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  1. cassan0va

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  2. Rovdyr

    Hello from icUGaming! We're looking forward to work with you guys :)
  3. cassan0va

    The vision

    The Deathwatch Shock Troopers are a cult within the Vanu Technology who were created by an underground group of scientists. They believed that research into Vanu technology should be entirely focused on military applications, in order to crush their enemies and establish dominance on Auraxis. Once dominance has been achieved, only then should the luxury of research into other 'softer' topics be allowed.

    Technology is might

    Working together in secret, they made significant advances in the nanite technology that is used to respawn the soldiers on Auraxis. These advances meant that they could create superior cloned bodies, which were physically stronger, more resilient, and with more efficient sensory systems for increase battle awareness.

    They decided to keep these advances secret from even their Vanu brothers, to ensure that it did not fall into enemy hands. They placed digital markers on their members within the respawn database matrix, so that only clones inhabited by Deathwatch members are constructed in this way.

    Time passed, and an even greater breakthrough was made in the nanite technology. They discovered how to infuse their chosen cloned bodies with nanites that were directly plugged into the clone bodies' neural network.

    These infused nanites act like wireless transmitters and receivers of data. The result is that Deathwatch soldiers can communicate with each other on an instantaneous sub-conscious level, allowing them to see, hear, and feel each other’s experiences simultaneously.

    This creates a hive mind which allows near super-human levels of communication and teamwork, turning the Deathwatch soldiers into a unified and deadly fighting force.

    This hive mind also means that every soldier learns from the experiences of one of their fallen brothers, and is the root of the legend that Deathwatch soldiers never die, they only come back stronger.

    Unity and death

    The hive mind of the Deathwatch soldiers means that they are comrades in arms, in every sense of the word. They know one another like noone else can, and would eagerly walk into certain death for one another.

    Deathwatch soliders are intensely proud of their heritage, and are easily distinguished on the Battlefield in all white armor, with black details, and a skull helmet. This uniform signifies their sacred creed of unity and death.

    Order of battle

    Deathwatch are shock troopers in every sence of the word. They have the finest wear gear in the Vanu arsenal to be able to undetake any situation presented to them. They are a combined arms force, which intregrates the use of Air, Armour, and Infantry.

    Quality over quantity

    Not all applicants succeed in their attempt to join the Deathwatch ranks. Unity involves every member, and if the hive mind decides that someone is not worthy of the creed, they are expelled. In this way, the quality of the Deathwatch ranks are maintained.

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  4. cassan0va

  5. cassan0va

    Primetime: EU, got lots from UK / Sweden area
  6. cassan0va

    Currently VS Weapon suck but we stay true to our colors
  7. cassan0va

    Lets hope for some Vanu balancing soon
  8. Banjo

    VS just got OP... now that u guys have me on your side =3.
    ready to fight with my outfit
  9. cassan0va

    more like nerfed:p
  10. Tikuto

    Tikuto here. **** your pants with fear!

    Lets fk dis **** up! :eek:
  11. Oil

    Signed up :rolleyes:
  12. cassan0va

    Hehe welcome bud:)
  13. nimis

    Love to join, if a spot free ^^
  14. cassan0va

  15. Davelantor

    Galaxy Escort reporting for duty :D ... lets kick some NC and TR *** \o/
  16. tr0ybear

    Looking to put in some time with you guys and see how you play, hit up tr0ybear on EU1.
  17. cassan0va

    Will do buddy:) try n hook us up on TS and www.deathwatchgaming.com as well
  18. cassan0va

    Eve inspired sig there^^
  19. Corruptlol

    hey guys , been playing tr since tech test now ;) can t stand the vanu sniper and medic rifle ...
  20. cassan0va

    Me either, cant wait for the weapon balance.

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