[Suggestion] The Ultimate Thread Dedicated to Refurbishing TR as a Faction (Part 2)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by EliteEskimo, May 26, 2013.

  1. Iosef Stalin

    A lost yet valiant cause.
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  2. KiakoLalene

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  3. GeneralPeragorn

    Bumping this truly amazing thread.
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  4. Zorro

    Music needs to be worked on as well. The Terran Republic, being a militaristic faction, should have military marches.
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  5. framperton

    That sounds horrible. Tr weapons would then be almost uncontrollable if you doubled v recoil and do absolutely no damage mid range. according to your logic you would have TR carbines do 70 damage <10m. You would need to hit someone ~14 times in order to kill them.
  6. Chicken Wings

    May I say this thread is absolutely beautiful?
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  7. WarmasterRaptor

    Not only you may say it, you may sing it too!
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  8. RogueVindicare

    That carbine would also be firing 1300+ rounds per minute.
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  9. Iosef Stalin

    Why can i only like this once?
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  10. Chicken Wings

    I don't think there has been enough talk about improving the actual body of the Prowler tank.

    First off, the TR are supposed to be the conventional/old-world tech right? Then why have they almost completely abandoned the classic sloped design universal to tanks today?

    Take a look at the old and new Vanguard (ignore that the one in the last picture is TR)

    [IMG] [IMG]

    See the slope on that? That is real serious sloping action going on there. Throw an explosive at that and the tank will just shrug it off.

    The prowler on the other hand just has to take shots like a man...


    Sure, the old Prowler was pretty much a box too, but at least it had centered barrels... And it had real sloping too...


    Though the exposed turret base is absolutely terrible :p

    Besides that little side bit, why go for a square box design? The fastest MBT on the market, at least if wikipedia isn't lying to me, is the Leopard 2, which is actually very rectangular and very long as well:


    Why not emulate a tank design that actually is Proven to be fast, for the tank that IS the fastest?

    Not only that, but the prowler design shows a lack of foresight in terms of terrain. The actual body should be a little elevated from the ground, to make it easier to actually perform in terrain. Take the T-90 in your gif EliteEskimo:


    The main body is elevated from the ground, allowing the suspension to take a lot of the force of the impact. Throw a prowler in that situation, and it bottoms out instantly. If we have the "fast" tank, can it at least look like it could fulfill that role?

    Further, read this, from wikipedia: "fully stabilized main gun and coaxial machine gun"

    And this: "The tank has the ability to engage moving targets while moving over rough terrain."



    Anywho, that's more for a general tank thread, not a TR tank thread...

    The point is, if the TR are going to use tried and true "archaic" designs like they a purported to, why have they made such a radical departure (besides the double barrels which we love) from simple tank design? I'm no expert, but even I can figure out the prowler design is dumb.

    Further, if it's because we're sticking to PS1 tank designs, that didn't stop the dev team from changing the lightning.





    And I actually prefer the designs for lightning and prowler from before!

    Anywho, that's my two cents on the prowler...
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  11. CptFirelord

    An excellent post, liking both of them.

    However, this is what rustled my jimmies a little bit.

    The Liberator, Lightning, Harasser, Flash, Sunderer, and Galaxy are NS VEHICLES. They should NOT have access to Empire Specific weaponry, that was the main downfall I believe with the Harassers.

    Althought it would be cool to have a giant Quad-Vulcan, or Super-Shotgun, or Lazzorrrrsz of Death, it wouldn't be right to attach these to an NS vehicle.
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  12. Chicken Wings

    I see what you're saying, but at the same time, might it not be too farfetch'd [IMG] for a faction to rip off a Vulcan on a prowler and slap it onto a galaxy, or some other thing like that? I mean, if NS technology can be used to make prowlers, then why not TR weapons on other NS vehicles?
  13. CptFirelord

    It wouldn't fit with the lore since that's been brought up multiple times. Besides, if you give it to an NS vehicle for one faction, you damn well give it to the other factions, and we don't want to run into pre-nerf Vulcan harassers do we? :eek:
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  14. Chicken Wings

    Yeah, I see what you're saying.
  15. AdmiralArcher

    ok guys, luperza just said in regards to this very thread

    i guess this thread will have to be broken down to the basics




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  16. hijinksleturtle

    I'm a fan of both the NC and TR because of their lore and their equipment. (I personally love the Mosquito's look and of course, MOAR DAKKA!) anyway, I really hope for more variety in all the factions as well. Also...

    Since I'm new here, can someone tell me how the NC weapons are a "total mess beyond recovery"? pm me since this doesn't really have to do with the thread.

    Back on topic:

    I've always wondered why TR gets the really odd looking tank. Even the NC tank looks waaaaay more conventional than TR.
  17. Blarg20011

    You heard the man! Get on it Eskimo!

