Time to remove the C4

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Celtin, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Clone117

    Honestly think c4 should be an engineer exclusive.
  2. KhlorosTesero

    I dont like the idea of removing it, but the combo of C4, and the rocket rifle make these guys an absolute nightmare.

    I would be down with giving them a weaker version of C4 and limiting c4 to infiltrators and engineers. But as it currently stands, with the rocket rifle and C4 light assault are the most powerful anti vehicle units in the game, with the rocket rifle doing more DPS then any of the HA Launchers.

    On top of that, light assault mobility with c4 is down right busted. Personally i think they etiehr need to get the rocket rifle as is, or c4, but not both, or have c4 need to be on the ground to be used.
  3. Nehlis

    Infiltrators will never get C4. As annoying as a light assault with C4 is, it would be so much worse for everyone, MAXs, infantry, tanks if you gave it to the class that can turn outright invisible.
  4. KhlorosTesero

    Honestly i would rather deal with that, then C4 faries. You can at least get the skill of spotting cloaked people running toward you, you can do anything about LA flying over a wall above you to suicide drop c4.
  5. Nehlis

    I mean, taking C4 away from light assaults is one thing, but infiltrators definitely should not have it ever. As much as tankers hate drifter C4 LA, you can at least see and shoot them. Wraith flash infils with C4 gives pretty much no chance to fight back whatsoever. Suicide C4 infils would be just as bad, if not worse than LA.
  6. nagibator

    remove c4 too big nerf. but limit to 1 will be good. i destroyed so much tanks with c4 at la. sensor shield. avoidance and 2 c4. tank pilot didnot understand what happened.
    heavy armor should be heavy. or buf flanker amor like at sunderer. to 40% resist
  7. KhlorosTesero

    Or another alternative would be increase its damage, but decrease its radius to like .2m
  8. brutes359

    I fully agree with this post. C-4 suicide bombing has become the go to expectation for any light assault that finds himself in even the barest of inconvenient circumstances and combined with survivalist and athlete or sidewinder AND jump-jets it is almost a guaranteed death sentence to anything it sets its sights on. infantry cluster? gone. Pesky MAX suit? fried. Tank? Scrap. Sunder? toast. Even shielded sundys are pretty much useless since they added rocklet launcher which can reliably torch a shield in about 7-10 seconds. At least over here on console they make up the vast majority of the population and other classes suffer greatly because of it. The devs cant even get people to use MAX suits when their FREE now with the MAX power event because they die to quickly and have been nerfed to the point of being helpless by result.

    light assaults are designed typically in the same concept as blitzkrieg warfare doctrines. Fast attack combat on eitherunprepared locations or flanking maneuvers to eliminate or outmaneuver enemy forces. When that doctrines in practice instead becomes reliant on suicide tactics with no penalties, their is a problem.

    However i wouldn't necessarily say it should be removed as much as the devs should stop worshiping them. they completely ruined vanguards full spectrum shield that was their main defense against them. They crushed MAX suit Flak armor and replaced it with a garbage ordinance armor version which they promptly nerfed until it could no longer survive a black within 5 feet. And they rendered infantry combat with them moot do to the high mobility builds of implants and ambushers with high accuracy hip-fire weapons that don't just exploit the packet loss poor controls and lag of the game. But actually rely on it to be effective. These are a disgrace to the games total war formula and together make a disposable bomb class that renders any other unnecessary save for maybe medic. and even then those are optional rather than a requirement as ambushers allow most light assaults to return to a capture zone from their sunders well within 30 seconds of death. If even that.

    So perhaps its less remove C-4 and rather stop removing their counters. Rebuff MAX flak armor and weapons. return vanguards full spectrum shield instead of this garbage front facing shield. And either remove ambushers altogether or at least make it so C-4 must be PLACED rather than thrown and armed for about 3 seconds by the placer before being detonated. You know....Like and actual explosive block rather than an over power grenade or Gannon bomb.
  9. brutes359

    why not nerf it? Isnt that the excuse they used when they nerfed rocket launchers? To encourage teamwork when engaging vehicles by artificially enforcing necessity to try and ensure adaptation? I didn't see anyone stop them from doing that.