[Suggestion] The Ultimate Thread Dedicated to Refurbishing TR as a Faction (Part 2)

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  1. Spude

    Just leave this thread . . .
  2. Spude

    The thing is we are not trying to "buff" any TR weapons in this thread we are trying to make them more UNIQUE and follow the faction lore.

    At the moment every factions weapons feel pretty much the same.

    I respect EliteEskimo for trying to fight for the unique things.

    And if the models / sounds change they wont affect the DPS at all. And if TR wants to follow the lore more and have more RoF that can be made balanced by making higher RoF and reducing dmg and this would be tested to make the SAME dps as any other faction.

    So please do not consider this thread as "TR Is UP and needs to be BUFFED".
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  3. EliteEskimo

    Thanks for post and I appreciate the bump, it's nice that at least a few of our infantry weapons got a remodel, and the G30 Vulcan has been and is still being tweaked. There's obviously still a lot to be desired overall, particularly in the case of Fugly Prowler, and I wish the Prowler looked half as cool as our Mosquito did.... but since the VS have gotten looked at a lot hopefully the TR and NC will come next. Ah well we can only hope things will get better with time.:cool:
  4. -Synapse-

    I like that they're redoing some models and whatnot, but to be honest I still really don't like the look of most of the weapons. They look for all the world like expensive Nerf guns, and sound uncannily like Woodpeckers:

    So yeah, there's still a lot of work to be done.
  5. Brayton

    Please tell me someone is doing this for the NC.
  6. soeguud

    no time or inclination - the dedication Eskimo has to making TR more TR is insurmountable.
    Also NC faction weapons and designs are a total mess beyond recovery, and we'll just continue to play as a faction that's essentially faceless. Blame devs for that, and playerbase who're indifferent.
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  7. EliteEskimo

    Thanks Soeguud, I put a lot of time into my Ultimate Threads.:D Anyhow the link to this thread belongs in here, because TR definitely need a sound overhaul. By SturmovikDrakon https://forums.station.sony.com/ps2...audio-pass-ill-give-you-an-audio-pass.145382/
  8. EliteEskimo

    Posting this in here as another fine example of a TR weapon that would be awesome in our Aresenal.:cool:

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  9. TheBloodEagle

    Just wanted to say that looks great. I hope our automatic pistol looks similar.
    (just not sure if the magazine feed and ejection port make sense) (guess it doesn't matter as much since NS SMG doesn't make sense)
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  10. Lucidius134

    Not even gonna bother reading the OP #based

    A concept I wouldn't mind seeing the TR use is a non-burst fire multi-shot weapon.

    Making it like a battle rifle or a new varient of the MCG, doesn't matter. The design of the weapon is low damage, more bullets. Here's some examples:

    In BRINK, the Chinzor was just a generic LMG. The Minigun did the same additive damage per "shot" but in actuality shot 3 bullets that did 1/3rd the damage of the chinzor's bullet.

    Here's some ideas:
    It'd shoot 2 or even 3 shots per fire cycle.
    COF Bloom per cycle would be additive (shooting once was the equivalent in COF Bloom as 3 or more shots)
    COF Bloom wouldn't happen during the fire cycle, but the low base accuracy would prevent it from triple head shotting or being too accurate)

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  11. Flukeman62

  12. Einharjar

    I'm a true TR but there are times I get confused with the Lore. After some time thinking on it (as I've supported this thread for awhile now, constantly checking it) I've come to a conclusion that we may be a little off track with the whole "Professional Military" description.

    Out of all factions, the TR is the only one that is "Sovereign". That means it's the only one that is truly a country. The NC and VS are just, movements of united individuals. Over time, as the NC grows and or takes over, it'll splinter just like the TR. While the VS may splinter as well, causing massive bloody crusades about who's alien voice said the real Truth or not.

