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  1. Sparks

    Outcasters are recruiting and if you're looking for a European, multinational TR outfit please at least consider us.

    As an outfit we started in 2003 and we were a notable outfit within the TR empire for many years. We were the first and to date the only TR outfit on the european server to achieve the maximum of 10 million outfit points.

    Outfit organisation:
    We have a structured organisation, it's being run by a council of five and appointed officers and we work for the good of the Empire to bring peace and harmony at the point of a gun.

    Recruitment policy:
    Outcasters has always operated recruitment with an open door policy, we are more than happy to have players completely new to the game join our ranks as much as we are pleased when notable players of the game take up their Cyclers in our name.
    We only ask for a few small things when you want to join:

    • The first is that you register at our website www.outcasters.net using your ingame character name as your username so that you can keep up to date on everything that's going on.
    • The second thing is that you use Teamspeak 3, we have our own private server the details of which can be found on our forums. We use Teamspeak as our primary form of communication whilst ingame, we do use the Planetside 2 In Game VOIP but only on very rare occasions.
    • The third and almost final things is that you play with the outfit using your primary character, we understand some people have more than one character but we ask that if you join Outcasters you use your main character and of course they must be a soldier of the Terran Republic.
    Last but by no means least we expect all of our members to enjoy Planetside 2 because we are all here to have fun at the end of the day, therefore we do expect a certain level of maturity from all players. We recommend players below the age of 16 years old contact a member of the Council of Five or an Outcasters Officer before joining.

    General rules:
    • Members must register at www.outcasters.net and use our Private Teamspeak 3 Server at all times.
    • Teamspeak is mandatory whilst in squads.
    • Members must not intentionally kill another TR soldier for any reason.
    • Members must not use any cheats or exploits in any game we play, we are signed up at an Anti-Cheating agreement as an entire outfit.
    • Members should treat all players with respect at all times (see below)
    Of course as we're all human we can all get annoyed at times so we need to take that into consideration. Anyone can get annoyed that's called being a human being. It's also easy to annoy someone else without meaning to so people need to make some allowance on both sides of the equation.

    Squad rules:
    • Squad leaders can use their discretion to give their squad members specific roles provided they support the objectives of the platoon leader.
    • Listen to what your squad leader and platoon leader are saying and act on what they say instantly.
    • If you have something to say and another player is talking wait until they have finished, do not interrupt anybody on teamspeak or in game voip.
    • Keep chatter on teamspeak or in game voip to a minimum, especially at peak times. General conversations are certainly not outlawed but bear in mind that others don’t always need to know what you’ve had to eat especially when we’re conducting an operation.
    • If you are going Away From Keyboard (AFK) for any amount of time, 1 minute to 1 hour then please say so and leave the squad until your return.
    • A platoon or squad leader must never go AFK without assigning another player to take the position.
    • In-game platoon and squad leaders must give up the position if requested to by a higher ranked player within the outfit.
    • Members of a platoon/squad are required to use our teamspeak 3 server at all times.
    Promotion within the outfit is perfectly possible. I know I started as a recruit too.

    I invite you to join us. If you're interested check out www.outcasters.net or find one of the following people ingame:



    And we're not always super serious so if you're looking for a laid back outfit to shoot some barneys and smurfs come join the fray with us:

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  2. Heero

    +1 for the MAX Crashingness!
  3. Sparks

    Tired of receiving hate for rocket pod spamming? Come join the Outcasters air cav and we'll welcome you with open arms, could do with some more of you again ;).
  4. nommy

    you guys sound like fun!
    is you in game name sparks?
    add me Nommy or nommy10
    hope 2 see you in-game.
  5. Sparks

    List of people who can invite you are in the OP, you could also register at www.outcasters.net (you can find TS details there, it's just a lot faster to get onto TS and ask for an invite instead of searching for specific people ingame). Still at work so better chance of hopping on TS for a quick invite ;). Usually there's always someone online who can give you an invite.