    J/K, it sounds like a ton of work, if not even a tonne.

    Completely agree, more suspension/ground clearance is something that all tanks (with one notable exception) need.
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  18. EliteEskimo

    I'm currently working on a thread specifically to improve base design so it's more open, to promote combined arms gameplay and less team death match with giant walls everywhere, while simultaneously offering infantry inside bases plenty of really good cover to fight against vehicles that would be allowed inside. I've got some very solid ideas of how to do this, hopefully people will like them.

    I don't mind making moredetailed threads, apparently I need to make them short yet Ultimate at the same time!:eek:. Getting a developer's attention on the matter would be real nice. One of the biggest accomplishments for me when I make my thread is for a developer to let me know or even better let the Official forums community know, "Hey this thread has some great player feedback!". I really want the Official Planetside 2 forums to be where the developers go for good feedback, I want really want the developers to feel like this is a cool place to hang out and make random posts, and if I can somehow accomplish that through my threads I'll be absolutely thrilled.:D
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  19. Blarg20011

    Burning down Reddit's server farm would probably be easier and more effective. ;)

    And looking on the bright side, you did get Dev feedback, just not in the thread they were providing feedback on, and not on the actual subject matter!
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  20. AdmiralArcher

    i think the biggest thing that needs to be done is to work with luperza and get 5 or so threads that she approves of, that have polls or something of the sort, so players can agree on aspects of the game,

    1. get a council and decide on the most important issues with each empire currently and then list each issue in a matter of importance 1-5

    2. build some kind of poll or ranking system so that players can vote/rate each idea that has been formulated by the council based on their observations as veteran players (not devs, actual palyers who see the whole picture, and arnt bias towards one faction, wrel, scourge, itsmurda etc.) ,regular players could vote/rate each rough idea but cant comment directly to keep clutter down

    3. formulate each thread to discuss the ideal changes that the voting thread came up with and come up with a conclusion that achieves the primary and secondary goals and works on the 3rd 4th and 5th goals, these ideal changes would also need to be feasible, but i think that having a dev look over the work of the council ideas would be enough (no devs should be present or kept in the loop of the council, this is a player thing so the forumsiders can be happy that their brethren are the ones who cam up with these ideas)

    4. after the vote comes the pitch, this would be 5 threads that are directed and built to be short and to the point with as much detail as feasible, while aimed at getting the devs to either consider it or support it

    after the pitch, the devs would make an announcment pertaining to their decisions, hopefully, they wont be too calous and disregard the whole thing and essentially say that the whole thing wont happen

    and example of something that higby or tramell might say that would indicate this is below

    ''after looking over the (thread name here) we have decided to take these ideas into consideration, we love your guys' enthusiasim with planetside 2 and we hope that we can make it more fun for you guys, on another note, we have some new playerstudio items, new camos, new helmets............''

    i think you get the picture, a response that would indicate true consideration would involve citing the thread itself, and ideas presented in the thread instead of saying that they saw it.

    this whole process would only work if all if not most players knew about it, which is where the dev involvment would come in, getting luperza to make announcments and getting someone to brave the reddit forums (reluctantly) and getting clegg and whisenhunt to make annoucments and maybe an official annoucment as well would be nesscesary to facilitate the vote and the attention, working with wrel and others to perhaps put together a live stream where they diliberate and talk about what they might do so that we can see how they come to those concluesions and then what the final verdict is would also be useful, and so that we can document the effort put into this.

    their ideas would also have to stem from threads like this one, where a magnificent amount of work was put in to these ideas, although i think a consolidation thread would be nice for them to be able to reference

    the 5 threads that i spoke of earlier would be
    (1 for each faction, so this below x3)

    Weapons: design/ mechanics/new ideas

    Vehicles: design/ weapons/ mechanics

    Abilities: includes MAX ideas/class ability discussion

    Faction traits: improvments/diversification

    Overall mechanics: anything not covered by vehicle and weapon mechanics, lattice/continents/bases

    these are the basics that need to be worked on in this game, base design also needs to be done, but as stated above, eliteskimo isnt finished with his thread yet, so that can wait for round 2

    i hope a dev reads this, because, while part of the idea is to be player driven, the devs need to realize the insanely important assets they have aviliable to them, great people and dedicated players

    this could also seriously help the devs since they would know exactly what we would want, and to what capacity, it would be refined and detailed information that they could use and balance and put into the game efficiently

    knowing what your fans want is half the battle, knowing how to do it is a quarter, knowing how and when to implement is another quarter

    then there is the age old saying, measure twice, cut once

    (if someone tells me to, ill repost this to the main discussion area to get more people aware of this kind of possible planning commision)
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