Vanu weapons?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by qazqazqaz, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Goodfella

    I use the CME. I find I do well enough at range with the weapon and will be able to add high velocity ammo and a grip to help with longer range fighting which fits my play style.

    I figure when I am up close I normally have my med tool our because I am healing other wise I am in the back adding some shots between running in for drive by heals.
  2. Davinel

    I didnt see any significant difference between CME and Equinox... But I only tried them, so..
    Equinox is cheaper and has much more options. But both not very different from default pulsar. Heh.
  3. iGamer1990

    anybody unlocked NS-11 yet? i only did trial version
  4. Ashur

    I switched to the medic from engineer today and I have to say that the default weapon is amazing. Stick a grip to it, add a 2.0 reflex sight and you have a weapon with a decent clip that can accurately headshot even at medium range.
  5. Dr Funfrock

    I'm actually really happy with the HVA-45 right now. I've just unlocked soft-point and the reflex for it so far (x1 only, no x2 available), and it seems to perform really well in close quarters fighting. In longer ranged fights, I've been switching out to the CME, but I find that if I'm at range, it's my team-mates who are likely to be doing most of the damage, whilst I keep them healthy. Up close, that's when I need to be able to clear a room so that I can get in there and rez the three guys who just got dropped, so having a CQC beast is a better fit for me. I'm going to look at snagging the level 2 laser sight for it next, since recoil handling really doesn't seem to be a problem, at least urban combat, and being able to hip-shoot the thing would be nice.
  6. Hawkins

    I tried out most of the Assault Rifles but always come back to the Pulsar. I really like this Weapon. Good Accuracy, decent damage, fast reload. Could need a lil bigger Clipsize but overall its a good Rifle. i don't really see the Need to waste 500-1000 Certs to get a different weapon that might be a tiny bit better than the Pulsar, i rather spend them on something that actually gives me a decent advantage.

    Im using the Laser Attachement instead of the Grip for it. For Scopes im using one of the 4x, sometimes the Nightvision Scope aswell, but even the Ironsights are good on that gun, the Scopes just make Ranged Combat more Accurate.
  7. Tetryon

    The HV45 and NS-11 really feel like the only strong weapons on the CM. Could just come down to playstyle but 've tested all the weapons out and those are the only 2 I feel work reliably in all combat scenarios. That and the Nova for super close quarters obviously.
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  8. iGamer1990

    i tryed the trail of NS-11 i loved it and how it looked but no beams:/
  9. Cirion

    I am in love with the H-V45, reflex sight and forward grip and it's a force to be reckoned with. only problem is that it eats ammo like crazy, good thing I run with an engineer all the time.
  10. Hagestol

    Like I said before the reload time and time it takes to empty a clip makes it a no-go for my part. I am to vulnerable sitting around reloading all the time.
  11. Thabit

    The NS-11 is awsome.
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  12. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    I played the CB with a CME with IR, Compensator, and smoke launcher, and it was a great weapon, allowed me to empty an entire magazine with barely any recoil.
    Now that smoke Launchers are only available on the Equinox, I was forced to take that weapon, and fell a bit ripped off because it cost me 700 SC, but was listed as only 500 Certs....

    Anyways, smoke + IR is a great combo at mid range, the damage s still bearable, if below other rifles, and darn it, I'm a medic.
    If I heal under fire, smoke is a necessity, not a convenience.
  13. iGamer1990

    ima purchase it tomorrow when i buy camo i did the trial i was having so much fun with the trial went by so fast lol
  14. Apollyn

    HV45 is my goto weapon at range, I find it surprisingly accurate and frequently seems to headshot for me at range (which is nice). My close in weapon of choice is the Thanatos, its just vicious. Not a massive fan of the slug ammo, find it not much better at range and noticeably worse close in (nice waste of 100 certs) but when you absolutely have to kill every motherf****r in the room its my AK47 :D. Not tried the NS11 but all the raving has me tempted!
  15. Maitim

    I actually like the Equinox with soft rounds and cant remember my holo scopes name, but it hits hard and good range. Easy to burst snipe with it also.
  16. qazqazqaz

    Tell me about the supressors on Pulsar. Any use of those?
  17. qazqazqaz

    Did no one test supressors on Pulsar? I don't want to waste 200 certs!
  18. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    well, then don't, for now.
  19. Vilmond

    I got the NS-11 (gamestop one) and frankly its hands down pretty much the best AR option aside from the Equinox.

    35 round mags, thats pretty solid.
    Its VERY controllable considerably more so than the Vanu AR's (imo).
    Really fast reload speed, it very well might be the fast reloading AR though I haven't compared it to all the TR/NC rifles though its easily the fastest Vanu option.
    Very customizable, the only thing really missing is the under barrel GL's, which frankly I don't use anyhow since I'm constantly swapping to and from the healz gun.

    The main reason to consider the Equinox? It can use under barrel GL's and thats pretty much it. If that smoke or nade launcher is relevant to you then the Equinox is your ONLY option so its the obvious pick otherwise I'm thinking the NS-11 is the clear choice as it has a really nice setup.
  20. Evilnox

    I use the NS-11 Platinum with the 4x scope, grip, and soft point ammo. You can get a lot of assists by hitting almost anything an infiltrator can and take out stubborn targets from far away that refuse to move while you shoot at them. Often they just full auto spam at you and you have a nice clear view of them....although it does take about 8 pulls of the trigger to take them down at that range if they even stick around that long.

    I have also killed MANY snipers because I can accurately shoot them over and over as I strafe around making it very difficult for them to hit me.

    At close range though with my setup it's not the greatest. I better score some headshots and the 4x scope will end up screwing you in short range battles so you usually need to hip fire. I want to tone it down to the 2x red dot to make it a more balanced weapon. I would switch to the equinox burst if I hadn't already spent so many cert points on the NS-11

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