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  1. Boomotang

    No. The NC are the private corporations. You know, hence the title NEW CONGLOMERATE.

    Who do you think makes the weapons for the US military, or any other military.
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  2. Axehilt

    At least on Connery, population drives a lot of it for pop-influenced alerts (global pop is a major factor in winning multi-continent alerts.)

    Participation and leadership are the other parts. Connery TR is noticeably worse at making good strategic decisions and I'll see them have a chance at winning but then toss it away by wasting lots of manpower on the other underdog faction (which causes both underdogs to lose horribly while the pop leader laughs and enjoys a free win -- a win mostly earned by whichever underdog initiated the underdog vs. underdog fight, which is most often the TR.)
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  3. z1967

    Yes! I knew I wasn't crazy! TR Connery have no idea what they are doing half of the time. It would be great if we could get the outfits together and decide what to do strategically instead of zergy.
  4. xArchAngelx


    "The New Conglomerate was initially formed on Earth, over a century before the wormhole collapse as a mega-collective of civilian corporations who worked alongside the Terran Republic government on virtually every project throughout the solar system."

  5. Masterofm

    4th factioning exists. I think it's time we understand this and move on. There will always be a "flavor of the month" and true balance will never exist. It is a myth. NC are now the new flavor of the month. To deny this is to deny the population problem that occurs on almost every single server. In the same way that when the TR were too powerful they had the population or when the VS had it.

    Much of the good TR outfits lost their leadership. Many of the good ones had key players banned, or lose interest in the game. Shortly after beta much of Connery's good commanders were gutted.
  6. Akeita

    XPIV & EXE : Zerg em'
    MERC & TRG : We only seek to fight Recursion and never waste our time on alerts
    Aftershox : These guy actually pretty decent, you should try them out
  7. Aegie

  8. iwbs

    Population. It really is that simple.
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  9. RJGatling

    Yeah, our (Mattherson) 18% world pop on this alert last night was sweet! We do sometimes have a slight pop advantage for about an hour or two in the morning on weekdays between Wednesday and Friday.
  10. axiom537

    Yes the TR got nerfed, they had numerous weapons, that where ridiculously over powered for MONTHS, supported by in game experiences and hard data, which showed all of these weapons vastly out performing their VS & NC counterparts.

    NC have received no buffs, virtually nothing has changed in regards to NC weapons in the last few months, If they were not considered OP before the PU2, then they are not OP after the PU2 because nothing has changed in regards to their weapons.

    The TR had many superior weapons, which not only gave them a distinct advantage in game as supported by the data, they also had a population advantage for much of that time as well, these changes since PU2 has been a big blow to their self esteem.

    Since the TR have been brought in line with the other factions, this has been a demoralizing blow for them in a few ways. First their OP weapons have been brought in line and that is difficult to deal with since they have been accustomed to those stronger weapons, which gave them a direct and indirect advantage on the playing field. This change has also resulted in many of the 4th factioners abandoning them, many of which headed to the NC since in comparison to the other empires they are no longer at as great a disadvantage weapon wise, but this is not because the NC are OP, or have been buffed, but rather they are now more balanced.

    This is tough pill too swallow, it is going to take weeks if not months for the TR to work through this and after we have a few months of data we can all have a look and see how the weapons and vehicles are performing, once the dust settles. I know for one the Vulcan on the prowler, looks like it needs a change, but only as long as that doesn't apply to the harasser Vulcan, which was the primary reason for its nerf to begin with, but the Vulcan on the prowler just doesn't make sense.

    Personally I think all three factions are in a pretty good place right now for balance. The fact remains as you say the TR just got a big hit in the Nerf bat, that doesn't mean they are gimped, but it is demoralizing and I think that is the biggest issue right now, LOW TR MORALE. Once the sting of the nerf fades and the dust settles hopefully populations will balance out a bit more.
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  11. bwiin

    I didn't start this post to organize a flame war, but to ask an intelligent question why. From whati heard a few months ago NC was the weakest
  12. bwiin

    See this is a good answer. It doesn't scream TR sucks TR sucks, but organization might not be as good. It doesnt however explain why they are losing so much across the board. Stronger weapons do not mean you will win an alert.
  13. Aegie

    The answer to your question, as many have already pointed out, is population.

