Vanu weapons?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by qazqazqaz, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Pashgan

    Used "alpha squad" medic carbine today (H-V45?) - it's amazingly accurate.
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  2. TheEvilBlight

    Very much in love with the H-V45 myself. I may trial the NS-11 in a bit to see how it goes...
  3. BillNye The Vanu Guy

    go with the pulsar
  4. qazqazqaz

    It is, but don't you feel reload speed actually hurting you more than you gain from good accuracy? I got platinum medal for my pulsar and got very good with it (at least i think so), can control spread and shoot targets from mid range, AND it has fastest (?) reload speed of all medic AR's, meaning I can take few enemies at a time, which in H-V45 would not be possible at all, since it chews the clip very, very, very fast and reloads very. very, very slow. Maybe not my kind of weapon, but then again I have no idea what to get, I'm so used to Pulsar now.

    The only thing bothers me is that I can't cert ammo for pulsar, are these really useful? The damage ones, how much do they add?
  5. qazqazqaz

    For some reason I can't trial Equinox, I trialed one weapon since release and it was like a week ago.
  6. Pashgan

    Usually my toon doesn't live long enough to get to reload stage - or situation isn't heated enough for reload time to be critical. So no, I don't suffer from longer reload time.
  7. Marinealver

    All the weapons are pretty much the same it dosn't matter if you were Vanu Terran or Conglomerate.

    The only thing is some stat adjustments such as rate of fire and damage per shot and effective range.


    Adjusting these up and down dose not make variety or faction destinctive.
  8. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Well, I wish I still had the option of getting smoke on the CME, like in CB.
    I'd take it on any other AR as well...^^
  9. Captain Sandwich

    The pulsar is absurdly effective, in my experience. Slap a 2x reflex on that badboy and you've got a highly versatile killing machine.
  10. qazqazqaz

    I noticed Equinox is literally = Pulsar (with a bit lower RoF) but you can cert ammunition and barrels like smoke and stuff. Wouldn't that be ideal weapob?
  11. Jourmand1r

    the in game stats are horrible wrong.
  12. qazqazqaz

  13. Village

    H-V45 is incredible, easily the best vanu medic gun. Use it, love it.
  14. Evilnox

    Do any of you use the Equinox burst? I was considering getting it because it's cheap, 3 round burst so the accuracy should be nice except I don't like how you can't use different ammo with it which doesn't make much sense to me.

    Seems like people like the regular equinox, the H-v45, the NS-11.
  15. Domnonos

    I recently bought the Equinox and I must say I find it a bit "meh" damage wise, its main advantage is the ability to put a smoke/grenade launcher on it. Having used it for a couple of days now my impression so far really has been "meh".

    I did however buy the H-V45 with 1x reflex today and I'm loving it so far :)

    EDIT: Just realised you were talking about the Burst variant (doh).
  16. Omni-God Boy

    I got the NS-11A from the gamestop deal. Would you guys recommend this or the H-V45?
  17. Krepic

    I just bought the H-V5. I have soft point equipped. I am thinking about getting the flash suppressor, i have the 4x scope and a laser sight.

    Now the question i have is with the H-V45. Should i purchase both the laser sight and the forward grip and swap each other out in weapon choice based on long vs short ranged fighting? Does Forward grip help in close range combat?

    Also 4x scope vs reflex. Which is better?? When i'm using this gun it feels really much more like a sub-machine gun. I was firing at long range and i just couldn't seem to get any kills. I don't know if its because I suck or if my gun was ineffective at that long range.
    I'm also pretty blind. So should i just go with the reflex scope and if i can't see them as well---then don't bother i probably can't hit them anyway?

    I have no problem at medium and close range its just with the H-V45 i Don't know if it is any good with Long range.

    With the equinox burst i was doing well at long range and close range. But like that one guy mentioned earlier it could be "trigger discipline".

    So i was hoping to get advice before i start playing again this weekend . Thanks in advance =P.
  18. Krepic

    Another question from further reading At 4x does the bullets for Vanu drop signficantly in damage? Is that why it is getting harder to kill?
    I feel like its hard to control the recoil and it generally makes it really hard to kill things at 4x. Maybe i should switch to a 3.4 x scope instead?? I dunno any advice is helpful xD.
  19. Noburu

    Scopes dont affect your spread. You just notice more when you are zoomed in. And yes Vanu have greater damage dropoff at range compared to TR and NC. This is to compensate for their lack of bullet drop.
  20. Polarity

    I use both, but it depends on the situation. I got my NS-11 from the GameStop deal as well and I enjoy it a little more than the HV-45. Due to this, it's my go to weapon. I use it for long range fights and occasionally indoor facility fights, but if I'm going to be fighting at really close ranges for a long period of time, I swap to the HV-45. It has a faster rate of fire so I find it just puts enemies down quicker when your up that close. Just try out both and see what works for you in each situation, you can't go wrong with either.

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