VS weapon selection/arsenal need major buff/balance pass. 85% of VS arsenal selection is inferior

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  1. Plastikfrosch

    https://ps2model-axiom.rhcloud.com/#sttk/sh25-10-10/la/1 check this linke and you can compare all weapons and you will see vanu weapons do have a lot less damage per mag in 90% of all cases. our weapons lose damage over range faster than other factions and when it comes to ttk we nearly never win. perhaps we can go toe on toe but thats it for the best. TR for example has the best carbine. Fastest TTK and highest DPM of all 3 default carbines. The mercenary is NR2: nearly the same TTK as the Solstice but therefore more DPM.

    Because they were the most stupid and expendable guys the TR government could find to send into space???

    I have Chars on all 3 Factions and the no bulletdrop trait is not trait. Its BS.

    sounds as if someone only plays one faction and got ***** a lot by vanu.
  2. Mystogan

    Reloads won't do anything to VS as fast reloading Ursa will still be crap, fsat reloading Spiker still will be worst burst pistol, fast reloading Solistice SF is still sh***.

    ROF, velocity, recoils etc need to be tweaked and changed. Reload speed is nice addition but in 1v1 or 1v2 situations what is important is if you are alive and they are dead. Reloads can't be nice thing after you won.
  3. Kloz

    Here's my take on this (didnt bother to read all pages in this thread so sorry if someone said this already): All factions have this problem of "80% of the weapons are useless/bland/below average", you could make the same kind of list of "top picks" on TR and NC and call for buffs for the other weapons. VS is not in a worse position than the other factions.
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  4. Mxiter

    TR have the best AR (TAR)
    VS have bests LMGs (orion and SVA)
    NC have best SMGs (cyclone)

    Everything else on every faction is worse.

    The "below the average" isn't only for VS, but on all factions until there is best performig weapons. And VS arn't bad at "best performig weapon" class...

    If you check OOD last months stats KPU and KPH: http://ps2oraclestats.com/monthlystats/

    VS weapons are far from gettig worse weapons.

    If you go over this, i'm completely argree to balance underperforming weapons if you tweak overperforming ones.
    And VS will certainly lose more than win.

    Only mild players (people working on auraxiuming stuffs) have to win about this.

    And all top players (especially "top" VS heavies) will cry a lot.
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  5. FnkyTwn

    Personally, the Ursa is in a close tie with the SVA-88 for my favorite LMG. < At least that was before I got the Battlegoose, but Orion/BG doesn't suit my favorite play style.
  6. sindz

    Haha, your faction bias is burning through every post you make, its clear you hate the VS. But since you have been dis-proven in every attempt to make the VS seem OP regardless of the fact that people use numbers and facts to prove they are and counter you arguments, maybe you should try another angle? It gets old when its the same old "VS are broken and OP, cause orion.".
  7. Mxiter

    i'm not more bisad than VS asking for buffs. :)

    Aside mid-long range ARs, VS arsenal is fine.
  8. TriumphantJelly

    The Lasher buff might be a little over the top, but I do agree with the concept. Should be a splash-oriented weapon, but you'd also have to reduce Direct Damage.
    Flare: Day/night cycle gets effed up for people in game because of various glitches: this probably wouldn't work, but again, interesting concept.
    LSW: Dot CoF would require a lot of downsides to come with it (although low-DPS and long reloads would proabably make this weapon a beast- but within sensible limits).
    Solstice: That would be WAY to strong, plain and simple. Maybe ADS recoil could be really low but CoF is normal and hip-fire is bad?
    Snipers: speaking from personal experince, drop an be compensated for, but damage-falloff cannot: I'd be against this change as I enjoy sniping how it is. Maybe diversify Faction Traits, as in TR get much lower chamber times, NC get higher HSM (although this'd make me SO jealous) and VS get higher velocity? I don't know :p
  9. Jovisfulmina

    LSW just needs a reduction of its first shot recoil multiplier. Follow up shots are already more accurate than those of the SVA-88 thanks to lower horizontal recoil and recoil tolerance, only the first shots are problematic.
  10. CriticalThinker

    Your generic weapons are fairly balanced compared to other factions and your best weapons are the best in the game... why are you whining?
  11. AlterEgo

    Because I'd rather have a large amount of moderately useful yet FUN weapons than a small little stockpile of pretty freaking awesome weapons that are seriously BORING. What's so special about the Orion? Unlike the Lasher, which is significantly worse in terms of killing potential, it has NO special attributes. NONE. As for the Lasher? It is the weapon I have killed people with most, and unlike the Terran weapon disguised as fish, I can actually call it an alien weapon.
  12. Septus

    The biggest issue is this: most meaningful combat takes place up close, so you shot a guy in a group of 20, he gets revived, but if you shoot a guy in a group of 20 when they are rushing into a building, much less likely to get revived. Even despite this I would be mostly ok with just no bullet drop, would be nice to have a few minor buffs elsewhere like longer dmg dropoff and faster reload.

