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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Sparks, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. GhostAvatar

    And not always in that order of priority :p
  2. Ethancol

    Cool, where's the dotted line to sign! Definately down for this, signed up to the forum, who should I message ingame?
  3. Banokles

    Hiya guys, this outfit sounds perfect. I have also signed up on the forum and was wondering who would be best to contact for an invite in game. Cheers!
  4. Gurra

    you can contact on of the council of five Blackdrag0n / kingwi11y / Darkard and Sparksmk11 or you can also send me a tell and ill contact any officer
  5. Sparks

    Thanks to all who participated in our public platoon yesterday!

    Always recruiting teamplayers so give us a shout if you are one at www.outcasters.net
  6. tflblackdragon

    Yesterday leading the platoon was great deal and was fun to see that we make a difference where we go for caps or re secure , thanks to all that have participate in our public platoon for the great response and actions that we take ,i hope you enjoy our public platoon ,and you will join us for another great adventure against the zerg :) in the next public platoons that we will make.

  7. Kingwi11y

    Welcome to Banokles, Ethancol and all others who joined yesterday - hope to see you guys online with us again over the next few days :)
    Nice gameplay yesterday - with members in recruitment squads working very well alongside our regulars - hope we'll run some more recruitment events soon
    Register on our forum at outcasters.net to introduce yourself and apply for membership of the outfit
    We are not a zerg-fit, we run regular ops every day into the evening as well as training sessions for newer members
    See you on the battlefield...
    Choo-choo motha fookers :D
  8. Sparks

    If you'd have your way King you'd just rename the outfit Shotguns & Harassers :rolleyes:.

    Don't let him trick you into it new members!
  9. GhostAvatar

    Ahhh, Kingwi11y, how we love you so o_O
  10. GhostAvatar

  11. Squirreli

    We dont:
    -Blindly follow zergs around and camp at secured bases
    -Micromanage every player just for some egoboost
    -Get angry at players if things don't go our way

    We do:
    -Use varied, solid strategies and tactics to win fights. We have a sizable core of experienced players, which gives us tools for most situations.
    -Utilize our numbers in a quality-over-quantity way in a place where it matters.
    -Have fun and enjoy the game. Sure, sometimes we take one for the Republic but good challenging fights (and Teamspeak banter) is why we play the game!

    So, what are you waiting for? Join up now! ;)

    PS. We generally will not accept very young players.
    PSS. We do not have a Battle Rank requirement. Experience is good and all, but any member who is willing to use teamwork and to learn is welcome!
    PSSS. Outcasters.net
  12. GhostAvatar

    PSSSS. There was this one time at band camp....
  13. OldMaster80

    Hi, BR59 playing since beta here, I was on PS1 as well. I'm looking for a well organized outfit putting tactics before K/D and certs farming.
    I've registred on your website, I have TS3 and I think all requirements are fulfilled.

    Nick in game: Zipfer

    What else do I need?
  14. Squirreli


    To get your forum rights sorted, could you please shoot a message on our New Members -thread:

    Then you'll need to be online at the same time as an officer/council of five member to get the ingame outfit invite. The easiest way to get that done is to get on our teamspeak and ask around or look at our frontpage (http://outcasters.net/) and shoot a /tell to someone ingame (Either from the Online -list or Teamspeak list, as our TS names should always match the character name) and ask for invite. They'll direct you to an officer if we have one online!
  15. Gurra

    Bumping back up and for our third guy in the outfit that is br 100 Ghostavatar!

    We are still looking for Fresh new blood to fill our ranks!
  16. Ethancol

    Tis a wicked outfit to play with, deffo give it a try!
  17. Sparks

    We'll be running public platoons more again so jump in one if you see it. Always recruiting good team players!
  18. GhostAvatar

    Also still looking for meat shields to protect me from BlackDragon.
  19. Sparks

    We do not guarantee your safe arrival on the battlefield, if we even manage to get that far!

  20. GhostAvatar

    5 people, 1 Flash.

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