Time to remove the C4

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Celtin, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. LordKrelas

    What else is going to allow a Tank to not be just unstoppable unless outnumbered severely, while not having to even pay attention?

    Tanks have a Top-Gun, a Primary Weapon, can equip radars, have 360 degrees of vision nearly at will, and need to only kill the squishiest targets, at ranges most weapons fail to even hit let alone Kill in singular shots.

    If you get C-4'd, you definitely didn't play as well as the LA did, unless they were in a Valk throwing C-4 down.
    If the LA isn't surprise attacking the Tank, It's a dead LA.
    To have to have two LA's manage to both do this feat & live at the same time, promotes Tanks to simply not care about about Infantry unless there is enough rockets flying by to instantly kill them.

    Bad positioning of the Tank, does not mean C-4 isn't near suicide.
    The Tank has all the options in the world to protect against an LA.
    What does a Tank fear? Liberators, and C-4.
    C-4 requires for most cases, an LA to basically touch the tank with two C-4, and live long enough after that to detonate.
    Soon Tanks will have C-4 Armor, ensuring it takes multiple C-4 per tank.
    An LA can only kill a tank if both land - For instant damage, otherwise it must be exposed for an extended period of time to near one-hit weapons to actual one-hit weapons from the Tank.

    A bloody spitfire can deny a LA, near a Stationary Tank.
    A moving tank? Good luck with that C-4.

    Should a Tank be immune while Solo, near everything but a Liberator? no.
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  2. ListenTourBalls

    In general I agree with you. I guess my main interest here is I feel that tanks are not durable enough against some weapons but too durable against others, but perhaps that's not necessarily an issue related only to c4. Personally I'd like to see a reduction in effectiveness of c4 maybe with a compensatory buff to the rock let launcher and/or dumbfire rockets against tanks. But as I've said before I do like things how they are
  3. LordKrelas

    Your prayer is answered on PTS: go try out the C-4 Armor, it helps with reducing C-4 damage.

    The more powerful the Rocket-Launcher, the more powerful in general against targets;
    Do recall, a Rocket is a long-ranged explosive, C-4 is knife-range.
    You also pay nanites for C-4, but not for rockets, which also can be replenished in the Field unlike C-4.
    Aka the problem with buffing Rockets against tanks - As well, as Heavies being the most common infantry & always packing a rocket.
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  4. ListenTourBalls

    Interesting, I did not know about the c4 armor. I'm still learning the little details of the game so I haven't checked out pts servers. Indeed that is the answer to my prayers lol. I will miss having side armor on my vanguard though. If it is implemented then absolutely c4 should stay the way it is
  5. Violence777

    OP has zero clue.
  6. Bovine74

    As people have said if you take it away from Light *** then vehicles literally rule the game, there would be no counter to vehicles other than other vehicles. HA and Engies will never get to place a C4, the only way a LA does it is to sacrifice everything for mobility, jump in and brick them for a heavy cert cost
  7. sovietwarbear NL

    C4 is not onlye problem. its LA when i drive battle bus or prowler or harasser close all dmg i get is from C4 and rocket pistol even game got HA to kill armor its LA who kill more or do more dmg then HA. and faster

    max need run flack armor all time why ? C4 from HA or medic nope its because LA with C4 and rocket pistol

    when i need kill max or sunderer i go LA not my HA.

    last clear room with 8/9 ppl how ? just 2 C4 and my HC1 gun for last 3 persons who had no shield and low healt. i cant even do that with max or HA with my T7 MCG

    and with all LA can hold on his boddy thy stil cal it LA lol and now thy give LA new jump jet to.
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  8. Halkesh

    C4 effectiveness is reduced on PTS :
    max damage radius lowered to 1m (from 2m)
    tanks have access to flank armor which reduce C4 damage enough so 2 brick will make them burn instead of being destroyed.
  9. Baulk

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. I call those LAs C4 bunnies. They are everywhere. It's ridicuolous. I don't know if the devs actually intended for C4 to be used liek this but I think not. It's like a joke, a gimmick which is now used all the time.

    One hting they could do is to implement charge time or something liek that. So that you would need to be on the gorund or near an object to actually place the C4 and then detonate.
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  10. CMDante

    Time to stop crying for everything in the game to be nerfed. Let things be powerful and scary.

