Vanu weapons?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by qazqazqaz, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Strongback

    NS-11 is pretty darn good in my opinion.
    I would actually buy it if I did play with medic.
  2. Trysaeder

    This. There's little point in buying any AR for the VS medic as there are no truly good variants like the NC and TR ones. If you want a faster rate of fire and better hip fire accuracy, the Centauri/H-v45 is okay and gives you a bit more close range DPS.

    VS have nothing like the Torrent/RF3, which are accurate miniguns that just obliterate people at close-medium range. They also don't have surgically accurate rifles like the T1C or RDMR, which can land consecutive headshots out to 50 metres.

    The pulsar and centauri are the only effective ARs, but the centauri isn't so much better that I'd spend 1000 certs or $7 on it (maybe wait for a sale). I know that rationally, it has very similar modifications to the Torrent/RF3 (+14% DPS), but it doesn't inspire confidence. Maybe it's just the pew pew sound.

    Consider trying out the NS11 rifle; I hear it's just a bit worse than the T1C.

    All VS assault rifles do 14.3 damage per shot. Last sentence reflects my opinion of it. It's decent, but definitely not worth the price. I'd put the value at 100 certs.
  3. ranzle

    I went with the Equinox due to the attachments I can purchase for it (Rail Slot) and it's long range. Since I am a medic I am never on the front line, I'm behind it. I find the gun easy to use and very accurate, it has good reload times and all around decent weapon. Close quarters combat it does lack.
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  4. andeh


    Spent a bit more time playing with he H-V45 and I agree with the above. I wasn't aware they removed the 2x Reflex in Beta (guess it stayed equipped to my XM9 as I'd already bought it prior), but the 1x still gives a noticeable zoom effect over the stock ironsight which helps. With softpoint ammo and foregrip (haven't tried laser) the thing just chews through infantry. Unless my aim goes to pot, the only class I struggle with are heavies with their shield, but even then I still usually come out on top only a little under 50% of the time. The gun is a beast.

    I also had a fair amount of success at longer range either tapping fire (to give a burst effect) and/or switching to single shot mode. The latter isn't practical in a lot of situations but with the nano shield (so I don't die in 1 shot) I've gone toe to toe with infiltrators a few times.

    Anyone running the V45, or any other medic weapon for that matter, with a suppressor? They aren't cheap, and arguably not great for a medic, but thinking it may help to keep me alive a bit longer (I do have a tendency to run off on my own at times) and with the V45 I doubt the degradation in long range accuracy/velocity is going to hurt me.
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  5. Jonny

    Ahhh why? Thats the only gun I used!
  6. Bogarth

    All about that Hydra.
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  7. Blitzkrieg

    Damn right!
  8. Fuman

    thanks..........people are saying the stock is best but I am constantly getting outgunned it seems by heavies........i need a bit more punch
  9. derito

    Well, heavies do have light machine guns. Not to mention their additional shield.
    Anyway you should really give the H-V45 a try. It is very effective and incredibly easy to handle.
  10. Skadi

    WTB Assult rifles for Engineers, no matter what i always feel outgunned, especialy since i haft to engage within ranges where NC and TR guns are meant to be superior over mine.
  11. Aurelea

    So what is the general consensus here? I have a decent amount of cert points and I want to start putting them into a weapon but I can't choose which one.

    So far it seems the pulsar and H-V45 are on the same level of usefulness but it looks like the H-V45 is pulling slightly ahead. I can't make up my mind :(
  12. Boron

    Pulsar vs1 and hv45 have very similar ttk, with hv slightly ahead. HV has a faster rof, but much slower reload speed and is generally worse at long range fights (but not by much). The Pulsar is more versatile, and can get a 2x reflex but cannot get any special ammo types. At launch i used the HV, but have found myself sticking with the pulsar after dying while expending the ammo in my magazine (beamer is **** without a laser dot). The VS1 fast reload speed has saved me many times in cqc, the HV can drop someone slightly faster, but unless you're either an fps god or using an aimbot you will have trouble against multiple opponents due to high RoF and slow reload speed. So to sum it up, HV if your aim is dead on and you wont get caught reloading, VS1 If you like the versatility/long range power.

    Edit: forgot to add in, if you're dead set on spending certs and don't go for the HV, Equinox is the most versatile with its attachments.
  13. qazqazqaz

    I trialed hv45 and reload speed was kinda big deal. Now I don't even know where to go.
  14. Aurelea

    Huh, didn't know you could "trial" a weapon, That's a great idea seeing as it takes alot of time to make the certs needed for a weapon. Got to remember that when I want to make a decision again. But anyways why did you bring the equinox into this? @.@ *sigh*......I trialed the H-V45 and everything you said about it is pretty much spot on.

    Being an "offensive medic" of sorts im never really at long ranges from the enemy but I can tell that trying to kill someone from afar with it will prove far more difficult then if I just close the distance as best as I can while avoiding damage and then lay down fire. reload speed is just atrocious compared to the pulsar and the extra time spent reloading it is far too much time wasted when in the heat of battle. The recoil from it was a problem at first but I got better towards the end of the trial. I think im just going to stick with the pulsar, im sitting on alot-ish cert points now and I need to spend them. Get the grip and reflex as suggested (which sounds like it will make it handle better then it already does) and then get a few ranks into the med tool and see where I want to go from there.
  15. andeh

    Still swear by the Hydra for 1 on 1. Although acknowledge the above comments about reload speed, that plus the high RoF (1 kill usually burns a full clip) means you're limited to one target at a time. Pulsar may be better for taking on multiple targets, but I'd thought you're health would run out (even with the aoe heal to mitigate dmg) before you took 2 people down. Lack of 2x Reflex isn't causing me any problems either it seems, 1x seems sufficient (swap it out for an INVR at night).

    I can see the merit of having something with an under rail so you can mount a gren launcher and pop smoke for AoE rez... haven't really had much use for that yet (especially with heal gun upgraded for 4m rez range)... may give it a try in future for more strategic play or just bite the bullet and buy the rez gren.
  16. Timujingeo

    You're a medic, not an assault class so you should be behind the troops rezzing and keeping people topped off.
    If you want to go head to head with opposing heavies then go heavy assault :D

  17. JohnDoe

    I just put this into another thread a few minutes ago, but this seems like the best place for it. I'm a huge fan of the CME post launch, though I really liked the Centauri much better in beta. I'm well over 200 kills with it, I spend more time with it than any other gun. I have the 2x reflex, silencer, high velocity ammo, and advanced foregrip. I don't know why some people are so against it, I suggest giving it a trial run.
  18. JohnDoe

    That's one way of looking at it. I'm a rezzing machine with my level 5 med app (saving for 6 now), but I think the medic is also the best solo class. I use the CME when I want to be a rifleman and the Nova when I'm in very close quarters.
  19. Domnonos

    Sounds a bit like the way I plan to go, although I'm still unsure whether or not I should get the CME or the Equinox for the medium-long range combat.

    Also what's peoples opinion on the Nova vs the Pandora?
  20. Abyzmul

    There are just to many options but I agree with the above post I need info on the CME and the Equionox cause i am behind the push not in front

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