VS weapon selection/arsenal need major buff/balance pass. 85% of VS arsenal selection is inferior

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  1. ColonelChingles

    Not only that, but when you bring up stats that show they perform about the same as everyone else when it comes to NS weapons...

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  2. HerpTheDerp

    Solstice has moving ADS CoF of .25 compared to TRAC-5's and Merc's .3.

    Same .25 moving ADS CoF.

    Also: 143@698RPM is equal to 167@600RPM. 750RPM for a 143 damage weapon is above average.

    698 is inferior only to TR, they do have better accuracy and they do have better velocity. Did you even look at stats of the guns you're talking about?

    And so on, and so forth, your entire post is basically wrong.
  3. Mystogan

    698/143 may have almost same DPS as 167/600 but DPM is better on sencond one, as well as its range effectivnes due to fact that you need to burst anyway and you burst 143 damage bullets instead of 125. Also 167/600 weapons have 3 headshot kill, up to 4 headshot kill on min range, while 143 weapons have 4 headshot kill across all effective ranges.

    And I know 750 is above average, that is why I proposed 729 like Zenith. At least it will kill little faster in CQC than 167/600 while being less potent on distance and with headshots. Also you may not know but I think (I might be wrong) COF grows slower anyway on 600/167 becasue of slower rate of fire.

    So, yes I read stats and still think that 698/143 is inferior compare to 167/600 if they hold same DPS while 167/600 have other obvious advantages (at least obvious for those who see further than pure stats) like DPM, Headshot TTK and mid-long distance power. And tell me how much time you ADADAD with 30 magazine carbine shotting target on distance so your .25 COF matter and tell if it is SO MUCH harder with Merc compare to Solistice? Or maybe you didn't play with both carbines to judge outside of looking on paper stats and post "it has .25! Must be better!"? I auraxiumed both carbines so I think I can say something.
  4. HerpTheDerp

    u wot m8?

    And 143 damage weapons fire these bullets faster... comparing headshots is stupid anyway, unless you use an aimbot.

    CoF bloom over time is basically equal on everything.

    Higher RPM weapons are better against ADADAD.

    And yes, I am looking at stats, because your anecdotal evidence, affected by a thousand and one different factors, is meaningless.
  5. Mystogan

    As you wish- you didn't convince me, I didn't convince you. That's fine.
  6. T0x1s

    No bullet drop is not a VS faction trait. Same as ROF is not a TR trait. VS got better accuracy and they really do an every weapon. And to add that VS got no bullet drop(Im not saying its good tho) and faster reload. VS is also the only faction with many 0.75 ADS weapons.
  7. Mystogan

    Please, take actual look at recoils and horizontal stats of majority weapons or all and you will see that most accurate weapons are NC. TR and VS worse, sometimes one has better, sometimes other. But both TR and VS are much less accurate than NC.

    NC have most accurate weapons due to having smallest horizontal recoil and clear recoil patterns. For example their CQC LMG Anchor has so small horizontal recoil that Foward Grip do almost nothing that is why it is better to run with ALS and weapon will be still more accurate on distance than CARV, MSW-R or Orion/SVA with foward grips. Same is with EM6 or GD-22S. Small horizontal recoil and lack of random recoil= best accuracy. And that is NC.

    The myth about VS accuracy is getting tired. Corvus might be more accurate due to low recoils and super slow ROF, yes. However in 90% cases NC are most accurate.

    Also in terms of accuracy and reload speeds, we can take a look at two 800/143 ARs and compare them:


    As you can see, both in theory are the same. Just copies of same weapon. However you can see that for their MIGHTY bullet drop VS always pays small nerfs even in copy-paste weapons.

    I know I am talking about small/minor differences however I just want to point out general attitude towards VS weapons: even if it is the same weapon, lets nerf VS one slightly more compare to other faction equivalent.

    BTW- same is with TR TAR AR compare to GR-22 but at least TAR compensate that with its true faction trait- additional 10 bullets in magazine. While H-V45 do not compensate worse stats at all.

