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  1. Liquidrider

    If you really want to know the reason here you go,1391748000000&zoom=4

    TR Population across almost every server is underpoped. SOE didn't address the population issue in PS1, I don't see them doing it in PS2. And TR pop is continuing to drop.

    Note: It used to not always be like this. This only displays a week. There was a time when TR had the high pop. But it shows the impact of nerfs and buffs in this game. NC Pop skyrockted on December 23 and had remained well above Vanu and TR. Take a good guess why.

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  2. DashRendar

    I never said anything like that. The NC MAX used to be OP. I said the nerf it received was harsh, it was too much, more than needed. Then it got nerfed again. And a third time.

    That's debatable, but I'm not in the mood to argue tonight, so make a thread and someone else will have to do it.

    Prowler HE? Lockdown Prowler HE at launch wasn't obviously the best HE cannon? Lockdown Prowler HE hitting the Crown and TI Alloys totally wasn't the reason why ALL HE shells got ubernerfed shortly after release and haven't been touched since. Oh, THAT.

    Don't tell me you are one of those who is trying to nerf the Vanguard. Seriously just stop, the Vanguard is the worst tank at killing by far including the Lightning, it should really have its main cannon buffed. Only then will it be acceptable to tone down the shield. For now it has to stay or the Vanguard has nothing over a Skilldown Prowler or a Skillstrafe Mag.
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  3. Liquidrider

    Ughh give it a rest. Don't come in here telling TR is OP and not expect people to get upset about it. Do you even play TR? Probably not.
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  4. Tonberry76

    i quit TR even if i love it but the nerf to minigun and striker was to much for me
    i spend alot of real cash in to TR but i cant do it anymore

    atm i test NC but i can kill 10x faster damage output is good to
    thats what i wanne see

    but am afrait what SOE gone do next nerf again and i think its NC turn
    if wish companies stop nerfing alot its not fun anymore
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  5. Liquidrider

    Thank you! That is what I have been trying to point out. The constant nerfing in this game is ruining entire factions. In your case you just switched factions, but my entire friend's list don't even play anymore after the last TR Nerf
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  6. reydelchicken

    I honestly prefer it this way, and I don't think that TR weapons are at any disadvantage compared to the other factions.

    They feel very powerful for me and can take down players in less than a second, this is the case with all factions.
    Besides the TR have very very good weapons such as the medic assault rifles, the repeater and emperor pistols, etc.
  7. EliteEskimo

    Lol look at the alert wins for Mattherson TR. I can't say I'm surprised since we've been consistently underpopulated, at times double teamed, and sometimes both. I'll be interested to see how WDS is somehow balanced so we don't get absolutely stomped on, because while we have good outfits there is only so much you can do when the populations are like this.

  8. MGP

    I'm afraid it's only going to get worse. The NC is most popular faction, they have most of the paying customers, therefore, if SoE want to make more money, they have to release the best toys for NC, and other factions will be getting short ends. SoE will have to keep NC majority happy.

    PS. Now they'll be given a ES sniper rifle that 2-shots a MAX, and 8-shots MBT in rear armor. Yep. You heard it right, 2 clips to kill MBT.
    It's a neverending cycle:
    1. SoE want to keep majority happy and paying.
    2. They give them best hings.
    3. NC overpop become even worse.
    4. Go to 1
  9. Tycoh

    Looks like prime time Mattherson TR on a good day.
  10. WyrdHarper

    I asked someone what live looked like on TS the other day and he replied "It's not that great; it's 35/35/30 right now," to which I replied "so it's a good day, then" to which he replied "no, we're the the 30%" to which I replied "That's what I mean" and then I went and had a good manly cry.
  11. Hatesphere

    Wait so they are only giving one faction a sniper that can damage tanks? thats freaken bonkers SOE.
  12. Brandmon

    Complacency inherited from the days of TR-overpop.

    Having relatively lower pops on average, the NC and VS in the past usually could only resort to outfit play in order to turn to tide of battle in their respective favour. Hence, on average, more NC and VS players roll with an outfit.

    Within the TR on the other hand the trend was to roll alone. There was no real need for outfit successes as a result of a combination of population advantages and better vehicles. This is of course not a disservice to the actual TR outfits that do great work, but for factional success they were not necessary.

    Hence once the vehicles were balanced out and the population was evened out, if not decimated altogether, the old methods simply don't work any more.

    The good thing is that under these conditions, you average TR player will learn. It will, just as it was the case for the VS and NC, take time.
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  13. Tycoh

    If this is true, i'm hauling *** off of TR and heading for NC.

    I'm really doubting that you've ever played on Mattherson for the past year and a half.
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  14. MGP

    Or, in case you don't want to learn, you can switch to NC and wtfpwn everything with superior weaponry.
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  15. Brandmon

    Mattherson TR is a most amusing exception.

  16. MGP

    Just my personal experience.
  17. Brandmon

    As opposed to, you know, facts.
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  18. LordCreepy

    Weapon balance and tactics honestly mean jack **** in this game.
    If you want to cap bases you'll only need 2 things:

    1. a significant population advantage
    2. a way to keep your zerg respwaning

    You'll never cap a 48+ biolab at 50/50 pop period.

    So the only conclusion is:
    TR is underpopped on most servers.

    Btw. population is the same reason VS win every alert on Miller past 10pm.
  19. huller

    notice the part where he keeps yelling "MUH STATZ" as argument for "TROPNERFNERF" but then proceeds to yell that the nerfs to the scattermax were unfair while that max STILL outpreforms the TR max by 50%.

    Just another day for forumside NC.

    Basicaly the last ten months or so have been an anti TR ********** both on the forums and in the game. Double teaming TR, especialy when underpop, has become a way of life for them and the only justification they have is "omg TR overpop of 4 months aggo"
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  20. Flukeman62

    1. there is undeniable evidence that people are gravitating towards the NC.
    2. there is undeniable evidence of a TR nerf having happened.
    3. There is undeniable evidence of a NC buff haffing happened.

    Conclusion: the facts point towards a shifting group who, in the words of MGP, "don't want to learn" and they are therefore leaving TR and joining the NC because it's easier.

    These are the facts and my conclusion. They seem to not be in your favour and therefore I will use them to dispute your point and state that people are joining the NC because they are easier to play as.
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