    But Vs really doesnt even have the no drop trait anymore. It has been taken from all long range guns where it actually matters. VS snipers do not have it, and I used to love using my shotgun with slugs back near launch to snipe enemies, it only has 4x scope and takes 2-3 hits to kill and picking off some snipers doesnt really matter to the battle anyway so not OP.

    Something I noticed when I played TR was that fighting VS was easier than NC and when I got killed by a VS it was much more often by an NS weapon than with any other faction. I do this myself on VS, choose NS weapons because we have few good options for our own equipment. Which makes no sense for the faction that is supposed to be technologically superior to the others to have to buy old style weapons from a private corporation just to be on par with the other factions.

    No faction should be OP, This is a game and has to be balanced, but VS is UP in many ways. The worst way is probably VS maxes. They are just awful. TR seem to use twice as many MAXes as VS and NC seem to use even more than that. NC maxes are awesome at close range, TR is great at mid range, and VS may be better than NC at mid range but still worst max at both AI and AV unless you snipe with vortexes and still sub par to ravens. And that TR punder HEG is amazing, i see many people using it against infantry.

    TR = ROF = dmg
    NC = dmg = dmg
    VS = ??? = meh

    Even no bullet drop doesn't balance it but still better than the nothing VS has now.

    What would be really interesting would be introduce a weight system in the game where you can choose your armor and weapons(and opt to not have one in a slot) and everything has a weight. Weight could affect your movement speed and certain abilites like LA rockets. VS could have the lightest weight stuff so they can carry more or move a bit faster. This could also be applied to vehicles, sure you can have awesome armor on all side of your tank, but it will only go 5 kph.
  13. nehylen

    Reducing the first shot recoil on that gun isn't the solution at all. What you're doing is akin to saying: "it's incomfortable compared to SVA, so let's make it more like the SVA". Then what's the point of a .50 ads SVA?
    Also the first shot isn't that much of a problem. The Pulsar LSW is a default, generic LMG which got its function "stolen" by Orion. So it's easily compared with the Carv (most generic LMG) and EM6 (the most likely NC candidate to "generic" LMG status), and their first shot recoil is actually very similar (0.8 for Carv, 0.82 for LSW, 0.81 for EM6).
    Default carbines/ARs have similar first shot recoil across the 3 empires, and LMGs are penalized on 1st shot recoil across the board compared to them, with the exception of the NS-15m (10% lower first shot recoil than NS-11C/A!). So there's really 0 issue with the LSW there, it's right where it's supposed to be.

    In effect the SVA is a pretty good tap-firing weapon because between compensator and uselessness of HVA (not equiping it), it achieves very similar vertical recoil to the LSW (0.37 to 0.335), with rather low first shot recoil for a LMG (0.65 to 0.82).
    The only way you're going to make the LSW any useful is by making it the opposite of a tap-firing weapon, a role for which VS can only rely on the NS-15m for at this point, while TR/NC have 2 LMGs for that each (Bull, MSW-R / Anchor, GD-22s).

    It's actually the opposite, they're probably the most at fault. Generic guns for me: default AR/Carbine, burst variant, versatile 'S' option, and Pulsar LSW. Basically guns supposed to stand a generalist role with their faction's specific flavour and having a direct equivalent for that on each empire.

    The ones which are "fine": Solstice, Solstice burst, Equinox Burst.
    The Pulsar VS1 isn't fine, the Equinox has the same issue (horizontal tolerance). The versatile carbine/AR overlap a lot with NS-11C/A due to damage model and better features on the NS-11C/A, while these provide a distinct flavour for TR/NC.
    The Pulsar LSW has similar damage model and almost no significant advantage over SVA-88 but its short reload (very fast for a 75 mag LMG).
  14. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Try again.

