[VS] Ghosts of the Revolution [US East]

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by robo, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. robo

    GOTR runs one of the most effective open platoons on Emerald! Come see for yourself! No unnecessary ghost capping!
  2. robo

    Rolling a full open platoon every day and a full member platoon every night! Then TWO platoons on Thursdays! Get in on this action.
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  3. Hosp

    Yo Robo. Just a heads up, expect a PM from me sometime between a couple hours and a day. Little joint venture I'm interested in.
  4. robo

    Soon, our recruiting officers will be able to process in-game applications. Looking forward to this immensely.

    In the mean time, if your in-game application has been neglected, it's best to apply via www.gotr.us
  5. robo

    We have cleaned our in-game applications to deal with a bug and some legacy "no longer interested" players that still showed up on the sheet. If you were cleared but you still wish to join, reapply in-game or visit www.gotr.us
  6. robo

    All applications on our web site have been processed! Welcome to our new members!
  7. robo

    Back after a long weekend - all applications should be up to date!
  8. Izekael

    I am really disappointed with you guys. You are nothing like your ps1 days. just another zergfit.
  9. robo

    You're going to have to explain this one. We're more active in the community, work closely with more outfits, and have more active members than we ever had in PS1. We run more training for more players than we ever did in PS1. We participate in more community events (of which there are more) than we did in PS1. I'd argue our leaderboard position is comparable to in PS1, though the metrics are far different. We purge our roster monthly, usually having no more than 500 members at a time, of which 80-90% are active in the last month - in PS1 we had thousands of inactives on the roster. We routinely defeat, with equal or less numbers, outfits similar to us in size and activity, and frequently beat equal forces of outfits that many consider "better" than us.

    I obviously don't know you or all of your characters - I did, however, do a search for "Izekael" and came up with a single BR40 VS on Emerald. Additionally, if you play in one of our casual open platoons during the day, that's a very different experience than when we hit primetime.
  10. Leon85

    I submitted my application about two weeks ago and I never got a response. Character name is Leon85.
  11. Bosekone

    Just curious if you guys were still super active and if so are y'all still recruiting, in search of a solid group of people to play planet side 2 with, I'm 23 years old and currently an E-4 in the USAF, originally from Boerne County TX, currently stationed in Kirtland AFB NM . Working all day all week wears me out and there's nothing i love more to do then to come home and hit up some Planet side 2 hit me up if i sound like someone y'all would like in your outfit
  12. robo

    Leon85 and Bosekone, please check your inboxes here on the forum. Sorry about any confusion or delay.
  13. robo

    It's a great time to be a Ghost! Roughly a platoon active every day during primetime, a few squads on around the clock, and over two platoon online during our big ops night on Thursday!

    Coordinated, tactical, and effective. No ghost caps. No boredom. Dive right into the biggest fights and WIN.
  14. robo

    Apply online at www.gotr.us, or apply in-game through the Outfit Browser. Or send me a PM or reply to this thread! So many options!

    You like options, don't you?
  15. LibertyRevolution

    Never understood why you would make a VS outfit and tag it GO TR. :p
    Seems to me you should have made a TR outfit if you wanted that tag...
    I always thought you guys were TR alts.
  16. robo

    Yeah, it's an unfortunate acronym for sure. But at this point, a bit late ;D
  17. robo

    GOTR was proud to be a part of ServerSmash against Connery this weekend, controlling the Acan region and getting our name on the Broken Vale Garrison capture.

  18. robo

    A reminder that GOTR gladly accepts brand-new players! As long as you're willing to use Teamspeak and sign up on our web site, you're in! No K/D requirement, no skill requirement - we'll help you improve!
  19. Kykloma

    I'm new to ps2 and was wondering if i could join? I'm also new to fps games on the computer but I'm willing to learn and i have ts and a mic.
  20. robo

    Welcome to all of our new members! GOTR usually runs open platoons during the day, then switches to outfit ops at night! Interested in a solid community that's been around for eleven years? We might be the one for you. www.gotr.us