Time to remove the C4

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Celtin, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. OneShadowWarrior

    Since they now have a rocklett rifle, probably......
  2. PoopDatGame OUT!

    screw the c4,screw headshots because if you are shot in the crotch 20000 times and still live this game needs help.
  3. Corezer

    lemme guess; you're having a hard time killing people...

    aim for head.

    aren't feeling confident in hitting such a small target?

    aim for head anyway.

    I'll be happy to admit that the HSX is a serious balance problem in this game, but I don't think that needing a lot of shots to the force-fields covering other areas of their body is necessarily a problem...
  4. Demigan

    To be fair, nanoweave is an extremely common item that almost everyone uses, and it does not protect against headshots.

    Bodyshots: 100 damage * 0,8= 80 damage.
    Headshots: 100 damage * 2 = 200 damage.

    That means you deal 2,5 times more damage with a headshot, which isnt too much of a problem for moat weapons due to COF and recoil making a constant headahot stream not the beat tactic and allowing players to have a larger amount of skills that matter. Unfortunately some weapons avoid these skills and are headshot machines, giving far too much power for the skills required to operate them. Reducing that headshot bonus especially for those weapons would be an incredible boon to the infantry game, despite the complaints of the users who will suddenly need a lot more effort and skills to win battles.
  5. Scroffel5

    Y'know, lets talk about the C4 for a moment. This is a game of a war. You decide to give C4 to your class that has a jetpack, but not to your class that can go invisible? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. It can 2 shot a sundy if you use a few rocklets after it to finish it off. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Y'know what this sounds like? This isn't a game of a war. This is a game of a war game. CONSPIRACY THEORY TIME: What if Planetside 2 isn't an actual war, but the people in the war are just robots, or the war is a computer game that the "Suths" and whoever else on TR and VS side have to balance to make the game fair for all? How else can we respawn with Nanites? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  6. P149U3

    Great, another one of these threads. -_-
  7. Pollux Lander

    LA with C4 was annoying, and when they got rocket riffle iit was/is a bit weak. but damn rocklet+c4 is totaly bonkers... whenever i see a vehicule spam i just switch to LA and blast them to kingdom come... HA are defensless compared to them vs vehicules, 5 rocket in a ligning *** to kill it when he can easily turn its turret and oneshot me and/run away.... compared to coming from the sky and be too high to be targeted throw 2 c4 click boom its over...

    even even then its not too much of a problem they are mobile vehicules they can "try" to get away...

    but sunderer.... they are useless, 1 LA in the area and you sunderer is toast, every ******* time. nothign you can do your too slow to get out of C4 splash and 2 ca4 +rocket=dead
  8. Pollux Lander

    another problem si that it make LA one of the class that affect battleflow the most... its insane that a single class get that much power ont he battleflow
  9. TR5L4Y3R

    .... you know using blockadermor and the turrets (even just the default ones) on the sunderer goes a long way in defending against solo LA´s .. ... or just put one or 2 kobalts on it, maybe drop a sentryturret or 2 if a LA still gets through you are doing something very wrong ...

    otherwise what do you expect? that sunderes use automated turrets to defend themselfes so you can just leave it there?

    also a well packed battlebus is very well able to deal with a number of threats, not just LA´s ... rather a matter of knowing how to use a plattform than just flatout labeling it useless ...

    oh ... nice necro too
  10. Demigan

    Use shield sundies, they were quite literally invented for this type of situation. Its ludicrous that people still pick other Sundy types when they just deploy it. Even blockade armor is secretly an anti-C4 beast. At the lowest level you get 17,5% extra health and 25% c4 damage reduction for a whopping total of 46% extra health for the first level! Max level it gives 25% extra health and a whopping 40% c4 damage reduction.

    Both these options are wonderful, not just against c4 but against other weapons as well. I personally dont engage shielded or blockade sunderers as c4 fairy as they just arent worth the risk and time investment.

    This is the problem: the solutions are RIGHT THERE. But you havent done anything to actually use them!

    Also rather than simply removing C4 there are dozens of alternatives. I've advocated a line of resource-costing alternatives for quite literally years now so that we can safely change or nerfhammer C4 without making it nigh impossible for infantry to deal with enemy vehicles.
  11. Pollux Lander

    you go on the principle that i don't have/use blockade armor or deployement shield...which is understandable.

    but even with them sundy are still easy food for C4 fairies. plus you tell its not worth it? so you throw around 300nanites to kill200 sound bad? except sundy will need to be brought back all the way from the closest non contested base, it can takes 5-10minutes before a new sundy reach a decent spawn location more than enough time for you to reload your 300nanites.
  12. TR5L4Y3R

    i seriously wonder what situation you are in that you consider it easy food?
    to bust a deploymentshield sunderer a LA needs 2 bricks of C4 and its rockletrifle with 1 or 2 magdumps .. just C4 wont do .. even an engineer would require all of its AV mines to get through the shield ... .. worse even if you don´t do it quick enough in time the shield may get back up making your attempt void ...

    how many players defended the sunderer? were any using the turrets, did any one drop sentryguns?
    cause i can´t imagine that if at least 2 or 3 people were there that you hat that much trouble taking out one lightassault ...
    of course it also depends were you deployed it from a major battle ...
  13. Odiogn

    Maxes hurt this game. They are skilless joyless things.
  14. Money

    jeez, this thread was started in 2016. People really still arguing over this?
  15. Novidian

    I don't see a problem. It takes time away from dealing with infantry, careful planning/flanking, and you lose the ability to sustain afight with the lack of medkits compounded with making yourself vulnerable to spitfires/infantry. Also, honestly, I don't feel half aseffective vs vehicles as any other class, because less mobility and a lack of firepower mean closing in is a twice as risky proposition. Nevermind the fact that if you're not successful, you're likely dead, because you can't sustain a fight vs armor.