    Please and thank you.
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  11. LordKrelas

    And that's how it never again kills a tank or anything, without the victim being oblivious or unlucky.
    Which means tanks have not a thing to kill them from infantry.
  12. PolishKruk

    What about HA AT rockets?

    Your entire argument in this thread is focusing on just one class and only one class being used to counter vehicles and claiming that they are already weak to vehicles and completely ignoring the fact that they are not the best class for the job to begin with while ignoring that other classes have the tools to do it better. You are in fact a Hanzo Main.
  13. LordKrelas

    You mean the things repaired instantly, that haven't be scaring off tanks once?

    My entire argument is on C-4, not any specific class.
    Tanks do not fear rockets, it takes 5+ to kill and it can be repaired in less time it takes - You can't not notice rockets.
    C-4 allows a tank to die near instantaneously, and requires actual attention.

    I have never mentioned a specific class's flaws.
    I mention the flaw of C-4, and how it alone keeps vehicles further than the spawn-room shields.
    Since it alone prevents the tank from having the time to repair.

    No class has a weapon better than C-4 for actually & reliably killing it, in less time at that, then the tank can repair, retreat or kill the source.
    You are in fact wishing for a loop-hole.
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  14. Baulk

    The point is C4 kills everything. Tanks, sindys, infantry, maxes. Its a universal death tool. And it shouldnt be. C4 is never used against infantry or tanks in modern warfare. Only this game allows this gimmick and it actually changes the way the game is played drastically.
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  15. LordKrelas

    So does AV.
    Expect it's nanite per attempt, requires near complete exposure, and has no replacement to ensure tanks fear something.
    Which means C-4 can't be the proper C-4, unless we wish to never have a vehicle not as close to infantry as possible blasting them apart without a ****.

    And I prefer to not have tanks require all the time in the world compared to how long it takes to move & repair the damage away against AV.
    Without having more Tanks to out-spam the enemy obviously.
    So if it prevents C-4 from being close to reality so be it, Not like in reality is AV , AI, infantry or vehicle-based incapable of single-shot kills.
  16. Baulk

    Dude are you ***** trolling? It sure looks like it. Tanks already fear everything. ESFs, harassers, C4, other tanks, HA, mines, even sundies. Waht else do you need?
  17. LordKrelas

    Are you?
    ESFs are aircraft, they don't come from Spawn rooms or the interior of bases.
    Harassers are vehicles, they also don't come from there.
    C-4 is the only Infantry-based explosive that kills in seconds.
    Heavy Assaults? Why the **** do you fear them?
    They need 4-5 of them, all with perfect accuracy, and that was prior to the update.
    One-shot or two, and dead, possibly two of them.
    My damn Archer is more effective than all of those heavies.

    Land Mines; They do not fly out of the spawn room, they are a defensive tool.
    A tank isn't going to explode all that easily from tank mines, while already shelling the place.

    Sunderers, again, a Vehicle.

    Of your entire list, only 3 come from the Spawn & interior.
    Of that, two are situational to hell, requiring incompetence on the Driver's side hard.
    That is of course, Tank Mines & C-4.
    The last requiring a moronic or unlucky Tank to be rushed by 5+ heavies, without thinking to retreat to repair during the entire process.
    Or you know, take any evasive maneuver.

    C-4 kills in a second, Nothing else does that can be used offensively in a reliable fashion.
    Tank Mines do not stick.
    Rockets take quite a damn while.
    Both even give time to out-repair the damage.
    C-4 does not.
  18. RockPlanetSide2

    Ambusher Jump Jets has made C4 into something it was not meant to be. 2-3 people who have above 50IQ and are playing Ambusher can kill any spawn now with out any trouble, you don't even have to try anymore.

    It is almost instant.
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  19. Halkesh

    You don't like C4, try some of these solution :
    -get out of your tunnel vision
    -kobalt as a top gun
    -flanker armor
    -proximity radar
    -combat chassis (allow your to backpedal faster to dodge c4 easily)

    When all these solution are tested and totally uneffective, then you can complain about C4 on forum. I won't listen to your complains tho.
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  20. Humoreske

    Cost of C4 may increase. the indoor war has turned into a C4 throwing...
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