Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. JesusVoxel

    I would so love to come here and tell every US whiner to get a life and be patient, when the game would be constantly patched over 6h during their primetime every week on top of constant server crashes and being stuck with a worse account (ProSieben) that don't even have playerstudio stuff ingame yet.

    But that's the US mentality. Don't give a **** about anyone else, but whine like a children when stuff happens to me.
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  2. Firesss

    Yea, can someone at SOE tell us why exactly our main charactors have been deleted? I have a BR 65 NC charactor that's been completely deleted. People you may want to login and see what just happened to your charactors.
  3. Zagareth

    Are you living in a dreamworld?

    Do you really think they are putting bases and lattice manually together directly on the server???
    All files of a patch are usually ready for upload and there is usually NO WORK TO DO after the upload. All files should be tested on an internal or test server environment, to ensure it definitely works after the upload on the live server.
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  4. Gregerman

    Do like me and download and play descent 1 & 2. They are availiable on steam!
  5. salembeats

    #1 - That's a C++ example, not web code.

    #2 - The "code" for the game is already there. Some constant variables were changed for balance purposes, and some small subroutines have had slight tweaks for the few very minor bugfixes which were announced in the patch.

    #3 - This update is delivering mostly ASSETS, not code (i.e., external files which can be updated independently of the code, which modify application functionality without changes to the codebase).
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  6. Firesss

    As paying customers, we have EVERY right to complain and *****. Someone who has spent NO many has NO right to *****.
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  7. eylir

    Bug free application of such a scale is nearly impossible, I guess everybody understand that. But the fact that bugs are spotted between the deployement and the opening of the server is something else ... it means that testing is underestimated or very poorly done. If you can spot a bug in 1 or 2 hours of testing on the production servers, It should have been seen on a test server earlier ....
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  8. IDC_

    damn now i have to defrag the asset files again. :p

    puh - it's only the planetside2.exe
  9. TheOldFart

    Well I am not new and I have a hell of a lot of time and effort and money invested in my character on Connery. Where is it!:mad:
  10. Strangesoldier

    TBH ill take a night of down time for a continent revamp , glad to see it happening , played on there the other night forgot how nice the place is , this will be awesome
  11. S7rudL

    Some people are beyond dissatisfied as you might imagine it, despite SOE working hard with good intentions.

    Fact is that the servers are always offline for the entire time of the day of when people would want to play the most.

    By the time they are put online a couple of people test the patch, in case of something being wrong it is quickly patched.

    After all this cra* is over the US prime time starts.
  12. GN001Exia

    I believe my character was deleted... which is BS because I played yesterday!!!
  13. Pondera

    You're using details to muddy the issue. Does explain why I didn't really know what I was looking at though. I'm not studying C++, just HTML and a bit of Javascript on the side. The question I posed is...

    How do you take that and make Amerish with it?
  14. mblades

    Why are people surprised amerish got lattice? didn't people know this was coming? honestly not lattice fights where boring and gave more incentive's sacrificing one base that got zerged to cap all the others they didn't protect behind them although that is smart and strategic it also meant less fighting if said zerg didnt defend but if one faciton has dominant or more than 50 percent pop with competent players than non lattice was actually worse since it made alerts end quick as opposed to lattice which takes longer.

    Both systems had issues although being advertised as a game to have huge battles and not really getting it with non lattice is kind of a let down although lattice not perfect by any means it does make huge fights

    And I dont know about you but I dont mind fighting a bigger force might get stomped but not many games do the whole horde mode thing againts real people :p
  15. ncDieseL

    Cool it. They haven't gone anywhere. If you try and login while the servers are down for maintenance you usually can't see the characters. I guess you've never done it before?
  16. Catapill

    So my account is gone wanna explain that? just logged in and it came up with race pick screen
    I hate you
    someone create a name for SOE when they **** up like volvo for valve
  17. Shazam89

    I understand for the people who pay monthly but understand they have a job too like you I'm sure and not every thing is going to work around your schedule.
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  18. Seededshadow

    ok this is a patch not a go in and write code on the spot a patch sould be no more then 2-3 hours max! the files should already be completed and it should be just testing make sure it didnt break anything and that there r no major bugs so u r dumb sir XD
  19. Hessian4Hire

    Very funny, where is my character?
  20. Shockfrosted

    You should look into SQL as well. Understanding database operations helps grasping JS and PHP in their deeper features.