Vanu weapons?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by qazqazqaz, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. qazqazqaz

    So I need some clarification or advice of some sort. Being a Vanu medic I don't know which weapon to use or how different they are. Any short descriptions, pros/cons?
  2. Sentnl

    In my opinion.

    CME, sucks.
    Equinox, sucks.
    Equinox burst, sucks.
    Pulsar? decent.
    H-v45, decent.

    Now that that the xm9 centauri is gone... we're left with things that feel like garbage.
  3. Timujingeo

    Just go with the free pulsar, stick a grip/reflex on it and enjoy one of the best standard VS weapons.
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  4. Elahhez

    Stick with the standard issue Pulsar like Timu suggested.. it's the best available atm ^^
  5. MartianDiscoFish

    H-V45 and the XM9 are the same gun, different name.
  6. andeh

    You sure about that? Unfortunately I didn't make note of the exact stats, but - whilst the H-V45 does have a high RoF which I recall the XM9 had (and softpoint ammo) - I was rocking 1x reflex on the XM9 in beta, where as there seems to be no option to have that on the H-V45. H-V45 seems only to have 1x reflect or scopes

    Anyway, I was going to ask the same question as the OP... aside from the stock pulsar, I figured the 'upgrade' gun for the medic was the H-V45 or CME. The CME is the more expensive of the two (~140% more expensive in station cash, 400% in certs) but the only advantage it has over the H-V45 according to the compare feature is that it has a slightly faster reload... and yet the H-V45 is listed as having a higher RoF and being marginally more accurate. Both guns have the same magazine size and are listed as being 'Long' range, although reading the descriptions and looking at the bullet types... one could argue the CME is designed more for med/long (high velocity ammo, compensator) and the H-V45 short/med (soft point ammo).

    Oddly enough, both the Pulsar and Equinox appear to have the option for both ammo types, all barrel types (flash supp & compensator) and x2 reflex... very confused when the CME is the most expensive gun available to the medic at presant!
  7. PremiereBoris

    I go with the auto shotgun. In close quarters its awesomesauce.
  8. Lavalampe

    Like everything in PS2 it's about YOUR taste.

    I like the CME alot.
    I played the last weeks of Beta with it and it's just an middle-long distance Beast(!) if you equip it with high-velocity bullets, frontgrip, and compensator. In Close Quarters it's just ok. Neither good nor bad.
    But it's price is high. You can buy it atm with lots of other weapons for 2000 Sc via Infantery Bundle.
  9. pro7otype

    It's a shame we don't have a VR Shooting Gallery like we had in PS to test weapons a bit. I find it very hard to notice the difference
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  10. Sentnl

    It doesn't feel like the same gun honestly. It could make sense that it's the same, I've already thought about that.. but I'm not 100% on it, I do know it's the gun I've been using however, and it's got me to top 5 on briggs (which has been down for over 12 hours)
  11. 0roshi

    Now that they have improved the IRNV and given it a longer range about 150m, I'm enjoying the Equinox, has a good range, all 3 fire modes, good for all ranges. Unlike the other Vanu ARs can fit an under barreled smoke grenade launcher, giving cover for res'ing and some easy kills through the smoke with the IRNV.

    It also can fit a reflex x2 unlike the H-V45, which is why I made the change.
  12. Braken

    Yeah, the Equinox seems to be the VS's equivalent to the others' S variant weapons.
  13. NinjaPirate

    Personally i absolutely love the H-V45, It has incredible fire rate and if used right will have perfect accuracy at close-mid range, its a murderous weapon, it took a bit to get used to, but right now i absolutely destroy people with it, it feels a bit like the VX6-7 on steroids, maybe it just fits my style better than the others, who knows.
  14. saltin

    I tried most and i like the equinox,the full auto one,good power ,faster rate of fire ,very little recoil and best of all i think it's the only Vanu medic weapon that you can use almost any (if not all ) attachments .
  15. Vindale

    I've not seen it listed, but go grab a gamecard from GameStop, you'll get the NS-11 for free.

    This rifle, while not looking anything like a VS weapon sadly, is pretty nice. I run it with a x2 reflex, softpoint ammo and a front-grip. I've been very very happy with this gun so far. As an added bonus I get crazy looks from my team when I fire this thing...
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  16. Primacy

    I'm liking the Equinox. I've won nearly all my straight up fights outside of shielded heavies keeping most of my fights under 60m. LaserDot and 2xReflex so far and it's performing very well. I also really like the fast reload that is has. It's a very flexible gun in terms of attachments. All that said, the stock Pulsar is nice but I have not tried it out with certs yet.
  17. Maer

    What's wrong with the CME?

    I've been using the 4x and IRNV scopes with much success.. 2.0 KDR playing way more aggressively than anyone ought to, generally speaking. Even at long range, the first shot is spot on. Recoil is manageable and predictable.

    The only downside is that it seems to chew through ammo like crazy, but all of the guns feel like that to me. 6 or 7 kills and I'm out of bullets.
  18. WildCatNL

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but your take on the guns isn’t rely constructive feedback others can use.

    I really like the Equinox: burst, the main reason is it limits you to burst or single shot fire mode.
    The burst limitation could be considered a handicap, because it somewhat limits your rate of fire, however, because it limits your rate of fire, it also increases your accuracy and that is key.

    Highly recommend this gun to anyone who lacks trigger discipline. Firing at full auto, holding down the trigger until the clip is empty, isn’t the way to go in Planetside.

    I’m not a bad shot, but do know that I often lose my cool and fire discipline in close quarter combat situations, mostly because I get spooked. It takes only a few head shots paired with body shots to take out your opponent fast, but this is very difficult to do when you fire at full auto and not with controlled bursts.

    With the burst limitation I’m force to frequently tap the trigger to maintain sustained burst fire, what is way more accurate that full auto. Over time you will get used to this trigger tapping and will continue to do this even when you switch to another weapon, simply because you have grown used to doing it.

    I frequently fallback to the Equinox: burst, only to train my trigger discipline, but also because I like the gun in general.
    Racking up more kills on average compared to the others gun that were available during beta.
  19. Slowjerk

    I prefer the NS11 although it doesn't seem to offer medals like any of the other weapons so no bonus certs.
  20. Blitzkrieg

    H-V45 is the same as the XM9.

    Equinox isn't a bad rifle before you say it sucks. First of all it gives access to launchers which is quite handy. But it has a slow rate of fire but packs more of a punch. Bit of an NC weapon, however it shines at medium ranges, going CQB with this rifle isn't advised. Give the Equinox a decent chance, and you will find it's a very good weapon, but not worth its price tag.

    CME on the other hand provides no real advantage to the standard Pulsar, at all. It has a very slight advantage at medium to long range which a higher velocity, but the difference is minimal. Only thing the CME has over the Pulsar is, it looks quite cool. Apart from that, Pulsar is the champion out of the two.

    The H-V45 though since it is the XM9 Centauri, it's the king of VS assault rifles. Soft Point ammunition, just makes this thing a beast. Although I do miss the 2x Reflex which they removed towards the end of beta, wasn't happy about that one. But the 1x will suffice and this thing owns hard. I'd suggest getting a forward grip and laser sight for this. Fighting at medium ranges forward grip it up! Fighting inside buildings and facilities, Laser Sight will be your best friend with this weapon. Awesome weapon.

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