    Because the TR is a country, that means most men and women are in it's service if nothing but for just having a Job, needing some Career advice or being peer pressured to do so. The rest of the populace may care less for it.
    The TR will rely on Taxes to maintain it's Military, which is a significant disadvantage depending on how large the NC and VS forces actually are.
    The NC is run by Companies at the top, so CEOs are most likely pummeling wads of cash into RnD because the War is their investment stock. If they win it, profits will follow.
    The VS are Zealous nutjobs so their funding may come from pure gifting or tithes. The unified "do it for the greater purpose!" will cause droves of followers to give everything to the cause.

    As a result, the TR is on the back foot, needing to utilize what they feel will be the best fit for their military while still being within budget.
    And thus, this is why they get the "daka daka" treatment.
    More consistent fire means more suppressive fire for the one team in the game trained to be unit.
    It's also cheaper that they still use Cartridges and not, Lazers or Guass weapons.

    So this calls into question the possibility of "cutting edge" equipment. It's likely most of their equipment is very old, like the one pistol suggests. The Emperor is based on a design that's what, 200 years old?

    So, for continued inspiration, think of the TR as the grizzled old Police force that everyone loves to hate, but can't live without.
    The TR, unlike the other two factions, are the guys that are all about "Form Fit and Function". Out've all three, a TR Soldier is most likely to be the one to say "If it ain't broken, don't fix it. - Just shoot it".

    Also, from a design perspective, I feel TR tools should be the most demanding of large scale team work. That's how they are trained. NCs may be from small bounty hunter or mercenary outfits while the VS may have solo right's of passage. The TR however are trained in massive groups. All militaries are. Thus their weapons should reflect their personnel. If you're trained in masses, you get weapons for the masses.
    As an earlier poster stated, the differences in the rifles may seem similar because it's to A - cost less and B - allow a platform that is familiar to everyone.
    The fewer guns you learn to take apart and reassemble in 9 weeks of Basic the better, right?

    I also really think the game is missing a whole mechanic that could add to faction flavors; suppression.
    If Suppression existed in the game, TR would be masters at it. And they'd need to be. Because to balance out their suppressive fire, the other factions need to hit hard (NC) or be most accurate (VS).

    Lastly, for further consideration if people are still coming up with ideas, just a quick list of what "stats" we could change per faction to give each their own flavor.

    Damage per Shot
    Rounds per Mag
    Rate of Fire

    Now if only we could have "Suppression" in that list, then each faction could focus on 3 traits each.

    Just wanted to throw this out there to keep this thread going. I hope to read more! Keep'm coming! And thanks again, Eskimo for putting time into this.
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  13. GeneralPeragorn

    Awesome thread. Annoyed we have no feedback though.
  14. Lucidius134

    Pretty much what i've considered TR trait and style since the beginning. Also in terms of balance mag capacity tends to trump ROF when it comes to primary and secondary traits. See: Orion and MSR-W not having unique ROF. That's partly why I consider the T9 Carv-S the most TR LMG. It's the LMG with the highest ROF AND highest magazine capacity.
  15. TheBloodEagle

    I can see why on paper (most TR LMG). But it's also our worst LMG in reality, in my opinion (first gun I ever got since launch). I can explain why if needed.
  16. Lucidius134

    You don't need to. I got the T16 Rhino instead because the cons outweighed the pros. I plan on getting one eventually but not using it much. I'm only really going for faction specific stuff on my TR/NC alts and the Carv-S is on the list because of what i mentioned above. Only reason I picked the Rhino was the irons.

    Either way, doesn't discredit what I said about having the highest mag capacity + ROF. Same with the CARV when compared to 750/700RPM LMG's in general.
  17. Flukeman62

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  18. FocusLight

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  19. Archiadus

    That looks pretty nice :eek:
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  20. BobSanders123

    Devs... Please acknowledge us at least. Even if it's a small post like: Noted thank you for your feedback would be great, otherwise we are just sitting here wasting our time. HEAR US. HEAR US. HEAR US.
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