[VS] Deathwatch Gaming - Tactical Teamplay [DWG]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by cassan0va, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. OstLaberFriese

    Bump, da le Bump!

    Welcome new recruits!
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    Alternative ts server adress:
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    Some whale fun with the awesome DAVELANTOR
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  6. Praiseworthy Tunes

  7. OstLaberFriese

    Keep coming!!!
  8. rompafrolic

    Good news everybody! DwG is back on the scene. We will be back to running squads most evenings, and will welcome any who want to play with us!

    For anybody interested: find out more about Deathwatch Gaming at www.deathwatchgaming.com .

    You'll find all the details there.
  9. Wh1tebe4rd

    Good Morning, evening, what ever ^^

    Someone still alive from DWG on Planetside 2?
  10. Urban-ski

    Hey Deathwatch,

    Don't know if any of you remember me, not played for a couple of years but I used to be in the outfit back in the day, previously of Purple Valour we got rolled into Deathwatch back at launch.

    I do remember some great fights with you guys, hot dropping in to hold a capture point just long enough for the zerg to appear....good days.....Asmodraxus flying, Xasapis shouting, Stero driving like a lunatic in his harasser.

    Anyway I took a long break from PS2 due to 'life' and a crappy PC but I'm back and now have a new rig good enough to play at more than 10fps :)

    Would be interested in rejoining if you're still active and recruiting.

    My char is lvl 50, I mostly play support, Engi but also Medic and Heavy, not bad as a gunner, Mag driver, can't fly unfortunately but I like to play in a team and I know the support role well.....ammo / support down, heal or rez maxes / troops, protect the flanks.

    PM me if you're still in the fight....