The problem with Pump Actions...

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  1. Chiss

    I love the semi-auto Shotguns. I started with the Sweeper (8 round) and loved it. Then moved onto the Piston (auto), and didn't like it as much. Then i bought the Claw (PA) and hated it. Now i'm using the Mauler (6 round semi) and i love it equally as much as Sweeper, maybe more.

    The full-auto isn't bad, but i think holding down Mouse 1 to auto-fire with a shotgun is bad for your aim. Why? Because in a tense fight, you hold Mouse 1 and try to keep your crosshair on your opponent. This makes sense for high ROF weapons, as when youre crosshair does pass over the enemy, its likely a bullet will be firing at that time. However something that fires a lot slower, it doesnt make as much sense, as in a tense battle, your crosshair may only be over the opponent 25% of the time, so it's a lot less likely that you will be hitting with blasts.

    Compared to a semi-auto, i find it a lot easier to react and click when my crosshair is over the opponent, that 25% of the time. I get that you can click per shot with a full-auto, but even so, i found myself holding Mouse 1 in tense situations. I'd still often get the kill, but i'd churn through a lot more ammo.
  2. Chiss

    I'm not sure what you said, but yes, i do like music!

    Ideally, in terms of balance, i think PAs should be buffed.
    However, in terms of wanting this to be a good game, i want PAs to be nerfed, just so people stop using them.
  3. PS2Freak

    i bought bruiser and it sucks. piston was better.
  4. PS2Freak

    do you like paintings too ?

    "i want PAs to be nerfed,"

    here we go, you are qq nerf warrior, like i said
  5. Chiss

    And you are a moron who has no idea what constitutes a good game.

    Honestly, the only people who like PAs are the ones who aren't very good at FPS, and can get much better scores with this, than with other weapons, because of that gamble factor.
  6. Flying Mug

    Such an obviously bad idea. Effectively we're stuck with them now.
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  7. Chiss

    Try the Sweeper / Mauler. I think they're far more enjoyable than Piston. You'll also find your ammo lasts longer.
  8. Chiss

    As i said above, i think that they should be nerfed (50% longer between shots). As a result, people will stop using them so much.
  9. Pengalor

    There are already very few people with the pump-actions. I should know, I'm usually one of the three people in a 3 hour gaming session I see using one. However, who the hell are you to decide what someone finds fun? I love the pump-actions because they give me a playstyle I enjoy, one I don't get from the semi-autos or full-autos. I love the risk/reward of getting in close and getting that perfect shot. Contrary to what people might believe the pump-actions are not all that easy to use, especially now. With the damage nerf and the crappy netcode and hit detection lately getting a 1HK often feels like a matter of luck.
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  10. DiveXx

    I still don't have a shotgun since i already own the SMG but i think the next thing i will buy is the Haymaker, i always was a fan of Shotguns, i prefer Semi auto'S because i find it more controllable as the fullauto ones.just need 880 more certs to buy it :D
  11. Pengalor

    That's just complete bull****.
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  12. Chiss

    I get where your coming from, but when 'what you enjoy' negatively impacts someone elses gaming experience, then it becomes a problem.

    As an analogy, imagine you could spawn a vehicle. This vehicle can fire a missile from in the warpgate bubble (safety) and you camera guide the missile as long as you like and it can one hit kill anything. The down side is, when your missile hits (or misses), your vehicle blows up and you die.

    This vehicle is actually very bad. HOWEVER, it would be EXTREMELY ANNOYING to get killed by this. This is what PAs essentially are. I also think it would be extremely fun to use, who are you to decide what someone finds fun?
  13. Chiss

    Good choice. I use the Haymaker on my TR :) Good luck with certs!
  14. Pengalor

    Ok, for one, the analogy is terrible. Pump-action users are entirely killable with a little smart play. Second, how does my playstyle negatively impact anyone? Because I killed them with something THEY think is unfair? If we were balancing the game that way then most of the weapons and vehicles in the game would be terrible. Balance is not a subjective thing, there is almost always a very clear line to what is balanced and what isn't, most people simply aren't experienced enough to know what it is. Just because a weapon frustrates you does not make it overpowered or mean it should be made useless. It means YOU need to play around it, adapt your tactics.
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  15. Caydn

    I use a piston I call it my boomstick , why u need to post this I dont know are you bored
  16. BluescalesNZ

    A shotgun is next on my list after I get C4 for my LA. I enjoyed trialing the Bruiser, but the time between shots is just a bit too slow for my liking, though it was fun to use. Probably going to go for the Sweeper, though the tighter COF of the Mauler has me interested too.

    I'll probably get the Bruiser eventually too anyway, because it's just a nice visceral weapon.
  17. PS2Freak

    50% longer reload on bruiser ? wtf ? hey, did you drunk vodka yesterday ? your logic hurts my brain.
  18. Aisar

    Have to agree with the OP, it's garbage. I have the Nighthawk and Uppercut on my TR but I will always roll with the Nighthawk. Grabbed the Piston on my NC and it's the only shotgun I will ever buy. I honestly don't run into PA users that often anyway so I am not overly fussed about it. If people want to use a very limited, cheap one-shotter then more power to you boys.
  19. Kronic

    How can you call a pump action shotgun user cheap when you use an automatic shotgun? That's like the height of noobery in any fps game lol. Doesn't make sense to me at all.
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  20. MajiinBuu

    I don't believe the pump actions are OP, and I don't even use one.
    I still use my semi-auto Thanatos, it works just fine. Shoot someone in the face with any shotgun(without slugs) and they die. So are all shotguns OP? NO THEY ARE NOT!
    Learn to deal with them, whether you're the one using them or not.
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