Shotguns ruined the TTK/Skill required/Close Quarter Combat of Planetside 2..We need higher TTK!

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  1. RichardDunn

    I'm probably twice as old as you kid. Seriously Raven Shield? Rouge Spear was better.
  2. Eyeklops

    If we assume that the average latency cannot be changed, and that low TTK in combination with high latency appears to cause lots of "ties". Would you be in favor of a higher TTK to reduce the amount of ties and make those situations feel less random? Any ideas for another way to reduce the "random/tie" feeling during low TTK scenarios?
  3. MurderBunneh

    PAS are bad and dirty and I think they touch children.
  4. smokemaker

    I never really thought about when both parties die as a bad thing. It even happens in real life.

    "Would you be in favor of a higher TTK to reduce the amount of ties and make those situations feel less random?"
    I do not support raising the TTK for any reason. I like it where it is.
  5. Eyeklops

    OK. So if the devs release a weapon that causes a state where ties become almost a guarantee in QCQ, would you be ok with that?
  6. jak

    I'm not reading 9 pages, but a couple points:

    1) The non-pump actions are fine. Sure, you *can* kill people in two shots but show me someone that averages 1 kill per 2 shots (with a significant number of kills). It's not nearly as common as people make it out to be. If you read the forums, no shotty user ever misses and goes around averaging a kill per 1-2 shots with a 10 KDR. It's not reality. If you don't want to be shotgun fodder, utilize the environment and other tools (various grenade types, radar, etc) the same way us shotty users make you come into our killing range.

    2) The pump actions should never have been introduced into the game. It's the same annoyance I had with Blacklight Revolution when they added the AMR. OSK weapons that don't require a headshot are pretty lame in any game. The pump has too narrow of a spread, too quick of a refire rate, and too quick of a reload. It offers about 95% of the functionality of the non-pumps and is significantly more powerful. In essence, it's FAR too good with too few drawbacks (as in really none other than distance, which you can fairly easily avoid).
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  7. smokemaker

    " become almost a guarantee in QCQ"
    It would have its issues, but i currently do not see such a weapon in game. And hopefully, they would have tested it prior.
  8. Eyeklops

    That's all I needed to know.
  9. crazyoldfart

    I laugh so hard at this post. Another QQ post because you died and all your mad skillz bunny hopping around like a fool spraying bullets didn't save you/ A shotty got the drop on ya.
    So you went to the VR room, grabbed a pump, ran up to targets standing still and decided it was supper easy to one shot everyone. Pretty damn easy to drop people with most weapons in a second if their still.
    Now take that shotty and try to hit someone running and jumping around knowing you only have one shot to kill this guy before your dead shredded with machine gun spray bullets at you. You can't just get all trigger happy and start firing off shots like an smg, You have to stay calm while taking bullets and line up a one shot kill on this bouncing bunny or die.
    Take a full auto shotty and get trigger happy like it's an smg.. best have your knife handy after emptying that clip.
    While the shotty kills in one shot if you hit right, you still have to count the time it takes to make that one shot count while dodging bullets. If you standing still and a shotty draws 1st your dead. If they draw 1st your already dead and don't know it due to lag in most cases.
  10. Rustler

    Currently Online: No
    Server: Connery
    Outfit: Not a member of an outfit
    Experience Points: 104908
    Experience per Minute: 53.55
    Certification Points: 1080
    Percent to next Cert: 77%
    Kills: 298
    Assists: 69
    Deaths: 850
    K/D Ratio: 0.35
    K+Assists/D Ratio: 0.43
    Headshots: 53
    Revenge Count: 21
    Vehicles Killed: 23
    Damage Given: 417420
    Damage Taken: 901970
    Most Played Class: Heavy Assault
    Most Played Vehicle: Reaver
    Most Played Weapon: Mag-Cutter
    Medals: 7
    Facilities Defended: 339
    Facilities Captured: 41

    No offense but, I don't think you know much about infantry or PS2 in general.
  11. crazyoldfart

    lmao, You went through all that trouble to look up my NC alt I quit playing.. Laughing harder now. Nice try though.
  12. smokemaker

    Its his only argument.
    Its the BF3 mentality.
    Your stats make or break your argument, not the content of said argument.
  13. Xind

    This is why I have elected to keep my characters name secret.
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  14. SgtBreastroker

    Turning enemies into bullet sponges will not make this game better.
  15. centurionvi

    Shotguns are going to rule the day simply due to the mechanics of the game. Every single objective in the game must be acquired at close quarters, and virtually every meaningful battle ultimately culminates inside a cramped tower or building. There is almost no reason to fight outdoors in the open wilderness. Even though you have this massive wide open map, 95% of the terrain is pointless wasteland and the vast majority of fighting ends up taking place in areas even smaller than your average COD or BF map.
  16. Revanmug

    Twice as old and still haven't learn to spell "rogue." How many time did you spelled a ROGUE class in RPG games "Rouge"?
    I swear this is one of the most misspelled word even though it is so simple.
  17. BigIronRanger

    Sorry man you can keep telling yourself that but there is no such thing as skill. just some luck and aiming your reticle on an enemy.
    map knowledge and and choke points aren't skills they're knowledge gained from playing more lets change skill to experience shall we.
  18. Hammer Hug

    The problem is that the time to kill is so low in this game that they had no choice but to make shotguns nearly instant.

    The way I see it they will forever be the best weapon to use in close quarters, because they will never increase the time to kill.

    It's too much work and would involve redesigning the entire game, because it's just not built for solid FPS encounters. Server lag is so bad even with less than 50 ms ping that it all boils down to luck .. and higher latency.
  19. Syphers

    It was fine before the new shotguns, now that 1 hit kill is pretty bs. It was truly a bad move to implement those.
  20. BigIronRanger

    I don't know about you but if you've ever been in counter strike competitively or in any other game you will know that all players are the best they can possibly be. No one will have above a 2 k/d thats because usually the first guy you encounter will bring you down to minimal health (if you win) and the second guy will pick you off no worries.

    Im not a noob QQ'ing im just saying when i take down 5 snipers in the space of 4 seconds or clear a room full of enemies its not skill its just luck, timing and a matter of holding down left click at the enemy. Just be grateful there are noobs in games because if everyone was really "skilled" you wouldn't have all the amazing montages and moments in games because every second player would shut you down.!/5428010618041267217/stats