The PS2 Camo Preview Project

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  1. HLM

    Fellow Auraxians,

    I am sure you have found yourself frustrated at seeing all those camos on offer in the store, but reluctant to buy them becuase you can't be sure how they will look on your character.

    Some people have been good enough to share screenshots already of the camos they have purchased, but maybe they aren't showing the ones you want to see. Does that camo look as good on the Infiltrator as it does on the Engineer in that screenshot? What about with armour and helmet upgrades?

    I have started a little project that I hope will help the situation. At least until previews are officially added to the game.
    It's a simple project made in flash. I'm no expert in flash and it's very basic, but does the job.

    (Click screenshot to go to flash)

    - Preview selected camo on all classes
    - Choose from front, back, left and right views
    - Preview with armour upgrades, helmets etc

    Currently I only have a tiny number of camos available and just the composite armour for medic only, but I hope to expand on this as time goes on. Also just the TR for now - but if it is true what they said about making SC purchases account-wide, then I will update with the other factions.

    Factions: TR
    Camos: Alpha Squad, California Scrub, Forest Greyscale

    As I hope you can understand, I will probably not be purchasing every single camo and upgrade myself - at least not straight away. if anyone is willing to help with the project by providing me with additional camos, I will update the flash accordingly. To keep it looking consistent, screenshots will need to follow a few guidlines. A quick guide below:

    - Open Classes screen (not equipment terminal screen).
    - Select default weaponry, remove any decals. Equip chosen camo
    - Select class and immediately take screenshot (so that screenshot is taken on first frame of animation)
    - Rotate model to get additional poses (front, back, left, right) - Try to match alignment as best as possible to what I have already (use foot furthest away in side poses as a guide).
    - Equip different camo or additional armour and repeat
    - Screenshots saved with the following naming format: class(in, la, me, en, ha, mx)_camo_name_pose(f, b, l, r)
    Example: me_african_jungle_f.jpg

    You will then nedd to upload the screenshots somewhere and link them to me (either here or in a private message) and I will update the project with your submission

    I hope someone finds this useful.
    Even if a full preview feature is eventually addd to the game, I hope this project might serve some purpose until that time comes. If not, it has been a fun little distration at least.
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  2. Kassidus

    Although I appreciate the effort.....I always wonder what kind of person spend there time creating content for a game they are paying for when its a basic function that should already be in place and made by the devs.

    Its like oh here take my money and let me do your job.

    Maybe suggest it as a improvement then go get out of the house for a bit.
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  3. Wesreidau

    Dear SOE Overlords: give this guy 10,000 Station Cash when he's done.
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  4. h1perkarma

    So I think you're amazing, take my money *Throws money and gummybears* Congratulations on the name change too (or unlock whatever they did)

    Ill send you screenshots of all my camos when I get home. Any idea on vehicles too? I have camo on all of mine, mainly giraffe but some have 2-3 on them.
  5. HLM

    Thanks for the comments.

    Funny, I was thinking yesterday aobut how I have a habit of spending more time working on things related TO games than actually PLAYING the games. I guess I just like making stuff..

    Plenty of people have already voiced their concerns about the lack of a preview function and I'm sure the devs are aware of it, so I won't bother making any more posts about it. I can't remember if anyone officially said it's something they are going to add or not, but this is just something to use in the meantime.

    As for the comment about taking my money, the truth is I have only purchased the Alpha Squad so far (which I saw as just the same as paying for any other new game at release). If I do spent any money in the future, it will be for my own enjoyment of the game.
    This project is just me helping out the community I guess.

    Yeah, about that.. Turns out I was logging in with the wrong Station username (an alternative account use din the beta that differs by one digit) Logging in with th correct account solved the problem. Yes I'm dumb.

    I had considered doing vehicles in the future, (I don't have any vehicle camo currently except Alpha Squad). Should be easy enough to adapt what I already had. Infact it would be even easier than with the classes as I would only have one "pose" for each (no point in multiple angles I think) and there would be no armour upgrades and so on.
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  6. HLM

    Wow, lost to page 10 already? These forums move fast!
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  7. Skadi

    wtb for vehicles as well
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  8. ddp

    Very nice!
  9. Emperor

    Thread should be stickied, HLM given a medal, and SOE should fund his purchases of new camo for this project.
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  10. Bags

    Uploading 5 VS camo shots for ya.
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  11. Bags

    Do you have an email I could send them too? IMGUR won't let me upload 21 mb of pictures.

    NM. Sent you a media fire link to them.
  12. Rolfski

    SOE, give this guy station cash for doing the job you had to do in the first place.
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  13. Bags

    I'm waiting for this feature to come in the patch tomorrow. :rolleyes:
  14. Freyar

    I'm in the process of prepping Alpha Squad, Woodland, Rocky Tundra, and Sandy Scrub for VS
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  15. HLM

    Excellent, thanks, let me have all those screenshots!
    When I get home I will update with what I have and might get started on adding vehicles too.
  16. HLM

    Wait a minute, I can't edit my posts now? Well that's annoying.. I guess I can't keep the orginal post updated with the current status now..

    I was going to update the information for the screenshot submissions for anyone who was planning on taking any:

    - Before opening the class/vehicle screen and taking the screenshots, try to find a dark area with nothing going on in the background to keep the background as clean as possible. I used a corner just outside the warpgate building and stood right up against the wall myself.
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  17. SenEvason

    They confirmed that they would add ingame camo previews a few days ago. Thanks for the work though.

    Also, is their a close camo that is similar to the alpha squad color scheme?
  18. Jawa

    Are you planning on doing this for the vehicles as well? Would be fantastic
  19. HLM

    Vehicles will be added, yes. Infact they should be even easier to do than the classes.

    Ran into a bit of trouble when trying to implement all 3 factions last night. Will get back on it when I get home.
  20. HLM

    Apologies for the delay - Flash was proving too dificult to work with and I hit a dead end once it came to adding more than one faction.
    So I used something I'm a bit more familiar with and re-wrote the entire thing in PHP. With this comes...

    - Stores the faction/class/camo/pose in memory so you don't have to keep switching back and forth.
    - Download just the images you need (to include all the preview images in flash would mean a huge download).
    - Easier to update. All the code is there - all I need now are the actual screenshots and the code does the rest.

    Most of my time has been spent writing the code that runs the thing so unfortunately I don't have many new camos to add, and still no vehicles - but here's where we are now:

    Factions: VS, NC, TR
    - Alpha Squad (all)
    - California Scrub (TR)
    - Desert Scrub V1 (VS, front pose only)
    - Desert Scrub V2 (VS, front pose only)
    - Digital (VS, front pose only)
    - Forest Greyscale (TR)
    - Zebra (TR)

    Take a look and let me know what you think! Go to PS2 Preview Project
    (Link in original post now redirects to new verison)

    And don't forget to keep those screenshots coming!