    Outside of those weapons that everyone says is OP our arsenal is pretty crap. Lowest damage per magazine, lower than average DPS, attachments that don't make sense or don't even match the performance of NC/TR ones and lower than average accuracy.
  15. Mxiter

    I know some counter examples:
    DPM: HV-45=GR22 Terminus=Carnage Serpent=GD7F Serpent Pulsar-C/Corvus with all 167 tiers carabine
    DPS: HV45 Terminus VX6-7 Serpent Orion
    Attachements that don't makes sense? Polaris is the only one like the EM1, yeah both weapons have weird, but polaris is just better.

    Lower than average accuracy? Dunno where you found this, really: low amout of vertical and horizontal weapons compared to TR high horizontal recoil and NC high vetical recoil.
    Weapons that have low accuracy are CQB weapons and it's the same for every other faction (exeption is the anchor).
    Higher FSM? Compensated by no drop and low overall recoil (0.3 recoil *2FSM < 0.4recoil *1.6FSM)
    Also: http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/worlds/ Look at accuracy stats; VS first everywhere. Only beaten in BR100+ tiers on Connery.

    Didn't say that all weapons are fine, of course few could get some tweaks, but overall it's not worse than on others factions, really.

    During that time, i don't see any factual argument, just "meh i suxx with my weapons, can my faction get buffs? >XC " since the OP post telling "X weapo is worse than X weapon" can be said until there is best performing weapons on every class on one faction always have a better one (Orion/SVA, TAR, GD7F and so...)
  16. Kriegson

    VS: Our weapons sucks!
    Everyone else: Your global stats show otherwise.
    VS: That's just because we're so amazing with our crappy guns! MLG pro so much skill!
    Everyone else: So I guess you don't need the buffs then.

    Seriously. Every, *******, time.

    You're not the only faction with several substandard weapons.
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  17. moriarrr-ceres

    we have a large amount of crap weapons (on other factions also)
    NC tend to have more diversity despite they have to invest 1000 cert on cqc variant (good gd22s for 100 cert to replace the gauss(anchor 1000cert, 250 cert for medicCQC?)
    TR have to invest generally 1000 certs on long range guns (aka saber etc),250 cert for FAT, 100 for Msw-r
    VS have to invest 250 cert Hv45, serpent<vx6/7 1000cert, don't invest on long range it's crap, maybe a flare for 250,and finally a pulsar c 250 cert<top tier
    -Our CQC guns are top tier
    -our mid range guns are ok/crap<---most of our guns are here(inaccurate/or bad damage per magazine)
    -our long range guns are ok/very very bad (sometime it's bad dps/bad velocity/ or more important very inaccurate for a long range gun)
    -Our pistols are NS/Very bad
  18. moriarrr-ceres

    If i remember correctly we have very bad: Ursa, /pulsar lsw/ solstice sf/ pulsar/ equinox/equinox burst
    in "not so bad":emc/corvus<-even with few buff this gun is still lackluster/polaris/zenith/solstice/flare
    in good VX6-7,serpent,Hv45,terminus,orion,sva 88,pulsar-C.
    It's just an advice but you can clearly see our best guns are maybe all CQC guns,; but at least we have the pulsar C.
    IMO we lack in 167 damage tier, they should do something on the corvus and Ursa at least(lol they are so unattractive,they even remodeled them)
  19. Jovisfulmina

    The only problem with our mid-long range guns is that people use them in close quarter and then think they are bad.
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  20. Mystogan

    Problem with VS mid-long range guns is that NC ones (like SAW, Reaper, EM6 etc., hell even GD-22S if you watch ReNzOr video about this gun) can be use quite effective outside of that. VS ones- CME, Corvus, URSA are mid-long range ONLY. Although VS were suppose to be adaptability, they have many more „situational” weapons than NC or TR. Is SAW effective in CQC-mid range? On average- no.

    But if you dig out in YT you can find videos of very good players using it in inside fights for headshoting, same with Reaper. However I have yet to find VS video with skilled player using in this circumstances Ursa or Corvus or CME. You can say “because they have Orion for that”, but NC have Anchor, and if you watch for example SykkaGaming on YT you can see that for headshot machine players like him Anchor comes up slightly on top vs Orion.

    That is the problem with such VS weapons. Lack of diversity.