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Discussion in 'Helios (US West)' started by Hammercannon, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Salads

    Expressing my interest here~

    IGN: Salads

    I'll also be adding someone in-game!
  2. Hammercannon

  3. TryHArdNinja

    Hey Hammercannon,

    I added you in game Names TryHardNinja,
  4. TrustedKiller

    I'll be on today if anyone needs an invite to the Outfit
  5. Mighty2Save

    Hey Hammer.

    Could you edit the original post and add info about outfit size, our voice comm requirements, and other info that might be attractive to potential members?

    I was also thinking, It might be a good idea to open up 2 squads of the platoon to everyone and have 2 squads outfit only. That way we can bring in some new faces to recruit and reserve space for current members.

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  6. Hammercannon

  7. armorer2142

    Krazykat is still waiting for the outfit invite. Last call lol.
  8. WesleyGibson

    Myself (WesleyGibson), my brother and possibly two of his friends are looking for a good outfit. I'm usually Infiltrator, brother is usually Light Assualt but we play any and all classes. Well upgraded Liberators for three of us.
  9. Mighty2Save

    Armorer2142, WesleyGibson:

    Our in-game presence starts growing in the late afternoon/early evening CST. I'm at work until about 5pm CST, but send MightY2save, TrustedKiller, Hammercannon, Siare, or anyone with [HATE] Tags a friend request/whisper in-game, and we will get you set up.

    Also, we usually run a platoon each evening, should have [HATE] or Mephisto's Hatred or something in the looking for squad page.

    You'll want to download Mumble if you don't have it already. It's our primary form of voice comm. You'll want it to at least hear orders that are given as we don't use in-game voice much.
  10. TrustedKiller

    Please send a tell or friend invite to me, I will invite you. We have no idea when you get on, the friend invite will let us know, then we can send the outfit invite.
  11. Tetrahedron

    Looking to join here, In game name is Tetrahedron195. Where can I find the mumble info?
  12. Hammercannon

    have to be in the outfit to use our mumble, however please whisper Trustedkiller, Mighty2Save, or Siare tonight as my internet sucks and will take all night to DL this patch. if i do make it on it will be around 8pm PST.
  13. Graybierd

    I am interested in joining an organized outfit. please contact me in-game: Graybierd
  14. Hammercannon

  15. Hammercannon

  16. Shash

    Slaanesh here, specializing in Combat Medicry and Countersniping. I happily await falling within your ranks.
  17. Frogmang

    SoCal PS2 newb...Looking for a new home to store my gun and helmet!
  18. Hammercannon

    i sent you both friends requests. contact me in game
  19. TrustedKiller

    I'll be on all day today. If anyone needs an invite, just /t TrustedKiller or add me as a friend and I'll invite ya as soon as possible.
  20. Hammercannon

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