[Suggestion] Your Reason For Avoiding Playing on Esamir and Amerish?

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  1. Bl4ckVoid

    Strangely, I never see the real reason mentioned for Amerish being empty.
    Amerish = LOW FPS.

    Esamir has good fights on many servers (I can definitely confirm Ceres), especially in the evenings/weekends.

    Still, we should have 1-2-3 days per week when Esamir / Amerish gets a 5% XP boost.
  2. Bl4ckVoid

    Unfortunately, Amerish is also totally dominated by air as they can quickly get to safety behind the mountains.
    Trees only mean, that you will die below them not even seeing the AC.
  3. Terrarion

    i visit each continent regularly and i mostly solo. indar is always busy but amerish and esamir are great for flying. as esf, vehicles are so easy to spot and kill in esa (no cover). also not needing to worry about terrain or tree lets you move crazy without worry when close to ground. amerish is great for epic dogfights but prevalent aa and cover (trees, mountain) makes it a totally different playstyle. what i am saying is just play where you like. it doesnt matter where as long as you have fun.
  4. thrikerr

    Esamir is great because the devs learned from what worked and what didn't work with Indar. Amerish is even better because they learned from Esamir. There's nothing wrong with either continent, but people don't play there because there's nobody to play with most of the time. Indar is the default continent, it has arguably the best ownership bonus, and quite simply, people are comfortable playing there because it's all they know. New players visit the other two continents a few times, but quickly realize that they'll have a much easier time finding action on Indar.

    Indarside has been a problem for months now, and honestly I feel like some people are afraid to even try leaving it at this point because they don't want to see the endless bragging that will follow once a faction finally captures the continent.
  5. BluescalesNZ

    I play on Briggs, and the key reason I stay on Indar is because nothing is ever ******* happening on Esamir or Amerish. I -really' like the other two continents and would love to play on them more, but ghost-capping is boring and unfufilling, and I want to actually make good use of my play time and earn more certs. Playing in the lands of jack and **** just doesn't do it for me because of how empty they are.

    Granted it seems there's been a small upswing in activity on Esamir at least that my flatmate has mentioned, but for the most part They're really quiet. Only reason I go there is to practice flying my Reaver in peace, and I can't even do that sometimes with all the ******** flying about in Scythes killing all the turrets for free exp.
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  6. Pikachu

    They need to advertise the other continents. Make players enter continents randomly when they log in instead of the last one they were on.

    I play on Esamir because I'm tired of Indar. Amerish causes more lag than the other 2 and the mountains does not allow much shortcuts. Some bases have too few entrances.
  7. Gisgo

    People already starts on Esamir because Indar is full but many of them start the queue or just log out.
    We need cont lock, but before we have it we need an xp boost on a different continent every week.
  8. GSZenith

    1) hmph? low settings = profit
    2) yes... just before night/daw i can barely make out friendly from foe dunno if it is just my eyes but i keep almost getting weapon lock at this time.
    3) only been here for 1hour :D
    4) yes,
  9. Takoita

    I have no problem with any of the continents. The night on Amerish (when it's moonless) is a bit too dark to fight Vanu in, but that's all I can think of.

    Gohst-capping, bad base layout and population imbalance happens regardless of the continent.
  10. Cinnamon

    Esamir, I don't avoid fighting there. Brightness can be a bit of a strain on the eyes, immersion is ok but I don't want to get virtual snow blindness. Maybe SOE could sell functional sunglasses in the store. The flatness and rush to the tech plant makes it feel like a small map in a way so it would be boring to spend all your time there. And it suffers from the too many impossible to defend bases syndrome. Very often there will biolab xp farm holdouts behind a sea of enemy territory.

    Amerish has a bit of the weird palette going for it and that's OK. It's an attractive looking continent. But really it's not good for casual play. Getting places on your own is a chore, you have to pull an ESF or something to get anywhere. Not so bad if you are being carted around in a platoon. And most times it is too quiet, just small groups of people who all have ESF, good for people who only like small 3v1 fights or something I guess I dunno.
  11. DramaticExit

    Agreed on all points, although yesterday there were some considerable fights on amerish...
  12. Dcrd

    -Indar got the biggest population
    -Indar is more suitable for infatry combat and Infiltrator combat in particular (Crown is so popular for a reason - it's built almost perfectly. Also gotta love capturing Crossroads towers and bomb the sht out of those tanks on the hill shooting at Crown's direction), etc.
    -Most interesting capture points, which are rarely visited, are located on Indar.
    -Aestetics. I love deserts, jungles, you know. Something like that.

    -Esamir got loads of open space which favors mindless vehicle combat. Esamir is basically the same bases (Watchtowers, biolabs, etc) all over the place with clear snowfields swarmed with tanks between them.

    -Amerish is better then Esamir, worse then Indar, but I'd love to fight there, but there is almost no people there.

    Overall Indar is just better designed, therefore more popular.
  13. FateJH

    On Helios, the problem is the Indar queue. The low population TR have barely enough men to fill up Indar most of the time, but the NC always have Indar queues as far as I'm aware, displacing a sufficiently overpowering NC presence onto the other two continents. Pushing out from the Warp Gate is only asking to be steamrolled and to be effortlesly flanked by MBTs and Lightnings and the skies to be clotted with ESFs. There's so little to do that the response to small base uprisings must necessarily end up swift and overhwhelming. The VS sometimes have better odds due to their higher population but the tresult doesn't often change. Heck, I haven't seen the VS on any continent but Indar for weeks; that's how arduous it is to fight through the most populous faction just to get to them.

    This may be the case on other servers, just with different "most populous faction" identities and "least populous faction" identities. There's only so much a rugged war machine can accomplish.
  14. WaiZen

    Yesterday on WoodMan, there was a 40min Queue to get into Amerish , 30 min Queue for Esamir and 10 min for Indar. lol
    Woodman is getting epic :D, and main reason I didn't play on Amerish/Indar - Low population but now Esamir Everyday. xD
  15. Kon

    we only have enough population to fill one continent , the zerg decided its indar, i don't feel like flying around in a reaver capping uncontested bases
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  16. Juni

    Funny... I avoid playing on Indar and stay on Esamir(TR) to avoid the whole "Crown Fight syndrome.
  17. f0d

    i dont avoid it but because its empty theres no point going there

    i prefer amerish and esamir over indar but the problem is hardly anyone fights there so if i chose to go to amerish then ill be there alone ghostcapping the place which is even more boring than indar/crown/ti alloys/zergfan

    amerish is better in every way than indar imo - better bases/better battle areas/better designed, its just everyone goes to indar because everyone goes to indar
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  18. Firemanne

  19. St0mpy

    Amerish would be much better with some roads cut through the mountains so the zerg can move from base to base without setting 3 waypoints for every move

    Esamir simply needs less glare, completely ruins the feel, that said ive switched to low with high/ultra all else and it looks great.

    I play on both but those are the two things I think would help bring more players in.
  20. DashTech

    Was involved with a cap of Amerish yesterday on Ceres, was good fun as progression was made and we weren't just in one place - but there was a lot of dead time without earning any XP. The game encourages you to just camp out at The Crown to get XP.

    Once we had capped we moved onto Esamir - it was probably the most epic game I've encountered to date. Massive tank columns, and big clashes. Fighting on the battlements, getting pushed back and then counter attacking - a couple of platoons on each side in one place was certainly crazy.

    All this time, we lost all our work on Amerish. I don't think continent locking is the answer, there needs to be an incentive to stay and defend bases.