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  1. Aegie

    Sorry, perhaps I was not being clear. I'm not referring to weapon stats but performance outcomes (SPM, KPH, KPU, KDR, etc.) that come from the entire population. You're right, on paper things can look balanced (e.g. weapon stats look okay) but the outcomes may be imbalanced (e.g. certain weapons, types of weapons, etc. may result in much greater levels of performance).
  2. AdmiralArcher

    well because you clearly are unaware of map distortion, here are the numbers

    US-all territories and islands 3,794,100 sq miles (CIA factbook)

    Europe-(not accurate since it includes Russia technically)- 3,930,100

    so, europe would still fit onto America if you were just looking at a map, but Europe is a tiny bit bigger
  3. Thardus

    What part of "Look at a globe" implies I don't know what Map Distortion is? That's why I said Globe, not Map.
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  4. d3adline

    Because we're Planetside2's stormtroopers.

    This is what SOE has in mind when "balancing" the TR small arms arsenal,

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  5. KoS-1

    Map distortion comes from trying to project a 3D object onto a 2D object. The real world onto a piece of paper.

    Globes have them to, they are not a accurate representation either.

    Different types of map projections, causes different kinds of map distortions.
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  6. KAHR-Alpha

  7. Megaman3300

    There's a few reasons as to why TR tends to lose so many alerts.

    1. Population.
    2. A lack of solid weaponry that has a defined role to fill in the battlefield.
    3. An across the board lack of accuracy.
    4. On Mattherson, we lack the stupidly skilled (or unethical, depending on your viewpoint) outfits that the VS have (DA and NNG come to mind), and the best outfits tend to be primarily VS alts (Read: FRZA and EXOC).
    5. Although this is nowhere near as much of a problem as it once was, the dissolution of TE and ULTRA had a resounding effect on the morale of the TR across the entire game, to say nothing of Mattherson. This led to a power vacuum on Mattherson which has just recently been filled through the cooperation of myself, my outfit leader, and about 25 other leaders across the TR. Leadership is still an issue on Waterson and I think Ceres, though.
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  8. AdmiralArcher

    numbers are both better and more helpful when it comes down to this, which is why i gave them instead of "looking at a globe" because if you do look at a globe, America is much bigger than europe, due to alaska, but the numbers say otherwise, now if i was to be proper and gauge it by only north America Vs Europe (Europe stops at the urals) then the sizes are considerably different, i think it was around 9 million sq miles when i was looking earlier.

    regardless, the numbers are far more acccurate then some map or a globe
  9. KAHR-Alpha

    I think what you don't get is that Thardus comment was most definitely aimed at "no its not.......we have alaska....which is nearly the same size as the continental united states......"

    This is what is so wrong about what you said, because there's a 4.7x difference between the area of Alaska (1,717,854 km2) and the area of the Contiguous US (8,080,464.3 km2).

    Also, Iridar51's comment about how Europe is bigger is definitely aimed at the population in the current context.
  10. Nerd Mode

    So is Africa.
  11. Iridar51

    You don't say.
    No, I was talking about their physical size. Only I was comparing Europe to US, not the whole continent.
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  12. Nerd Mode

    Yes, I do say. And I don't care about Africa either. Or is it neither?
  13. Iridar51

    Not sure.

    My point is - the fact that you don't care about Europe doesn't automatically mean that everybody else doesn't care.
  14. Nerd Mode

    Does it hurt knowing that I don't care? Do you care about North America?
  15. Iridar51

    No. What does this have to with anything? All I'm saying is straighten out your statement. Either you state that you don't care about Europe, which is fine, or you're stating that nobody cares about Europe, which simply isn't true.
  16. Nerd Mode

    My original statement: EU: Who cares? I was speaking in generalities, and you can take it any way you wish.
  17. Iridar51

    Oh, hello there Mr. Literal, I didn't recognize you at first. The answer to your question is "I care".
  18. ikillyou1990

    Looks quite a bit like Connery... :(
  19. KoS-1

  20. TomaHawk

    I said that tongue in cheek, but this idea would still be more interesting to me than current "derp hold 6 tuna sandwiches and u w1n" alerts.