Shotguns ruined the TTK/Skill required/Close Quarter Combat of Planetside 2..We need higher TTK!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Rustler, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Rustler

    Same could be said about Counter Strike....If a skillful player plays against non pro players, than his K/D ratio will be high.

    Just because not everybody is skilled in PS2, doesnt mean it doesn't take skill...It does take skill thats why some people do very good while others don't.
  2. RichardDunn

    You mean "words"? If you're going to crack down on spelling you might want to check your grammar.

    Don't forgot about "time".
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  3. MarlboroMan-E

    Disagree entirely with increasing TTK. Don't ever want to go back to shooting a dude for 20 seconds with my cycler or needing 4 shots from my sweeper to drop a dude. No thank you.
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  4. Phazaar

    Shotguns are fine. TTK is fine.

    Cya, buddy.
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  5. Zenanii

    Increasing TTK would be a buff to shotguns. Now at lest you can still kill shotgun users in CQC if you get the drop on them. Imagine if you jumped a guy, emptied a magazine into him, and then he just turns around and kill you anyway because he wins the "dps race" with his shotgun.
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  6. crazyoldfart

    People don't like to lose and instantly think the opposing weapon is OP. The fact that it can kill you with just a bang makes it OP. What does it matter if you hear FZZZZZZZ or BANG before you die. They both can happen in a split second. SMG or Shotgun. Anyone spouting off about how easy the shotgun is in CQC has not come up against decent players.
    Sad part is the SMG's are a downgrade to some of the LA weapons which actually have same or higher rate of fire with better damage that don't drop off as fast.
    I have other reasons for using the shotgun over the fast carbine which I'm sure there will be QQ'ing over in the future if not already. At least they might have a reason to complain.
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  7. Revanmug

    Haven't really answer the question though. What's the point to boast about being twice as old when you can't even remember name right? In case you didn't know, it make you look bad.

    In the end, Side of planet 1 was better anyway...

    Get it?
  8. Eyeklops

    Grey area dude. Raising the TTK does not mean it has to be what you said, there are options in between. I see no good reason why pump actions couldn't trade the one-body-shot-kill for more range & a ROF adjustment (but still slower than semi-auto's).
  9. Eyeklops

    I am not in favor of all infantry weapons getting a TTK increase. QCQ was O.K. (not great, too much latency, ping limiter 4TW) before shotguns were released, but the overall feel of QCQ combat has degraded with the introduction of weapons with shorter and shorter TTK's so SOE can sell shotguns. It's power creep to make $$, and it's screwing with the gameplay. PS2 DOES NOT HAVE AN ACCEPTABLE AVERAGE LATENCY TO SUPPORT A "TIGHT" GAME FEEL WITH OSOK CQC WEAPONS.
  10. Crosseyed

    Right, so let me get this straight if I can, according to the OP:

    That it is unskilled play to effectively cripple or kill a target before it can react. Let's think on this for moment. The guy who is faster, with the ability to make hits, and making engagement in an environment where his weapon is more suitable than his unskilled.

    What this guy said, x10. Does anyone really think that the most of the people able to repeatedly shred enemies before they can react now won't continue to do it when they have to do two shots (or even three) instead? The guy is apparently already making hits before you can, that damage won't go away, and you are still going to be fighting at a pretty heavy disadvantage. All you are going to do is make an already decided fight play out over a longer period of time, assuming his DPS is still above yours...but then you turn it into a math question.

    The biggest problem isn't the weapons at all, or the players using "Takes no skill" as code for "I'm too slow to keep up!" or the folks who really CAN'T use anything but the FOTM one shotter as a crutch...

    ...Ever notice that when you're fighting as an infantryman, you're mostly either at perfect shotgun/SMG (IE: Almost knife range) distance from your opponents, or you're staring at a line of tanks and snipers 300m off bombing you and your pissy little rifle/LMG with HE or bullets just a bit bigger and more accurate than yours? Yea. Someone needs to change that. There's a huge section of infantry weapons in this game that have a pretty narrow engagement envelope to shine in because the terrain just isn't conductive to it.
  11. smokemaker

    The time for you to turn on your skills is when you spawn. If you wait until you start to get shot at, you deserve your death.
    Shotguns are fine.
    I vote no change.
    TTK's are fine.
    I vote no change.

    Nerf the nerfers!!!!!!
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  12. subz3r01337

    i wish they never added pa shotguns
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  13. wingspan

    There is a ton going on in this game, and despite looney tunes physics and gun mechanics, there's still a core 'twitch' FPS experience. If you break that, if you try to slow and dumb the game down, if you prevent strong 'twitch' players from making plays happen, PS2 will change fundamentally.

    The TTK here is already relatively long for a shooter - I'm comparing it to experience in CS (PS2 is way longer), COD (longer), and BF (similar). All of these games do have components of instant death, I don't deny it.

    Weapons like the shotgun are given arbitrarily short ranges, refire delays, small magazines.

    There IS some balance here: weapons have disadvantages to exploit. You can keep distance, you can learn to use a shotgun yourself, you can use tools like concussive or whiteout grenades, you can escalate to a MAX class, you can get a vehicle, you can...get the point - there are counters.

    What you're not doing is finding and using them, or maybe you try and you're outclassed - always a possibility or likelihood in competitive gaming. Sorry if it's the latter.
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  14. Van Dax

    I always feel ashamed when I use my phobos. Now it sits on the shelf.
  15. EliteEskimo

    They should make infantry shields much more resistant to small arms fire like how it was in Beta, back then CQC was always a blast and Shields actually meant something. That was also back when Nanoweave was more valuable than Flak Armor:rolleyes:
  16. Advanced Darkness

    PS1 had a higher ttk (what i like to call survivability) and it worked perfectly fine. They obvisously got the ttk for this game from some other game.
  17. Advanced Darkness

    Exactly. Survivability. Thats whats needed if you want to actually call this an MMO. Aside from that lets just call it a fps with levels that dont really mean anything.
  18. Advanced Darkness

    Seriously. I guess i'll go ahead and add that (imo) it was a mistake making kills the largest % of your XP gain. In PS1 you got big rewards for the objective. yeah you got xp for kills but it wasnt nearly as large a percent of your overall xp per hour or whatever as it is in this game. You waited for the thousands of XP you got from every base cap. PLUS i dont get why they took out the real squad / platoon benefit. In PS1 if you were able to have a squad or platoon spread out between bases your all shared in the XP. Meaning you didnt have to be at the base where some of your platoon or squad was at the time of the cap.

    All that made the actual objectives way more important. Now its just farming at every turn. If youre in an organized outfit and youre moving along pretty well youll still run into situations where you need the extra faction support, but if they decided to hang out at one tower and farm (each other) then what can you do? Either go farm with them till they get tired or go cap low enemy pop areas. Either way how XP is now goes directly towards battle flow.

    And yes this is all tied up with ttk and one hit weps aka farming tools.
  19. Advanced Darkness

    Thank you. That seems to negate a game being an MMO. I'm not afraid to keep rehashing PS1 though. This is supposed to be its sequel. I'd imagine (in PS1) we wouldve gotten tired of a rampant 1 shotting wep along time ago too. It honestly gives you the feeling of whats the point? Or cant beat em join em. Then the games life span gets short because something like that would get tired fast.

    Only shotgun i use is the Jackhammer when i play NC and thats just because i'm old fashioned and i chose not to follow the fad.
  20. Advanced Darkness

    Youre making an assumption. If youve never played a game with a higher ttk ( ie PS1) then you really dont know what youre talking about.