[Suggestion] Your Reason For Avoiding Playing on Esamir and Amerish?

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  1. Lysten

    Esamir = 25fps
    Indar = 20fps
    Amerish = 15fps

    I basically try only playing on Esamir. Since it is pretty much barren and colorless fps are the best there. Playing a shooter with only 25fps is bad, but i like the game so I just try dealing with it.
  2. OgreMarkX

    63% NC
    13% TR
    24% VS

    Same scenario on Esamir.

    As a TR i have no desire to be part of the 13%.

    Only time Ameris/Esamir is viable on Helios for a TR is when a large Outfit goes there.
    And then you get to deal with platoon ***** wth dorrito stains on their anime printed teeshirts.
  3. Alizona

    Yeah, I'm on Helios and both Esamir/Amerish are always alternating VS/TR capping the entire map.

    Then on this past Sunday, I log in and see TR has capped one of them and is capping the other continent too. I was like "WHAT????" LOL Where did the red come from?

    I wish you red guys would show up more often, I can't stand fighting the blue team all the time.
  4. Leal

    Cause literally no one else is on the other continents

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  5. MarlboroMan-E

    I've played Esamir exclusively for three days, it's been great.
  6. Granveil

    The blandest landscape of all the continents. It's supposed to be a snowy continent, sure, but there is absolutely nothing interesting about it. I hate ops on that continent. If that were the only continent that were populated, I would often rather ghost cap Indar than set foot on it.

    On that note, I do like Amerish, a lot. I've heard complaints about one warp gate being shafted as far as terrain is concerned, so I would start there.
  7. Roy Teppert

    Because there's nobody to play against on Esamir and Amerish. It really is just that simple.
  8. S1eB

    There is very little action on those continents on Miller. I love Esamir, I haven't even played enough on Amerish to even know if I llke it or not.
    There is either no action on them, or there is too many of one faction and not enough of the other. On Indar, most of the time, the population is even between all factions and there is constant action.

    Before GU02 Esamir was always populated and there was always plenty of action, god knows what happened after GU02 to make everyone flock to Indar, but ever since then it's mainly been Indar.

    I'd love to go to Esamir and have as much action and fun as on Indar but the way things are it just doesn't happen. Hopefully, Hossin will get people moving around again, lets just hope they don't delay for to long.
  9. Pikachu

    Me too. On Cobalt server Esamir is alive. :) Just had a game where vanu kept pushing us back further and further south. :( A few long battles. vanus-anus
  10. Radioactive Pirate

    Experience tells me to disagree with you on influence. Yes, having influence helps cap a territory faster, but not having does not mean you can't cap a base - it just goes really, really slow. While playing on my NC alt, we lost Hvar (2-3 territories behind our lines) to a small team of Vanu. They were able to cap it, albeit slowly, because everyone playing NC was fighting at the Crown.
  11. Eyeklops

    I bet you only replied to this post because issue #4 was against ghost capping, and just to show the OP how superior you are, you felt the need let the OP know all his opinions are invalid.
  12. xGreedFuSioN

    I'm 90% sure it's supposed to be this way. You're supposed to fight in tanks on esamir. its flat, open, not alot of cover.
    You're supposed to A2A on amerish. mountains and obstacles and places that take ages to get to if you're not flying or LA.
    and Infantry on INDAR, which is why its the most popular continent, other than that its the one you get thrown into by default if its not full
  13. ScorpDK

    Amerish is awesome, I rarely play there because it was the continent that started the whole flicker-and-freeze bug back during beta and I'm scarred now.
    Actually, it's more that getting to places is rather difficult with its terrain. Flash explodes, I instant-action, hoping I get close to that massive battle nearby, but it sends me to Indar or Esamir always...ALWAYS.

    Esamir...it's very bland, indeed. It has some cool locations and some places got very cool strategic advantages for either defenders or attackers, but generally as soon as any enemy air unit appears, you can stop playing. Even the most snow-like camouflage does not save your butt, because the way the game works, distant enemies aren't blurred into the terrain, but are black dots that are even easier to spot on a white snow field...

    That said, the two continents have usually better framerates than Indar does (35-40 at the warpgates, down to 20-25 in more populated areas). Also, on 1024x768, windowed mode, with all settings on minimum, I get about 40-80fps unless there's a massive battle going on. HAVE YOU SEEN A RELOAD ANIMATION AT 40+ FPS? ...It's like a whole new game!
  14. xGreedFuSioN

    I'd just like to tell you that your cpu is almost definately bottlnecking your gpu, grab an 8350.
    for my sanity
  15. xGreedFuSioN

    I play on max in 1080p with 70 or so fps. bout 90 in warpgate, down to 50 or so in battles. more like 40 on amerish tho
  16. Gary

    If you have begun capping it caps really slow. IF you have 0 influence and try to cap it cannot be done.
  17. FlayvorOfEvil

    1. I see no fog with my low settings, there must be an option where you can turn off fog.
    2. Just have minimum brightness everywhere. Most people play without adjusting lighting settings.
    3. Aircraft are relatively scarce in Amerish too for some reason outside of galaxies and liberators. Galaxies aren't that hard to fly and just have your team suit up in AA since there aren't going to be any tanks.
    4. Ghost capping isn't that big of a problem. Most people are going to stay for the juicy exp before they leave.
  18. xGreedFuSioN

    I play on Indar because we're always either 33/33/33 or 30/10/60 in the order of: vs/tr/nc
    but on amerish its always like 6% vanu 4% nc 90% tr. and esamir usually favors nc as well. so
  19. MurderBunneh

    Play on Mattherson or Miller fighting on all the cont daily. I left my BR 50 to rot on Connery was hoping for a server transfer by now but nope so I started over and am much happier for it.
  20. Radioactive Pirate

    Trust me, it happened last week. Zero influence and they still capped it.