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  1. robo

    Ghosts of the Revolution is a large, active, objective-oriented outfit that was formed in Planetside 1 on the Emerald server on May 19th, 2003. We were the first outfit in the game to reach the 10 million outfit point maximum, which only a handful of outfits across all servers ever attained. We are a laid back group that enjoys taking our fun seriously, but our goal is always to have fun, no matter what the state of the map is in-game. If you're in doubt, jump to the bottom of this thread and check out the video, or one of the articles we've been featured in.

    We play VS on the Emerald (US East) server in Planetside 2 with hundreds of active members from all different walks of life and all over the world, representing over a dozen different countries.

    Infantry and Special Teams
    During ops, GOTR runs in one combined platoon of flexible infantry, utilizing Sunderers, Galaxies, Valkyries, and fast squad beacon deployment. While we will redeploy across the map when needed, GOTR is designed for extended fighting in a single area or pushing down a single lane. Controlling one area of the map allows other outfits to move rapidly without worrying what will happen in our zone.

    In addition to our flexible infantry, GOTR has several "special teams" with particular roles, that members can opt to join, including an air squad, ground armor squad, Valkyrie AV drop team, and infiltrator team. These "Special Teams" are activated during ops when there are enough players online to support them. Special Teams work in conjunction with the main infantry squads.

    (1) GOTR uses Teamspeak 3 for voice communication. You will need to log in to Teamspeak 3 whenever you are running with the outfit. You do not need a mic, though having one is strongly encouraged and if you wish to pursue a leadership position, you will need one.

    (2) GOTR has a Discord server and web site for members' use. You will need to sign up on the web site, but there are no forum posting requirements.

    (3) GOTR has a strict no-griefing policy. If this is a problem, we are not the outfit for you. We have a code of conduct we call "The Pillars" that all members must follow. They're just a few pieces of common sense that have served us well over the past fifteen years.

    (4) Good attitude. We don't want to hear you griping and complaining about the game or constantly belittling other players. Leave it at the keyboard.
    Why Should You Join?
    We've been around for a long time. We know how to make our members happy and we know how to show them a good time while steamrolling the competition. We do not force our members to do boring ghost hacking across a continent just to see it turn purple. Our primary objective is fun in a laid back but tactically organized environment, and that is what our hundreds of members have experienced over the past fifteen years.

    Above all else, GOTR is focused on teaching new players the ropes and how to succeed with large-number coordination. All recruits are encouraged to attend one of our Basic Training sessions which will teach them the basics of squad play in Planetside 2, and our veteran players frequently offer training in other advanced topics.

    Looking for an opportunity to prove yourself as a leader? That won't be a problem. GOTR loves recruits that want to step up and take charge. We have a great system for introducing new players to command, and also for integrating already-experienced commanders into our system. If you want a chance to lead, you'll get it!
    We've been here since Planetside 1 was in Beta and weather permitting we'll be here until Planetside 2's servers crumble to dust. Until then, give us the chance to turn your time on Auraxis into an experience that you'll never forget.

    You can access the public areas of our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/Dq4fZht
    You can access our Teamspeak 3 server at address: gotr.us, password: sovereignty555

    Feel free to contact me personally on Discord as well - @robocpf1#6479

    ---robocpf1, Outfit Leader
    Planetside Universe Outfit Spotlight
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  2. Lowback

    Oh god I'm in the video.

    *facepalm* Caught bouncing a grenade in the first 5 seconds even =P
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  3. robo

    Slight modifications to the post to try to slim it down, it's very wall-o-text at the moment :/

    We've got usually around 60-70 people online around the clock and double that for scheduled ops, if you're looking for an outfit that manages numbers well and doesn't drown in its own membership pool, we may be the outfit for you.

    ---robocpf1, Outfit Leader
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  4. robo

    Quick announcement, it has come to my attention that many people that have recently applied have not gotten responses. This is due to a technical error on our website's "contact us" form, which we use for recruitment. The error has now been fixed and I am working through the backlog of apps. Thank you for bearing with us.

    ---robocpf1, Outfit Leader
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  5. MrDirty

    Sounds good. Hope to hear from you soon.
  6. Ishniana

    Always good to see more people come to the dark side and join GOTR. Remember to leave your pants at the door if you decide to become a dedicated mag pilot =P
  7. Jartren

    Outfit looks great, looking specifically at the FEAR vehicle division. I sent a contact us post. Hope to hear soon.
  8. TehBenju

    I've been with GOTR since PS2 Beta, and although during beta i tried a few other VS outfits, GOTR was without a doubt the most inline with what i wanted in the game.

    Planetside is a game that makes itself unique on massive scale, player count, size of map, everything. GOTR is an outfit that brings that massive feeling to a personal level. During large coordinated runs (hundreds of players) we are all coordinated by the brilliant command team who have all the moving parts acting as one organism with a single goal.

    A large infantry mass coordinating to take large bases, with set goals and solid leadership
    An armored column described by the gods themselves stretching from horizon to horizon with air cover keeping the infantry a fair fight
    Small elite squads moving to keep friendly zones friendly, or taking enemy zones to get more influence on the major objectives.

    The leadership puts on a personal touch that there will always be someone there to explain or guide new players or deal with the frictions that arise.

    And it is all built on a foundation we call the pillars, that don't push you to play more than you want, or to force you into forgetting that although it's an MMO it's still a game and we all play for fun. Real life comes first is rule number one and I have never once heard anyone get flack for having to miss major raids or ducking out at important times.

    TL: DR: Best outfit, would raid again.... and again
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  9. Cynex

    Sent you a PM (or a conversation as this board likes to call them... weird) and submitted an application on your guild website. Would love to join if you'll have me. :D

    Also, what track is playing in the video? Very catchy.
  10. Tykus

    Sign me up, I'll be ingame or on the forums.
  11. robo

    All requests processed, check your PMs!

    Last night's raid was a blast, had some great fun fighting Sturmgrenadier, SuperTroopers, and Enclave on Amerish.
  12. SpiderBot

    Hey there, i liked what i read and i love PS2. I'd like to be considered for membership. Thanks!
  13. Shibdib

    FEAR is a no pants zone.... if you like pants then we dont want you
  14. robo

    Requests processed, check your PMs!

    ---robocpf1, Outfit Leader
  15. tugernut

    i was in gotr in ps1 for along time , since its being up til bfrs came around

    great group of guys and it was fun , to bad im on another server
  16. Hypersonic8

    I'd very much like to join. Sign me up!
  17. robo

    Processed! Check your PMs, Hyper.
  18. VeLoXiK

    I'd like to join!
  19. Mytrix87

    Just send you a PM, hope to join you soon! :)
  20. robo

    Requests processed, check your PMs!