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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Sparks, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Gurra

    Bumping back up
  2. Tywar

    Nice to play with u guys... Nice job on Amerish tonight...

    [FDS] PL
  3. Mordus

    Bump from FU
  4. Gurra

    Bumping this back up OC starting back up!
  5. Sparks

    Looking for fresh meat again!
  6. Gurra

    Poking back up!
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    Back to the first page with you thread!
  9. tugainuk

    hey i sent a registration aplication but i need my activation email resent i didnt get it and ive checked everyfolder
    name was tugainuk
  10. Sparks

    Your account is activated now, you should be able to log in now if not let me know.
  11. PC32435

    bumping back up
  12. Mordus

  13. PC32435

  14. PC32435

  15. MaliaroPeos

    Hi guys, i am a new player of the Planetside 2 and i am currently learning this time. I wish to enter your outfit cause i am sick and tired of getting into squads with no team co-op at all. I am intrigued with your organization and i want to be a part of it. I have tried all the classes and i like engineer and heavy trooper. Also i like being in a vehicle and provide support with either repairing(engineer) or shooting. Ofc i will try any other class in which this outfit is at need! Plz respond me here or ingame at how i can join u! To save ur time, i have read everything in your website and i am willing to do them.Thx for your time. Oh and i am playing mostly at night and sometimes at noon!
  16. nbuo2

    bump for the OC from your buddies at OCB, these guys kick A R S E
  17. Sparks

    Bump, also gratz to Gurra for being our new CoF member :).
  18. [OC] svic

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    Bumping back to first page.
  20. PC32435


    Welcoming all Woodman TR to find a home