[VS] Deathwatch Gaming - Tactical Teamplay [DWG]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by cassan0va, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. cassan0va

    Our Shop should be coming up this week with some nice apperal from qpad.
  2. cassan0va

    10 open slots for new recruits.
  3. cassan0va

    Still a few spots
  4. EvilJollyT

    Thanks for the scrim on the PTS tonight guys. Our members really enjoyed it.

    Sorry if there was any confusion about Reaver radars. I asked the spectators to use aircraft cause that way they are clearly not involved in the fight and can therefore be discounted as threats. Certainly, none of our outfit spectators had radar or were passing on information, and having asked all the randoms they also insisted they didn't either. I've also reviewed all my footage and there is no suggestion that we had radar at any time.

    Anyway, I think there is already talk of a re-match so my guys will look forward to that.

  5. Mastachief

    GG, very enjoyable from our side of things.

    BTW only had 3 maxes :rolleyes:
  6. cassan0va

    Highly doubt radar would have made any difference since darts are up most of the time anyway.
    I heard reports about 3-5 maxes.. DEM TELEPORTING MAXES!:p
  7. Xasapis

    NC MAXes OP? Nerf? ;)
  8. cassan0va

    Battlefield fever has passed, Ghosts was crap.. Back to planetside:)
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  9. cassan0va

    New patch today, lets see what that brings.
  10. Arphelior

    What's this doing almost at the bottom of the page? Up with ya!
  11. pnkdth

    Join the best outfit/guild/clan/corp ever created in any game, past or present, or die like the ignorant dogs you are...

    Wait, I mean... yeah. :cool:
  12. cassan0va

    After a total of 3h sleep during dreamhack, im abit tired...
  13. Felkuro

    huzzah weekend!
  14. Felkuro

    funniest **** i seen ina while.. Maybe the new Fad for magriders
  15. Felkuro

    Nyeh just Nyeh!
  16. rompafrolic

    I disagree.

    I say Nya! Nya is the answer!
  17. Felkuro

    should not have looked for Nyeh vs Nya XD
  18. cassan0va

  19. OstLaberFriese

    Awesome fights yesterday!
    Our events starts rolling again!
  20. Felkuro

    Good to see you guys are getting back in the action! hopefully soon ill see more of my former brother in arms on the field again. This time not as a friend. but as an enemy.