    Whether that is overall population or population that participates in the alert, the answer is population. Factions (in terms of weapon performance) are arguably more balanced now than ever before. Still a few outliers perhaps (e.g. Prowler Vulcan) but nothing like it has been.

    Alert outcomes, even when things were relatively worse balance-wise, very often result from population factors and, if pops are relatively equal, then it usually comes down to how many are actively participating in the alert, then what the large outfits decide to do, then other issues (like weapon imbalance, but the evidence for weapon imbalance is elsewhere- i.e. performance stats- and if it is genuine and stable then there will probably be convergent evidence across metrics, perhaps including other things like alerts, WDS, etc.).

    TR does not suck, no faction sucks, and anyone who tries to responds with "L2P" (without actually giving concrete advice or examples with specific strategy/tactic/loadout, etc.) or "X faction sucks" is, IMO, violating the forum guidelines because it is not constructive and is provocative (even in the unlikely event the poster did not intend for it to be provocative).

    TLDR: A lot of people have already answered correctly- population.
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  14. bwiin

    Well you said that all 3 factions are pretty closely balcned so why the low amount of TR. I like to have fair fights
  15. xArchAngelx

    Actually you are wrong. Both the NC and VS have received the ADS .75x buff, The Jackhammer was buffed while the minigun was nerfed. The Secondary weapons for the NC and VS MBTs have gotten buffs, but the Vulcan has been nerfed to beyond usability. In General, the NC arsenal out performs the TR and VS. The VS weaponry is about equal with the TR.
  16. Aegie

    TR had the majority population for the majority of the life of the game thus far. They also had a host of weapons that were out performing other faction counterparts to the point they were dominating several weapon classes- this was more or less since release and was verified over time with convergent evidence from a variety of performance metrics. Search the forum history and you will find this. Overall, a lot of this was due to a general game play issue that tended to favor weapons styled for hipfire CQC combat- where TR, naturally, excelled.

    PU2 addressed some of this and no it was not a TR nerf. They nerfed everyone's hipfire (a little) and everyone's laser sights (a little) and changed NW so that headshots ignore the damage reduction (for more reasons than just this, i.e. HA was dominant due to shield+NW). They also nerfed everyone's weapons with .75x ADS multipliers because these were everywhere the best in class (because there was no trade off for the .75x multiplier).

    There is evidence they did over nerf the Prowler Vulcan, as I and many others had warned them was likely to happen but the only pre- post- PU2 data comparison shows that TR is still leading in the same weapon categories they always have been, just not by as much.

    One popular theory as to why the current low TR population is that many of these players were only TR because they, overall, had the highest scoring and highest performing equipment- so they have left. This then combines with low TR morale because they are not as dominant as they once were and then creates something of a snowball effect due to people, generally, not liking to play the under populated faction- see axiom's post above.

    Some TR have started to point out they they lack diversity and this could account for some of the drop. I have to agree here that TR does seem to lack diversity and in some cases (like the Striker) have ES weapons that highly resemble NS weapons. Although, the popularity of this sentiment certainly saw a huge upswing, unsurprisingly, following the PU2 balance pass.
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  17. Aegie

    It does? Could you show me?
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  18. Rogueghost

    Kneel and repent!
  19. axiom537

    I hardly think the ADS change is game changing faction over powering buff. I have no idea about the Jackhammer and the secondary for the NC is still a POS and incredibly underperforms vs the other factions equivalent AI ES secondaries, the fact you include it as a buff for the NC really shows you are grasping at straws.

    I mentioned that the Vulcan on the prowler is junk, welcome to the club the NC Cannister is a POS as well. I have not seen any data that shows the NC arsenal outperforming the TR or the VS. Most everything I have seen shows the empires are pretty balanced. If you can point me to the data showing this across the board general out performance I would be more then happy to examine it. I think this is more of an opinion than a fact backed by any evidence.
  20. Liquidrider

    NC and VR got what they wanted. To nerf TR to a point where our knife is OP o_O
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