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  1. Metallic123

    I made a fresh NC guy and my KDR is 3 right now. Love that saw, my money shot gun. I wish I didn't uraxium it so fast though.!/5428163811549661617

    Jan 18
  2. MGP

    And my NC stats are much higher then my TR stats. All my friends who got both NC and TR chars got way better stats with NC.
    My stats are the evidence.
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  3. QuarkDoe

    Don't know, but on Miller TR takes most alerts. So it not question on faction abilities and weapons balance.
  4. NC_agent00kevin

    Then my stats are evidence that VS is nearly twice as Op as NC!
  5. Aegie

    Keep going guys, just a few thousand more other players and we may have something meaningful.
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  6. Metallic123

    Well I bleed blue now so it doesn't bother me :)
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  7. Aegie

    That's cool, I have been on a bit of a hiatus for various reasons but I hope to get some time during WDS to flesh out my TR alt- though, I do kind of begrudge that the mergers resulted in that character being on the same server as my NC.
  8. DrPapaPenguin

    The alert should be hidden then, and you would only know that it's on when awards are handed out.
  9. maudibe

    I could swear i remeber that map being like 2 weeks ago when as playing TR we had about 1/3 of the pop on indar but only 5 % of the territory. How is that possible as I know TR is not horrible as a fighting force and even taking on the Vanu and NC without them fighting each other we should have done better than that.
  10. Flickory

    Bumity bump for the badass
  11. TheRunDown

    I would imagine an actual PlanetSide player (non of this MLG Sh*t) would not be a fan of Alerts.

    Anyone from PlanetSide 1 would prefer the map being their Empire Colour then have a continue lock after capturing all the bases.
    There are many things in PlanetSide 2 that stop PlanetSide 2 from being PlanetSide, it's all designed to keep the battles going forever.

    The Lattice system was only implement after players started to work out that the old Hex system was keep battles Random because of its Free 2 Play nature, but the actual dedicated fan base was from PlanetSide.

    In my eyes, PlanetSide 2 is not PlanetSide, it's just a game that has the names and empires in it.

    Until we get, Home Worlds, Sanctaries, Lockable none home whole continents, and this MLG base designs removed and most of all a bunch of Devs that actually make well balanced weapons and ignores crying. It will never be PlanetSide.

    If I had the monies and the right contacts.. I'd remake PlanetSide 1 on the ForgeLight engine. PlanetSide 1 was and is a better game, it's just too old..
  12. Meccar

    That's because Miller is pretty much the only server where TR consistently have a decent pop.