Shotguns ruined the TTK/Skill required/Close Quarter Combat of Planetside 2..We need higher TTK!

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  1. Barana

    The Jackhammer just needs to work like it did in PS1 (and sound like it, too). Giant (relatively) clip size, full auto primary with an alt-fire that shoots three shells at once but slightly increases the spread and refire time. Right now, it's almost at the point of being good, but you're better off carrying a Piston because of the full-auto capability (the extra range from the reduced spread is pretty useless).

    OT: Getting a OHK with a pump should be possible, but it shouldn't be as easy as it is now. They could do one of two things (both might be a little overkill): either increase the refire time so it's noticeably slower than the semis, or increase the spread so you have to be right up in someone's face to get the kill.

    Increasing the TTK would be a complicated thing to do, because that means every weapon has to be rebalanced, especially AV ones. A small (0.5s) increase might help fights to seem less "insta-death" than they do now, and give people time to react, as well as moving to server-side hit detection (which would solve so many other problems in the game)
  2. Holomang

    If you were actually skilled you wouldn't be crying on the forums about shotguns.
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  3. Nenarch

    The option to react should be there.. you all should have seen the increased max amounts in your battles lately, that's direct result of one shot weapons.

    Atleast with max, you can shoot back to shotgun users or avoid cloackers SMG burst.. etc. Hell even outrun a hacksaw max.
  4. Nenarch

    I'm definately more high skilled than you in this game man, and so are the other high ranked players who play infantry on my server.
    There's a reason why we ***** about them.. they'r broken and nothing is more annoying than playing against players who all have shotguns and maxes inside their tower. That forces you to get shotguns or maxes, or just leave the area because they got so many shotgun users that skill has nothing to do with it if air is full of pellets. It's the frustration.. that you got 1 shotted because.. hell what can you do/there's no counter reaction move, you have to go around the corner eventually or to small rooms to win.. you can't camp at 40m's.

    Anyways if you consider shotguns balanced in group fighting in a game whats designed to be close combat and moving from cover to cover in infantry fighting + what has vehicles for outdoor fighting making infantry almost obsolete in outdoor fighting because vehicles can be shot/driven by 1 player.. your really something if you still think that shotguns are balanced.
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  5. Zorro

    That would not work in the slightest. Pump-actions sacrifice rate of fire for sheer power. Because of the firing delay, having to use more than one shot against a player with decent skill is certain death. No one would use pump-actions if they did not feature their one advantage: OHK. Probably the only real disadvantage with a low TTK is that weapons variety is somewhat inhibited.
  6. MintiFresh

    I disagree with the TTK needing to be higher; however I do agree that shotguns are absurd. Shotguns are a huge asset to any force, simply because they easily guarantee a 1:1 KDR in any engagement that pushes the metagame, and have a much higher chance than any other weapon to net a higher than 1:1 KDR. That means that the opposing side is going to be on a cooldown respawn screen to get back in to the fight for much longer than the side that has more shotguns, which easily secures a point or buys more time to find and destroy the assaulting force's sunderer and completely halt the offense.

    I've also made a post on the suggestion boards that detail current infantry imbalances that need to be fixed and the solutions for them, which is also heavily shotgun centric because they are the primary imbalance plaguing the game currently. You can find that post here:
  7. Advanced Darkness

    The point I'm making is overall goal (and having necessary fights) as compared to racking up kills for the sake of racking up kills and who cares about the goal. If the big XP was placed back on capping , defending, supporting bases you'd see better battle flow, people would have real incentive to come out of sheilded spawn rooms, and there would be way more big head to head fights that would take more than a mass of ground pounders to win.

    Wow someone stabbed the guy you were shooting at in the back.. game breaking..its all over.
  8. Zenanii

    Changing TTK will change absolutely nothing, shotguns will still destroy everything in CQC (for referance, look at scattmaxes against Tr/Vanu maxes).
    I know how people hate dying to something they could not overcome with "skills" alone, but this is part of how the game is balanced. A tank with halbard will beat a kobalt tank, esf wit rotary beats esf with AI gun, HA bests engineers and shotguns beat carbine and rifles in CQC.
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  9. NinjaTurtle

    It gives you time to find a medic or use a med or restoration kit. Nano 5 is a counter to a OHK and works perfect of you choose to use it.
  10. crazyoldfart

    You may think your skilled. But if you refuse to use the best tools for the job, then come to the forums and complain because others are using the proper tools.

    There is more to skill the how well you think you can avoid bullets. The tools are there. Just because people don't want to use them is no excuse to ask for them to be removed. They are extremely fun to use so don't tell me there killing the game. When I get schooled by someone I learn from it. I suggest everyone yelling nerf learn to adapt rather than head for the forum cause something is cramping your style. You say your so skilled yet here you are. I adapted and overcame the problem. So who really has more skill?

    As soon as someone experienced reads a post talking about how shotguns require no skill, they instantly know this guy is clueless to how they work, yet they talk as if they know it all.
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  11. crazyoldfart

    So the enemy has guys with shotguns on point. Lucky you. I normally find 2-3 maxes. Anyhow if they have shotguns what does this mean? Myself I'm gonna go LA or HA with a shotty, depending on if I need a sneak or more direct approach or simply bring a max.

    Instead we get these post about nerfs and imbalances. I'm don't claim to be skilled, yet I see I'm do a-lot better the highly skilled players that come to the boards with all these ideals that would make them be able to play better. Makes me feel so much better about myself. :D It's almost like there running to mommy cause someone beat them at a game asking for the rules to be changed.
  12. FendleyFire

    Yeah shotguns are ********.
  13. Sebyos

    Weird cause out of every single skilled player I know, none defends shotguns...
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  14. subz3r01337

    but then again soe wants $$$:eek:$$$
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  15. Niller

    You are making an assumption, i have played games with high TTK. And im sure it wouldn't work in ps2
  16. Advanced Darkness

    Look at this. I had forgotten there was a shotgun / ttk thread this old and its still valid.
  17. LT_Latency

    I agree with this. TTK for guns is fine except shot guns.

    If you drop into a room, You can drop 5 guys very very quickly. No other gun can do this. Any other weapon takes a long time to kill 5 people and you will most likely have to reload a few times
  18. Zorro

    Not "very quickly" at all. If one manages to kill those 5 soldiers, even with a shotgun, either they are terrible and are just standing around or the gunner is so incredibly skilled he deserved it. An LMG is just as good at room clearing, if just because of its large clips.
  19. LT_Latency

    If I drop down or fly up to a group of players the speed that you can drop people is insane when compared to other guns. Even assuming both players are hitting the body.
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  20. Advanced Darkness

    thats terribly true. ive been eaten by pump shotguns alot but it never actually got on my nerves until i was at a CP with 3 other guys and atleast 3 of us were shooting at the guy and he layed us all out. I was playing HA at the time and had my shields up and that didnt stop him from 1 shotting me.