VS weapon selection/arsenal need major buff/balance pass. 85% of VS arsenal selection is inferior

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  1. MikeyGeeMan

    By how much?
  2. asmodraxus

    VS = Common pool empire 'cause its better in every way....

    Side arms,
    Beamer, unmitigated excrement, worse then the Beamer is Planetside 1 and that's saying something
    Manticore, cheap VS knock off of NC weapon
    Cereberus, still useless
    Spiker, take whats bad about the repeater and make it worse

    Best sidearms NS

    Same with Carbines (excepting the VX67, Serpent), assault rifles (baring the HV45 and Terminus) and LMG's baring the Orion which is about the same as the T9 Carv and a couple of other gems (which are about equal).

    Our faction special of 0 bullet drop is only applicable to the following but the downside of slower projectiles is applicable to all weapons other then bolt actions.

    Semi auto sniper rifles
    Scout rifles (including that POS known as the phaseshift)
    Battle Rifles
    Max AV weapons (and the tier two AV is a sub par lancer btw, whiclt the Comet is a tad slow).
    PPA (totally useless at anything)
    Saron (not as good as the Enforcer, at long range, inferior to the Vulcan at short range).

    Best tank, Lightning, the pile of garbage laughingly the VS call an MBT has neither the armor or fire power to go toe to toe with either the Prowler or Vanguard and must rely on stealth ganking tactics leaving it exposed to random airchavs.

    Ironically the Mag would be ok if they separated the gunner from driver, giving the main gun a proper turret where the secondary is and putting said secondary when the main is, but we are paying for the "Call of Battlefield of Duty" scenario where someone thought it would be a laugh to make the drivers the main gunners.

    The joke is that the Saron once had a greater DPS than the VS main gun (hence the reason the mag got nuked with the nerf bat in GU2, the other tanks ignored gunners whilst the VS grabbed them), not sure whether that's still true, unlike all the other tanks.

    Max ability, take either charge or ammo dispensers

    Tank ability, smoke or auto repair the 1 second of boost is not worth it.
  3. CursoryRaptor

    I'll trade my CARV for your Orion.
  4. Shadowomega

    So your willing to give up a Light Machine gun for an IAR type of weapon? If so spend 100 certs and get the MSW-R.
  5. Mxiter

    Even by an unlimited amount of certs, you can't find as good infantry weapons as Orion-SVA-Betlegese