[VS] Ghosts of the Revolution [US East]

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by robo, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. BouncyIlama

    I would like to join this outfit, It seems very friendly for a new player like me :D
    I have teamspeak 3, unfortunately, due to a driver issue my mic doesn't work :(

    Hope you'll consider me!

    EDIT: I have joined DaPP as no one from GOTR has gotten back to me in around a week.
  2. robo

    Hey Bouncy, sorry we didn't get back to you. We get very little traffic here on the forum nowadays so I don't check it very often. I'll update the OP so if people do drop by they won't get hung out to dry.

    If you're still interested in joining, just friend request me (robocpf1) or my RO, PorkPuller, and we'll get you set up. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. MrFlubberz

    Hey guys I'm thinking about getting back into this game now that I built another pc I'll hit you up in a couple of weeks when I move into my new apartment IGN is murderbot9000
  4. robo

    I'm not sure how many players are active on these boards anymore (long live reddit, I guess) but if there are players looking for an active VS outfit on Emerald, GOTR has you covered! Feel free to apply in-game and jump on our Teamspeak (the TS info is in the in-game outfit browser).
  5. TheZetifate1745

    I want to join but i dont really voice chat even though i have a mike. Also i don't know how teamspeak works or anything though i will try to learn. Can i join this outfit even though i dont use mike that much because my friend foxy in the outfit dosen't think i can.
  6. TheZetifate1745

    Currently i in dapp and i like it bit they dont have scheldule for when they play so i cant go on specific times
  7. HarryPooner

    New to the game and looming for a group to bring me up to speed. I have ts3 and a mic. HarryPooner in game or pm me
  8. robo

    GOTR is stepping up recruitment in the face of huge enemy activity on TR and NC.

    If you're interested in fighting the TR and NC's biggest outfits, you'll need teammates, and we can offer them.

    Join our Infantry or Vehicle divisions today!

    www.gotr.us, secret word is Summer
  9. TriumphOfMan

    Hey you guys are back too. Somebody needs to go and wake up AT as well.
  10. robo

    We never left :D Our activity levels dropped with the game's population, but we're here and fighting. Good to see TE back again.
  11. robo


    Have you been looking for a fight on Hossin but been frustrated that "nobody plays there?"

    In GOTR, we actively seek and start fights on Hossin, moreso than most other player groups. Join us for some murky swamp action today!
  12. robo

    I've updated our recruitment materials and the OP.

    You can join GOTR by applying in-game or by finding us on Teamspeak3 or discord!


    TS3 - address: gotr.us, password: sovereignty555

  13. Zeeteber

    Man if someone could wake AT up that would be amazing but unfortunately there hasn't been any activity in some time aside for less than a handfull of not dead people :(
  14. robo

    You can join GOTR by applying in-game or by finding us on Teamspeak3 or discord!

    https://discord.gg/Dq4fZht (and then post in the #recruitment text channel)

    TS3 - address: gotr.us, password: sovereignty555


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