets is about a five minute walk away. Even worse, getting a Sunderer to that point is a fifteen minute drive.

    Horrible, HORRIBLE design. It might have been forgiveable if Galaxies had AMS, but the entire continent is a severe kick in the face for anyone who wants to use a tank or Sundy.
  19. Jezs

    I stay away from Indar as much as possible (which is pretty easy), mostly because my comp is **** though. Dat lag.
    Also, from what I've seen low graphic setting gets rid of the fog on Esamir
  20. iRhuel

    It's called a force multiplier, and it's the only real counter to zerging.