    So here you have 30m/s slower velocity and much worse horizontal recoils, which means that GR-22 is more accurate than VS H-V45. You could say that VS compensate that with faster reload speeds? Well as you can see, GR-22 has faster short reload speed by 0.1 sec (I know it does not matter), but hey! VS has better long reload speed..by 0.1 sec (which I know- does not matter)

    See? Bullet drop is worthless trait. However even VS CQC weapons (both ARs are CQC beasts) always are nerfed because of this trait that is just dam useless.

    And as you can see even in case of spray and pray weapons- VS are much less accurate than NC ones- because no bullet drop and because all NC weapon have small horizontal recoil and that is trait you can be proud of.

    Just for thoughts.
  8. Ohmlink

    I don't know about massive buffs but some tweaks would be nice. Such as fixing the horizontal tolerance on the Pulsar VS1 and possible making the CME worth using over the NS-11. Changing the Pulsar LSW to something that isn't a worse SVA-88 without .75 mvspd.

    These aren't terrible weapons but some tweaks are needed.

    As has been said in the thread before all factions have 2 or 3 really good weapons and the rest are sub par for the most part. Serviceable but not ideal.
  9. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Exactly this.

    The Flare is the least accurate 167 damage primary in the game for no reason.
    The LSW has no place and needs a redesign or attachment overhaul at the very least.
    The Ursa sacrifices a ton of DPS for only a marginal accuracy increase.
    The Pulsar VS1 has the most horizontal shake of any default AR while having the lowest damage per magazine and lowest DPS.
    The CME is an inferior NS-11a
    The Corvus is the second lowest DPS primary weapon in the game next to the NS-15M2, which has almost identical average accuracy but no 0.75 ADS and is an LMG.
    The Serpent is the worst 845 ROF weapon in the game.

    But hey, none of that matters because people think the Orion is OP.
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  10. AirSuicide

    If you actually thought anything in this game was "Unique" to a faction, You haven't been playing. Everything in the game is pretty much the same damn thing, (Occasionally you get a different skin). But for the most part all weapons and vehicles are common Core.

    ALL factions weapons and Vehicles need to be redone entirely. And made, to fit the faction they are for. VS for example would not use Circa 2005 Aircraft, Armored transports, or anything that remotely looks "Human made". Terans, and NC might, but they both have VERY different Factions, and a Sunderer or Galaxy on any faction should not look even remotely similar.

    Weapons, and Vehicles need a complete reskin and overhaul to make them all more faction friendly. Stop with the laziness devs, and give us something worth playing with.
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  11. T0x1s

    You need to stop comparing to NC. NC is better than TR and VS in every way. Every weapon that VS or TR has NC got one version that is better. Hell even the ******* battle rifle got a quiet buff from Higby without any patch notes where he lowered the reload time compared to VS and TR one. Sure VS did not have bullet drop but that was compensated by 30m/s less velocity. But the TR was exactly the same except reload time.

    Take a look on balancing in this game.

    Banshee was OP. They absolutely nerf it into the ground making it useless. After long time of Raven whine they finally decide to nerf it but what do they do? Yes they reduce maximum distance from 410m to 360m and reduce the splash damage from 115 to 75.

    However when Fracture was OP in the same way Raven was they made it completely ******* useless.

    Or buffing? Butcher and Godsaw needs buffing. They give TR 30m/s velocity on a ******* C&Q gun and buff the **** out of the Godsaw. And Higby "accidentally" added the 0.4 as he said in a tweet. Yea right...

    Meanwhile Butcher got even more horizontal recoil than the stock Carv. And after many tweets/threads they do nothing.

    I know VS is bad but dont come here saying TR is better. NC is the real problem in this game.
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  12. ObsidianSoul

    It amazes me how so many NC apparently think that the "no bullet drop" thing actually means something. It doesn't. Because no bullet drop doesn't mean no recoil. It's actually harder to hit anyone at range because we have comparatively higher recoil. And here's an even more crazy thing: it's not even universal. For the class where it most matters - snipers - the bullet drop is still there.