    My ingame name is SparksMKII because of the wonderfull alpha squad name reservation fails on SOE's part -_-.
  6. nommy

    ok cool will do... just sign up on your website :D
  7. Parity

    Have had a lot of fun with these guys. Talented pilots, gunners and overall great crew to run with.
  8. Sparks

    Could do with a couple more meatshields.......................

    um I didn't say that I meant active team players ofcourse, we got your back!
  9. Snifnix

    I've tried to whisper 6 of the guys on the admin list like 5 times on 5 different days at different times and haven't been able to find one of you guys online :(
  10. L4G

    Hi Snifnix, make sure you add us to your friends list then you'll see at least one of us online.

    In the mean time if you head to www.outcasters.net and is you register say hello and find us in game a little easier.
  11. Sparks

    Are you tired of libs and ESF farming you? Then join us because we like to do things like this:

  12. korpisoturi

    yep this is a time for OC to shine , in PS1 they had quantity but not quality wich why they get "farmed"thru years, but now its all about numbers,so finally quantity goes over quality.
  13. Sparks

    Yet you care enough about us to come insult us here? OC wishes you a happy new year too korpi good to see you're still such a great sport! :eek:

    Farmed? lol you mad?

    If you play TR on Miller server and are sick of crybabies like Korpi , then come and join the OC and give them a well deserved *** kicking.

    The best wishes for 2013 to everyone out there!

    see you in game!
  15. Blizzzz

    OC are the best :D
  16. korpisoturi

    insulting ? do i insult you or OC if i say the truth ?

    Why don't you take your **** over to your own outfit topic instead of trolling around in our recruitment tread?.

    Go to www.outcasters.net for more information about our outfit. If you are interested post on our forums and hop on teamspeak to get an invite.

    Best wishes for 2013!

    Outcasters are looking for new recruits to bring the fight to our enemies !

    You got what it takes?

    Sign up on our forum

    Cu on the battlefield soldier!
  19. schrodingers_cat

    pretty sure ive sniped all of the names in the op
    anyway from the NC good luck and i hope we meet on the battlefield (preferably through my scope)
  20. Nagant

    Might be a bit late to refer on this one, but Korpi is somewhat right. There were times when OC greatly relied on sheer numbers back in PS1. That's because we took a different approach like you Mercs guys did. You were a formidable foe for sure, but don't forget that your elitist playstyle was completly the opposite of what OC have done for years.

    We have accepted everyone, helped day1 BR1 newbs to learn the ropes and we did it as our default setting. We have always had a solid core of veterans and a whole lot of recruits with different level of experience ranging from "How do I change to greater personal armour?" to solid squaddies who can do any jobs done. We have never waved our e-peeee... ego how great we are, we simply did our job on the battlefield.

    With this approach it is a safe bet that at least 80% of late Werner TR had been Outcaster once... (just kidding, but a significant amount of people learned the basics from us.) And we usually said goodbye to members without hard feelings mutually when the time come. Therefore we have lots of people to contact when we are looking for backup or manpower for a plan.

    And even with the usual ballast of the new recruits, we had often met on the battlefield playing the same game with the MERCS. Opening conts, fighting for cavelocks, attacking and defending key targets - these were often good and balanced fights with good personal skills and coordination on both sides. And you never knew the outcome.

    Planetside (both 1 and 2) being a game with such a steep learning curve needs outits who don't measure their value by their members on the top of the killstreak. Someone must take care of the people playing the game, if the game is so complex and lacks newb training this badly. So we will be here, we will have numbers - and we will have officers, leaders and even lots of everyday squaddies with solid understanding of the game, good personal skills and expertise - and a large bunch of guys (and occasionally girls) willing to cooperate - to act as our motto says:

    AS ONE!

    Ps.: It was so nice to see you in your glorious yellow- blue max armour! Korpi in a MAX - finally there is hope that something in our universe is eternal and reliable! :)

    BTW: How is the Mercs doing in PS2?

    PS2: How less of 2 squads of OC cleaned a tower in about 3 minutes, killing at least 13 scatmaxes and some squiehees without losses - and old PS1 video...

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