[VS] Deathwatch Gaming - Tactical Teamplay [DWG]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by cassan0va, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. dnaRIP

    Ok, but I told Archdemon yes when he whispered me ingame. No worries, GL
  2. Xasapis

    cassan0va + archdemon = same person
  3. cassan0va

    One and the same
  4. AdennTM

    Our match in 30 mins still going to happen?
  5. cassan0va

    Despite time confusion it was good fun:)

    UK is currently at GMT, London GMT+1, Sweden GMT +2
  6. AdennTM

    Ah sorry :(

    Either way loads of fun, my outfit loved it and was great to get in the Nexus!
  7. cassan0va

    Who will you be cheering for on sunday?:p
  8. AdennTM

  9. LowHertz

  10. cassan0va

    Well, i'll promise you that this wont be a fight for the air;)
    There's 2 ways to dominate the skies.
  11. AdennTM

    Problem with the Nexus though is that with all them mountains it's hard to do a reasonable job at ground based AA
  12. cassan0va

  13. cassan0va

    Currently looking at nov 9th or 10th
  14. ValorousBob

    Bump, DWG was working with the other VS outfits today and they helped us a lot. I can't say what exactly was happening on the ground, but they showed up to fights and won.
  15. SebDollar

    Thank you for some really nice air fights during the past week! You guys have really stepped up your air game! Thats awesome to see
  16. Caelestrasz

  17. cassan0va

    Yeah we're trying our best:p
  18. SebDollar

    More awesome dogfights today! Managed to record some of it before I ran out of harddisk space. It's in the last half of this video.
  19. Caelestrasz

    Awesome! I was ******** at them for using A2A but yeah.. cannot dictate what people use, you know. so yeah sorry about that.
  20. cassan0va


    Read between the lines