    Still though. Don't hold your breath. NC instagib maxes have survived so long in this game without anyone raising an eyebrow, and you still think they will actually do anything about VS and TR weapons?

    Nah. Look at the loading screen. This is NC's game. We're just the things they shoot at.
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  13. T0x1s

    I agree on most of your parts except the recoil thing. VS do not have anymore recoil than TR or NC. VS is actually the faction with least recoil and got the most controllable weapons. And all VS scout rifles/battle rifles got no drop and not any extra recoil. However VS do got 30m/s penalty for no bullet drop which i think is worth but no drop is useless on carbines/assault rifles/LMG.
  14. Mystogan

    Never said that TR are in good shape. Only that VS are in worse. And I TOTALLY AGREE with last sentence- NC is the problem- they always get best things and are last to nerf. That is so true.

    You are wrong here. Becasue you only think about two things- vertical recoil (how much weapon recoil OVER TIME WITH auto) and horizontal (how much weapon recoils side to side or in one side). You forget about third stat- which is FIRST SHOT RECOIL. Which VS has biggest across all factions.

    Lets me give you example- you fire full auto from NC weapon, lets say mercy or bandit. You weapon crosshair jump after 3rd or 4th shot to like 2-3 cm on screen. That is vertical recoil.

    Now you fire from VS weapon. Lets say VX6-7. This weapon jump after first shot 2-3 cm and after that it jump smaller than NC weapon in constant way. HOWEVER- each time you start firing you have to already pre-compensate for HUGE FISRT shot jump, while on NC you 1st and 2nd in auto don't even reach a jump of first shot from most VS weapons.

    That is why VS weapons are not more controllable or accurate than NC ones. Having biggest first shot recoil is almost as frustrating as having random horizotal recoil of TR.

    NC as always gets best recoil patterns.
  15. Anantidaephobia

    At first I thought that picture would change sometimes but it never did ... This is the first multiplayer game I see where a faction is clearly shown as better than the others. Incredible o_O
    And please, buff the Lasher somehow. It's still very weak (not a single chance to win a duel vs any other weapon) and paints a target on your head the second you start shooting it.
  16. zombielores

    What's easier to advertise for.
    ●Rebels fighting in the name for freedom.
    ●Space cultists.
    ●Government trying to stay in control.

    Of course this is only 1 way to look at it, as the quote goes ''one man's terrorist is another man's hero.''.

    The simple fact is that it's much much easier to market the NC then either of the other two faction, TR coming in second because you can try the Order and Peace angle while th VS is practically the worst because they're space cultists at the worst and space religious nut jobs at best, especially if your companies based in America where it's all about them freedom fries and 2nd ammendment rights.
  17. Ballto21

    Many VS weapons do need a buff but our arsenal is far from inferior. I just want the Zenith to get buffed with SPA option or something. Our weapons could get 5 more shots/magazine, which would help a lot, or we get 0.15-0.25s faster reloads across all weapons.
  18. MikeyGeeMan

    This entire thread is rubbish....

    NC has all the 200 dmg weapons. And a clone of every other factions weapons available. And the op ravens.

    Vs has the beetlegeuse, the Orion, no drop Av weapons, and a clone of every tr weapon. And a strafing tank.

    Tr has well the cougar...which mimics the NC gauss ar rifle. And the mossie.

    Unfortunately by discarding the vehicles you are then unable to make any comparison since this game is more about faction balance. Comparisons to single weapons, are not taking into account other factors.

    If you want to tweak weapons you need to look at the whole picture and not the slice that you all are using to try and prove a point.
  19. Lucidius134

    Remember when we had no bullet drop on shotgun slugs

    rip vs faction trait
  20. wrenched

    Stats show VS dominate in nearly every across all servers bar briggs.