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  1. bwiin

  2. CptSundancer

    Many, many, many reasons why. Simplest this one:

    "I'm not part of any organized faction. I'm a TR."
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  3. Aegie

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  4. Iridar51

    Because they have the sense to not care about alerts?
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  5. TomaHawk

    Why? Because alerts are worthless. They don't change how you play the game. Taking a base, regardless of where or what type, changes nothing. Winning an alert, nothing.

    I just want to kill NC and Vanu. That's all I care about. Shoot, burn, blow up, stab, run over, doesn't matter.

    If there were Body Count Alerts, then I'd be interested.
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  6. M2_Bradley

    Actually TR seems to be more like "throwing tactical flash bang...stand by.Sir,it appears the flash-bang thrower's flash-bang bounced off in the wrong direction and flash banged all our forces in the facility.This caused all our troops to be killed and we must retreat immediately."
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  7. Nerd Mode

    Yes, population.

    Mattherson: VS zerg rides that wave with pride, NC gets a few, TR gets even less.
    Connery: VS population "outsmarts" the others with NC picking up a few scraps, TR doesn't even show up on the board this week.
    Waterson: NC population wins but still manageable by the other 2 factions, VS and TR about even.

    Who cares?
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  8. M2_Bradley

    How dare you not care for Swiss cheese and British oatmeal...British oatmeal is best oatmeal.
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  9. Iridar51

    Everyone would just spawn a vehicle with something explosive and farm for two hours. Except for biolabs, those would be filled with MAXes.
  10. Iridar51

    You do realize that Europe is actually bigger than US, right?
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  11. Paperlamp

    I would bet MAXes is the answer, and/or pop disadvantage.

    Both NC and VS have had better reasons to cert into their MAXes during their overpowered phases(hacksaw/ZOE) so they just tend to have more players pulling MAXes which is mostly how you win any indoor battle outside of sheer numbers at least.
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  12. FieldMarshall

    Most people?
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  13. WyrdHarper

    Not according to the English girl I dated.

    But yeah, Europe has players, too, and shouldn't be discounted in these things. TR pop has been pretty low since PU02 for whatever reason (*cough*carbines*cough*), and NC has been FOTM, it seems, and since alerts are 50% pop-determined, it's not surprising TR has been doing so poorly.
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  14. DashRendar

    Because without OP weapons and vehicles, have to use tactic. And tactic is hard.
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  15. CrashB111

    If you are calling the Vulcan, Prowler and Mosquito OP then just lol.
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  16. Liquidrider

    It is because they have gotten nerfed to the point where people have either quit the game or switched factions

    To make matters worst the population balance has gotten so bad that even more people are leaving. (This will come to light during the WDS). Majority of my outfit have started playing other games :-\
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  17. Liquidrider

    Do you play TR? Do you have a BR passed 75 with a TR character? It does entertain me when people chant nerf, or a faction is OP. Little do those people know they are ruining the game.
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  18. Rogueghost

    Fear the mighty Trac-5 Burst!

    Kneel before it's mighty dakka and repent!
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  19. DashRendar

    The Vulcan was harshly nerfed last patch, so was the NC MAX shortly after release and we NC had to adapt to the change over the course of the last year, so my compassion is low if that's what you were looking for. The Marauder, Vulcan, AA LD AP Prowler, M18 Rotary all used to be OP by a fair margin. Every SINGLE method of representing farmed statistics showed the same story. If you can't admit that, then I don't know what to tell you.

    The Prowler main cannon and Mosquito M18 rotary are in very good places now. They're unique and powerful, but way better balanced than they were pre GU02. The Vulcan/Striker are crap and the Marauder doesn't even perform the same role anymore. The nerfed Marauder still performs almost twice as well as the buffed C85 that happened in the same patch. So you can get a feel for how things used to be and why the NC have been so frustrated with how things were for so long.

    Balanced games live longer. If I or anyone is getting passionate about the game needing changes, then it's because we want the game to succeed.
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  20. CrashB111

    I take it you are one of the NC that still denies that it was OP to be able to see an enemy MAX suit, and before they could even turn around to run away they died to the near instant TTK that scatter MAX suits had against other MAX at launch?

    The Vulcan was never near that level of broken, nor was anything else in the TR arsenal. Even at its strongest the Striker let you press F to win if you were attacked by one.
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