The problem with Pump Actions...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Chiss, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Chiss

    I've always enjoyed shotguns in games, favoring them even in games like Counter-Strike.

    Upon release, i used the Sweeper until Auraxium. Then i moved onto the Piston. After getting the Auraxium on that, i decided to do the Claw (first release of PA) next. After using it for a while, i came to this conclusion;

    Its just not that good. The other shotguns are much better. It's a low skill weapon, that also has a very low skill cap. HOWEVER, its ability to OHK is extremely annoying for the unfortunate victim. This is the only cause of people calling it overpowered. It's kind of on par with using ESFs to kamikaze into other ESFs.

    Quickly stopped using this trash, and regret buying it. Am now onto the Mauler.

    All in all, it's a bad weapon, which is the child of badly thought game design.
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  2. RHINO_Mk.II

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  3. GSZenith

    yupp pump sucks and so does LA to after "nerf"!
  4. xGreedFuSioN

    Mad because you're stupid enough to let a shotty user get close.
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  5. xGreedFuSioN

    You can go on streaks like that with any weapon. If I showed you a killboard like that w/ the lasher instead of the blackjack people would cry OP.
  6. ChaosRender

    I got a PA, have to say it is the only weapon I regret getting. Sadly that leave my HA with no CQC gun, oh well guess I will have to save for a Anchor.
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  7. Nocturnal7x

    I agree. Refund everyone and remove them from the game.
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  8. ChaosRender

    You just love inciting Shotgun hate don't you? :eek:
  9. RHINO_Mk.II

    Show me a 15+ Lasher killstreak.


    If you can find one, I will concede your point.
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  10. Chiss

    Yay, a killstreak.... you proved nothing.
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  11. Chiss

    Not at all. Look at my killboard, it backs up my story.
  12. LameFox

    The problem with infantry combat in general is that it's trying to be like two totally different styles of game. Like playing UT3 with the weapons, health, and lack of dodges coming from BF3.
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  13. ladiesop

    When I hear Claw, I keep thinking of Vega from Street Fighter, especially as the TR Uppercut keeps making me think of Sagat.

    When I finish with the Claw Auraxium, I'll probably get the Mauler (especially if it's on deal sometime). But while I do, I have to admit I sometimes busted out the old Sweeper, the weapon that made me love playing Light Assault even though it's got the least advantages now (though the stats apparently have the large magazine shotties as the highest scorers of the shotguns, so who knows?).
  14. Tekuila

    Did you really just say something that stupid?
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  15. Chiss

    Ha, i think of Vega too. I think i've played more SF4 recently because of it.

    Yeah, the Sweepers amazing. And it has the nostalgic value :).

    I was pretty bummed out when they gave all the shotguns 48 rounds... As that was one of the sweepers biggest selling points - extra ammo. Mauler is now my favorite, as it has tightest spread, great reload, and semi-auto.

    I'm not a fan of full auto shotguns, i just tend not to be as good with them... i like clicking once per shot. Yes, i know i can do this with a piston, but i often find in tense situations i'll just hold mouse 1 without thinking.
  16. FluffyM

    Every weapon that can oneshot that isn't a sniper rifle on headshot is a weapon that shouldn't be in any game ever. Exception of realistic shooters of course, but irrelevant now.

    Couldn't agree more with the thread, they're garbage when using them and even worse when getting killed by them.
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  17. Chiss

    Well said, sums it up well.
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  18. Kuklakot

    PA is the least menacing shotgun to face for me as HA. I pop my shield and proceed with filling the opponent with lead from my Jackhammer. Unless I'm extremely unlucky, the first PA shot only eats half way through my health, and the user never gets to make the second.
  19. robotron2000

    VS shotgun should be "yoga flame".
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  20. GSZenith

    want me to link the 130-30 kill then? :( blackjack forever.

    also whoever said lasher streak... wait 1 sec just gonna get grip for my TMG.