Shotguns ruined the TTK/Skill required/Close Quarter Combat of Planetside 2..We need higher TTK!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Rustler, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. SilentWindOfDoom

    One shot kills have to go, or at least be extremely difficult to achieve. The rate of fire on pump action shotguns is too high, as is their effective range.
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  2. subz3r01337

    i just came here to say shotguns are no skill, no skill i tell you
  3. Advanced Darkness

    Well if you want that higher TTK the time is now. Go download and log on Planetside 1 with us and try it out. Pretty fun to have actual fights instead of instant kill, respawn, instant kill.
  4. Fortress

    Here's the way I see it. You stick to your shotguns, I'll stay in my Quasar max, and then together we will make sure that no one has fun as infantry in this game ever again.
  5. variablez

    shotguns are fine, not sure why everyone is moaning.
    if they are nerfed any more there won't be a point in using them.
    you can kill some one almost as quick with any other primary weapon at close range, with the added bonus that you can also kill people at range.
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  6. KodanBlack

    Low TTK leads to better tactics.

    An infiltrator player is heading toward an objective and sees an enemy heavy go in before him. He switches direction, and moves into the room from another opening, to get the jump on the heavy assault player who is unaware of his location.

    Low TTK: the infiltrator's better choice of tactics allows him to get the drop on the heavy and kill him.

    High TTK: the infiltrator's better choice of tactics allows him to get several shots into the heavy assault's back, alerting the HA to his presence. The heavy assault charges up his shields, turns around and greases the lightly armored infiltrator as he's trying to cloak and reload, and calls it "skill".

    The TTK and shotguns are fine where they are. Check your six and run with a team.
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  7. Fortress

    I tried reading this whole thread, but I was almost blinded by all of the stupid and bad.
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