Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. IDC_

    every character that was not online within the last 5 hours .... WAIT WHAT :eek:
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  2. TerroR1337

    lmao ahaha every thursday is always the same old story

    Online gaming since 1998 and this is the only game where for each update there are problems, i'm nostalgic of the times where i flamed hard the Valve to release a "little" bugged update for cs 1.6 or CSS, problems could be a small bug every 6 months, here every thursday there are bugs, problems, dead hamsters etc etc, the situation is clearly not working, you are offering a really low service and logically until you continue of this way this game will never have a niche in pro gaming, will remain a forfun game and nothing more.

    P.s I laugh to read every week flame comments, or you are stupid or i don't understand you, if these problems happen every thursday.. is assumed that there will be the next one lol, if you read 3hours just log after 6 if we are lucky maybe the servers are up, the game is this, as you can see is poorly organized so you can not expect miracles, deal with it, just that.
  3. Mozmen

  4. ShotMeTender

    Pffff that's the forst HE spammer of the day... Nice outing at least... Anyone else?

    Do u want a simply solution... Instead of continuosly server merges, just implement a damned faction change period offering to players to change according to population needs:

    - Not enought TR?? 1 week of faction change option to help SoE and having fun on a "different face" no server blows up, bugs, restart ecc... Just fun (And if u wanna consider again CERT RESET option we would be glad to say YES!!! at least for attachments!)
  5. Lunia

    Your characters will always be missing for a while when they're restarting the servers again. Nothing to be worried about. This happens pretty much every single patch. Chill, your characters aren't gone. They'll show up soon.
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  6. Ixidron

    ok, they probably screw up and deleted all characters, time to panic!
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  7. ncDieseL

    It's not gone anywhere, servers are in maintenance mode, doesn't let you access characters blah blah blah.

    It's been said 1000000000000 times. Please. Learn. To. Read. Before. Crying.

  8. TheBlazing

    What the hell SOE? You must learn to time your updates according to prime time in different regions. You have no excuse for this, it can't be that hard to set a timer for the servers to be shut down and the new content uploaded can it?

    I refuse to believe that you have to physically check the updates while they upload from your computers and manually fix issues that pop up. That's something you would do on a 90s FTP server, not a 2014 videogame.

    What you should do is having your updates packed and ready, then having them upload automatically in each big time zone (CET, PST, etc...)when the local time hits about 2 AM. That way, even if the uplading process takes several hours, by the next morning everyone will be able to play the game.

    Seriously SOE, this is not a not a small issue, it determinates how professional and serious you appear to your costumers. And right now you are making a very bad impression, and that ends up hurting your business. Why should I buy timed boosts if I have a chance of losing part of their effect?
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  9. TheIronHide

    SOE you should just say that the servers are going to be down all day isntead of under-estimating it.
  10. ncDieseL

    Read the thread. Bloody read it. Now.
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  11. Dtswiss

    Server status changed from maintenance to locked. Might be coming up soon
  12. mblades

    No I am not living in a dreamworld but you cannot expect this to be some small crappy patch like the one before the infiltrator patch.

    Do you really think that a test server environment or internal build has the same capacity as the LIVE servers as in thousands of people actively playing compared to less than 100 on test servers/internal builds. Just saying because last thing you want is thousands of people signing in only to either crash or experience new/old bugs.
  13. ncDieseL

    I'm not sleeping tonight it seems. Not until I've got those 75 WDS points to unlock Tier 3.
  14. Mozmen

    Thank God
  15. eBlaise

    Give it a rest people, and play something else while the servers are down.
    I've had a few hrs of great fun in Path of Exile for example.
    On the "deleted" characters, they tend to disappear during updates, and "magically" reappear before the servers are up so just calm the hell down. Take a chill pill. And lay off the profanity damn it... that'll not solve anything either.
  16. Firesss

    Yea can someone at SOE PLEASE Elaborate as to why our MAIN charactors have been deleted, not to mention all of them?
  17. Catapill

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  18. salembeats

    When you get your 10 ugly single-use camos, "Tier 3" becomes "Tear 3", amirite? :D
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  19. zionsoldier

    lol purging old characters i just made my NC Char about a week ago and I played my LVL 23 TERRAN about a few hours ago and now I see that i WASTED a Lot of time for what?! So all the hard work and hours of certs and constantly dying and killing to be lost. It took me a LOOOOOOOONG time to get stuff especially when you have a pc that can't really cope with the game. I just bought station cash today and I hope I didn't lose that too cause otherwise I feel like that's simply theft. Take money, and delete everthing and force them to spend again. Typical Sony...
  20. xPropane