    The way things are, making a vehicle bug out (which is more likely as any other class) is only a VERY temporary thing. They'll take cover and heal or hit fire suppression/shield and be back in no time. I think it's more an indictment of how less effective other classes are at AV, than C4 being OP. I don't mind LAs being a near instagib for unprepared armor, because as it stands, there aren't any other considerable threats that don't involve several players. I wouldn't be offended by a slightly higher nanite cost for C4.

    If I WERE tasked with making changes involving removing C4 from LAs, I would do the following:

    LAs: Buff rocklets damage/velocity slightly and tighten the spread to be more like the NS burst rocket launcher. You can't one shot anymore, so making these more effective/efficient isn't an unreasonable expectation.
    Also, replace C4's equipment slot with the choice of a guided targeting system or extra rocklet ammo.

    ENG: Boost Archer damage so it isn't a joke. Add concussive effect on infantry if hit for extra support and versatility (and lols), so it's not useless outside of AV. Add a new turret like the spitfire, but for AV use. Raven like damage, but slower. That would help protect sundies from harrassers/armor in place of spitfires role vs LAs mainly, and would help them adapt to the threat at hand. It would at least give those columns some pause for the AV specialists time to band together.

    HA: Boost for velocity/damage/drop off all around on launchers slightly, with longer lock-on range. It doesn't have to be HUGE, but impactful. I think they need a little boost. Add anti-vehicle shells to the thumper with roughly 1/3 the damage of an AV grenade. This additionally helps ASP engies/max combating, too?

    Infils: Give them a device that works like C4, but doesn't do damage. Instead, it disables mobility on vehicles for 5-15 seconds (depending on cert investment) and slows turret speed by 50% for the duration. Add an additional recon beacon type, that when a vehicle is shot with it, it sticks for a full minute and makes lock-ons for launchers instantaneous.

    Medics: lol, stay in your lane bros. Go heal somebody. And thanks for all you do!

    MAXes: Honestly not sure, since I don't run them often. I say lower the nanite cost if deploying with AV/AA equipment, for each arm. Maybe like -75 for each arm. MAX units are generally more deadly vs infantry and taking a point, so the cost difference reflects the volume of units required to be impactful vs certain threats.
  16. FairnessinPS2

    C4 should not be able to be used indoors , Final !
  17. FairnessinPS2

    Just look at the most used weapon in game...C4 was top of the charts very recently.

    This still makes no sense years after , disencourages vehicle use ,MAX use among other classes.

    C4 is simply broken and exploited to achieve what should not happen. Broken game mechanics at core
  18. SarahM

    A lot of people think the LA is the only class able to ambush vehicles from high up.

    Medics/Engineers/Heavies can use C4. They can also use an air vehicle to get to high places just like the LA, from where they can ambush enemy armour just like LA (except with a higher nanite cost and no easy way to relocate after).

    The heavy could follow up with a rocket launcher shot or AV grenades.
    The engineer could use the Archer.
    Any could use the crossbow w/explosive darts.

    This would have the same effect as the LA using C4 followed by the rocklet rifle.

    TBH many vehicles I kill as LA I drop C4 directly from a ledge without flying. Some I even walk up to. For some reason, people are afraid of any infantry that flies, but ignore infantry that walks. Using C4 as a remote detonated landmine (or even better: placed near enemy landmines) is another tactic that doesn't require flying.

    As for counters:
    - Not getting tunnel vision
    - Proximity/Scout radar reveals enemies nearby.
    - That one implant that highlights all explosives within a certain distance.
    - Putting down a spitfire turret next to the vehicle can serve as an early warning system.

    That being said, I am strongly against the complete removal of C4.

    I agree that C4 use vs. infantry is problematic as it does not allow much counterplay except for detecting and killing the LA. Slightly increasing the time between throwing and arming would make it less of a suprise spammable and more of a tactical tool.

    Players with tunnel vision will still run right into it, no matter how it is changed.

    On a related note, I feel that with all the OS and bastions and stuff flying around currently, sunderers could use a buff, but that is a topic for another thread.
  19. BARBAK

    Remove C4 from LA?!
    What next, remove invisibility from infiltrator, then heal aoe from medic?
    C'mon adapt your gameplay
  20. TheMercator

    Of course. And the Heavies shield.
    But don't touch Liberators. They should be able to destroy any Sunderer on the map in ten seconds and then fly of to the next.