The problem with Pump Actions...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Chiss, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Oreo202

    Honestly, I've been using the thanatos lately and I have to agree. The original shotguns are far far far better and more fun to use than the PA's.
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  2. Chiss

    I'm surprised to see so many people agreeing with me. Expected a lot more 'shut up' responses.

    Hopefully people will realise that the other shotguns are more fun, and switch over, and we'll see very few people using PAs.
  3. crazyoldfart

    Anyone that starts talking skill has lost all credibility with me! These CQC fights are jump around wildly while spraying and praying. Lets not confuse that with skill. Shotguns just limit your viable weapon choices for CQC.
    You know what they say about a pump action shogun load with buckshot......"When you absolutely need to kill every mofo in the room, there is no substitute."
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  4. crazyoldfart

    You really think people want ******* nerf guns. Hell no. We want to have fun. Big guns, big explosions and lots of carnage. Why do you people come here if you don't want to blow someone's head off? Seriously!!! The dev's know what I'm talking about cause they keep making fun stuff. Maybe your looking for a Star Wars type MMO. I can tell you I'm not and quit trying to make it into one. Either enjoy it or find something more to your liking.
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  5. FluffyM

    You clearly have 0 understanding of gamedesign, star wars or fun. Go away, troll.
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  6. AltF4Fun

    Star Wars MMO:confused:Is the thing EA hatched still running?Or do you mean the gloryous galaxy that was the worst disappointment in human history......
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  7. crazyoldfart

    No troll here. I know this is a MMOFPS and not MMORPG. You my friend need to understand the difference.
  8. crazyoldfart

    The original Star Wars Galaxies was sweet till they changed it. Go to town and pay a doc for buffs and be superman, in MMORPG terms, for and 60 minutes.
  9. LT_Latency

    That is skill in a FPS.

    Moving your character so you do more damage to them then they do to you.
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  10. crazyoldfart

    Sorry, my ideal of skill is some of the pain in the *** pilots flying around that can do amazing things in an ESF and make it look easy or a sniper that can headshot moving targets more times than they miss. Without a friggin aimbot.
  11. Fenrisk

    is that the TR and VS max are too stupid to pick them up before fighting infantry.
  12. TeknoBug

    I personally have no problems with semi and auto shotguns ever since they were part of the game, but when pump action came along I raged and even returned the favor to those that killed me using a PAS as well. Now in 8 out of 10 close encounters I come across is a shotgun user. Let's not forget how highly downvoted the PAS roadmap post was yet devs went ahead with it anyways, I fear the orbital strike will result in the same way.

    The new pistols is a game changer too, I ran around as a medic just holding the Commissioner racking up kills, it was almost as if I was carrying a PAS and I still had a rifle for long range. It felt stupid.
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  13. S0LAR15

    The reason pumps are hated is because the counter Heavy Assault, and I'm 1000% fine with that.
  14. Fenrisk

    Last time i checked my heavy could use a uppercut and instant gib anyone while it takes 2 shots for them to gib me if i pop the default shields.
  15. Malsvir Vishe

    Unless two pellets hit you in the head.
  16. Laraso

    Pump action shotguns will easily kill a Heavy Assault with their shield up in only one shot. You're winning because of the Jackhammer's superior range and refire rate.
  17. Chiss

    The point is, any other shotgun can do this in a split second with 2 shots. They will have no time to react after the first. If you don't get the OHK with the PA, then you're likely going to die. Whereas other shotguns can just keep on firing until they die.

    This is what i don't like about the PAs, they are essentially gambling on getting a perfect hit. If you get it, then you win, if you miss, you lose. Getting the perfect hit can often depend on the random pellet spread, so don't start talking about skill.
  18. DiveXx

    Never liked PA much, felt wrong. What shotungs you guys prefer the Semi-Auto ones or the Automatic ones?
  19. RasFW

    I've done that with a knife.....
  20. PS2Freak

    i generalizing. but what i say, dont touch shotguns, there is no "problem with Pumps" - there is Problem with Players with thin Nerve Costum and generally sissies.